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  1. My OFCC Eldar army for this year could kill 40 Necron Warriors in one turn with shooting if my entire army is in range, I had Doom cast on one unit of Warriors, Guide cast on my unit of 20 Guardians, and I had average rolling. The chances of getting 50 models within 12" range are slim so I dont think my army is a good example lol. Guardians are surprisingly good at short range.
  2. Gorgosaurusrex

    Kill! Maim! Beer! OFCC Team Thread

    My goal with this army was to have an Eldar force that looks like something you'd see on a Games Workshop store table circa 2002. I think I nailed it. Craftworld Ulthwรฉ - Battalion Detachment HQ Farseer - Doom, Executioner, Warlord, Ghosthelm of Alishazier Farseer - Guide, Fortune Warlock Conclave - 4 Warlocks with Witchblades, 2 with Singing Spears Protect/Jinx, Empower/Enervate Troops 10 Guardian Defenders - Weapons Platform: Aeldari Missile Launcher 20 Guardian Defenders 10 Storm Guardians - 2 Fusion Guns Elites 5 Wraithguard - Wraithcannons Fast Attack 10 Swooping Hawks - Exarch with Hawk's Talon and Power Sword 6 Jetbikes - 2 Shuriken Cannons Heavy Support Fire Prism - Crystal Targeting Matrix 3 War Walkers - 2 Scatter Lasers each Wraithlord - Bright Lance, Flamer, Shuriken Catapult Dedicated Transports Wave Serpent - Twin Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon (transports the Storm Guardians or Wraithguard) Total: 2,000 points
  3. Gorgosaurusrex

    Warlord Help

    Have you considered paying the extra CP for a second Relic each game? Then you can take Laurels of Command AND the Blade of Conquest! 1 CP is a small price to pay for proper equipment on such a formidable character. Plus you'll have plenty thanks to Grand Strategist.
  4. Gorgosaurusrex

    Just the Dickel - OFCC 40K Team Event Thread

    That looks like exactly the kind of Necron army I want to see across the table from me at OFCC. Great list!
  5. Gorgosaurusrex

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Actually there is no "Force Organization Chart" style restriction. Just that your army comes from a single detachment (see other quote below). I think this is the best way to run it as many old school forces changed the Force Organization Chart - Saim-Hann Eldar, Steel Legion IG, etc. My 4th ed Ulthwe Seer Council requires 3 HQ slots (which Battalion Detachments have) so I'm happy ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. I think we could do a singles 1k event with 75 minute rounds. 1k goes very quickly with two players total. If we wanted two player teams and 75 minute rounds it would have to be closer to 500 points per player I think. Or there could be some crazy sudden death objective that changes each round. Like the first team to get within 3" of an objective in the opponents deployment zone wins the game. Or the first team to kill a nominated character belonging to the opposing team. It would be terribly unbalanced but terribly fast ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. A start time between noon and 3pm would be considered "mid day" to me.
  8. I would prefer a midday start for sure! Though midday is also prime beer time if you try hard enough ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Gorgosaurusrex

    Congratulations to Kill! Maim! Beer!

    We'll need all the points we can get ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Gorgosaurusrex

    W: 3rd ed Tyranid Raveners H: $

    PM'd you!
  11. Gorgosaurusrex

    W: 3rd ed Tyranid Raveners H: $

    What condition are yours in? I can do $20 plus shipping.
  12. Gorgosaurusrex

    W: 3rd ed Tyranid Raveners H: $

    I'd pay $20 for both if you cover shipping to Olympia, does that work?
  13. Gorgosaurusrex

    W: 3rd ed Tyranid Raveners H: $

    I'm looking for old metal Raveners from 3rd edition. This is the first sculpt of this unit. Sorry for the poor quality pic but it's what I could find on short notice. I would like 4 of them but will take what I can get! I don't care what the bottom arms are as long as the top Scything Talons are there. I have money and can pay via PayPal as you'll probably need to ship them to me in Olympia. I also have all sorts of stuff for trade - AM, Eldar, Chaos, modern Tyranids, and old Fantasy. PM if you're holding!
  14. Gorgosaurusrex

    IG FAQ

    Does the Valhallan relic pistol (Pietrov's MK .45) still function like the pre-FAQ Commissar rules? I didn't see any changes to that wording but I could have missed it.
  15. Gorgosaurusrex

    Eldar info

    The new Saim-Hann rules are very cool... And very good. I was hoping ScatBikes would not get any better :/