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  1. Chaos Warscroll Updates

    Rats can finally Nurgle properly... Now I know my next AoS Chaos army direction:)
  2. Any AoS players in Gresham?

    Word has it that it had changed names or was under new ownership this year and had a new name "On The Play" I think it was..then as of July or early August the new owners closed it down... I used to play out there when it had opened up years back but it became too far to go on Wed evenings when the 40k crowd was playing.
  3. Iron Jawz

    Have yet to build my Iron jawz so cant speak to optimum builds,,,though I have faced them several times. What I usually see is at least one unit of Brutes,a Mawcrusher and units of 20+ Black Orks(Ard Boyz is it?)The caster is pretty good too,im sure you will want at least one in the mix. There are a few lists that do the Boar Rush formation(forgot the name) not sure of the makeup either. The new Allied rules can add some much needed help to the army in the way of Grots for ranged support or even Bonesplitterz..something to look into. Equipment wise I would lean toward the more offensive end of it as you will get wrecked by shooting even with the most defensive equipment,,in short,your best defence is more offence,heh. Yes the GH 2017 is now the latest ruleset,,look for a 2018 next year,,they will do them yearly now:)
  4. Kharadron Overlords

    The updated warscroll for the Thunderer`s is only seen in the new GH2017 ..not even updated on the AoS app as yet. I ve been spelling the named boss first name wrong,,its Brokk Grungsson,,durr
  5. Kharadron Overlords

    The Thunderers were clarified to only be able to take up to one each special weapon per 5 models now,,this was the original intent as per their description of "bringing a varied arsenal of weapons".The base rifles they use arent bad,,but for 20 points per model it really doesnt pan out well,,there are better choices in the army.Still though they do have some interesting abilities like their retreat effect,,this could work in larger units of them,,10- or 15 possibly,,pull them back as your first activation when you know you will have initiative next turn and throw out some nasty shooting. I like the Skypikes and will be running a unit of company with 3 of them,,,they can put the hurt on stuff and have a 2" range to boot.The best use of them though is on the Skywardens,,just finished building a unit of 6 to use next week:).
  6. Kharadron Overlords

    Been doing escalation games with my "High Cirrus Raiders"(yes,Kharadron Overlords) over the -past month or so.We started at 500 pts and are now at 1k..next weekend ill be fielding a 2k point build at Food for the Blood God so I should get a solid feel for how they do in the more competative settings after next week. At 500 points I have been running 2 units of company,one with 3 skyhooks,one with 3 Volley guns,,a Khemist and one unit of 3 Endrinriggers stock.With this build im at 2 wins and 2 losses,,we played one week using the open war cards and one week with matched scenarios..each week was one win and one loss per session so I think its probably about as balanced a build as they come.The 1k build has had only one game but was a win...I added in Barak Grungson,10 Vulkite Berserkers and a Runesmiter(Fyreslayers),used the Fyreslayers to come up into the opponents backfield and wrecked some [big bad swear word]..major help to the army.Grungson is 300 points but sheese,,hes on par with most all melee monsters at that point value,,though with only 8 wounds behind a 3+ and no way to buff that within the army,he is a bit weak.He will wreck other heros and monsters though until hes dead,,and hes fast and can fly..I was planning originally to run my frigate instead of him but sadly,the mathhammer on the Frigate and Gunboat really dont work at all in competative play,,especially the Frigate,,it has piss poor damage output for its point cost.Its transport ability is nice but I will be using an Ironclad in my larger lists.The Ironclad is low in output for its raw damage but has some nice perks and a large transport capacity so its more on par overall with its cost. Pax,,as far as a direction to go with this army,,myself im too much of a hobby gamer to pursue any of these list suggestions,and im sure you are more into the hobby side as well but heres what ive been reading on forums and facebook about the KO`s. Probably the most popular build is the "party boat",,,that is an Ironclad dropping in loaded with mobs of Skyriggers,most of those being Endrinriggers,,then with 2 units of company and 2 or more khemisist on board to buff select skyrigger units for a first turn alpha strike.This can be a 2 drop army with the other drop being a unit of company starting on the board,,then give the other player first turn,drop the boat in,,blast stuff,charge stuff...think Tau Farsight bomb of sorts. My 2k list has a similar party boat possibility but not nearly as many Skyriggers to make it a true alpha strike list. Other builds ive seen are Company spam lists with mobs of 10-40 models all with 3 light skyhooks per 10 models,,then Khemists to spread the augmentations around.Now I can see this working but to me is totally not acceptable from a hobby standpoint as these models are fairly detailed and that painting part would just be brutal,,not to mention its not fluffy in any way.I can however attest to even just 3 Skyhooks getting 6 shots per shooting phase is very nasty,especially to elite class troops,heros and monsters..from a mathhammer perspective its a highly efficient use of points. Balloon spam,,these lists use masses of Endrinriggers backed up by a couple of Khemists to buff up the saws,,its very similar to the "party boat" above but can include Barak Grungson instead to give them all run and charge in order to get into combat fast.The backfield units would be units of 10-20 company all with the full alotment of Skyhooks of course. What doesnt work,sadly is lists that have 3 or more of the boats in them,,sadly they are just too expensive for matched play,,though in open play or even narative games that can go for several turns they can be useful to rescue units and redeploy them elsewere,,kinda like units that shine in Apoc games yet blow in regular 40k. Oh and yes,,the army in any form reminds me alot of playing Tau in 40k:)
  7. Firestorm!

    https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/17/firestorm-the-armies-of-the-great-cities-and-the-elite-of-the-death-guard/ This is looking really good! Im fairly certain that we will be starting this up in the next month of so once we wrap up our AoS escalation leage at OC Geeks and Games.We will discuss possibly 2 meeting nights each week so that all that want to join in will have a chance to play in it:) Who here is interested?????
  8. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    So with Putrescent Vitality and Typhus,,my 40 Pox walkers are now Str5 /Tough 5? Thats going to make it much easier to gain more 'followers" to their ranks I think.
  9. BlightWar

    There is only two sources for army ability info in the game,,the Generals Handbook and the army Battletomes.Your army of choice will use one or the other.Yes this Nurgle feature added with this new set is an additional source,though im sure this will be rolled into a formal Battletome for Nurgle at some point,possibly soon.And you can count on any additions to armies that takes place over the next year to be compiled in GH2018:) AoS is far from ever having the issues past editions of 40k have had with mushrooming special rule spam,just using the app alone a person can purchase all the information for their armies ala carte or full digital battletomes and have all needed info and rules all in one place.For me,,ive gotten so used to the App in AoS that its hard for me to get into the new 40k even,,I want my APP!!
  10. AoS 2.0

    So the game is indeed changing Bigly! I have yet to get my book(couple more hours) but ive been following all the release info and leaked point/rule changes.As far as I can see GW has done a great job on this,,and this coming from someone who just dropped several hundreds of dollars on an army that they pretty much toggled down with this release before it even got started..Kharadron Overlords of course(still love the army though,heh) This is more proof of GWs commitment to a more balanced and evolving game we have with AoS.Pretty much all the net lists that have been the mainstay are now null and void,and in a big way.GW went hardcore against spam lists and those lists built around units that had poorly worded rule descriptions,,they did alot of clean up to say the least. For example,,the Kharadron Overlord Thunderer was radically changed resulting in several players to be SoL because they had purchased,in some cases over a dozen boxes of models so that they could build single units equipped with all the same special weapon.However in the original fluff around the Thunderers(in the battletome description) they are described as weapon specialists who bring a "mix" of special weapons amongst them,NOT all Mortars or All Skyhooks..though the wording on the Warscroll implied that each unit could purchase all the same weapon so yeah,,spammers dumped big bucks and got burned because GW rewrote the scroll to more clearly represent the unit as it should be represented.For us fans of the army and the game,this is not a problem at all,,but for pay to win`ers this was a big kick in the nuts.I should note that this was all done to a product that was their most recent addition to the AoS product line. Around 70% of the point values were adjusted in this pass,with Battalion costs taking a huge hit game wide.They went straight for low drop alpha strike builds that would end games before they ever really started,,yes those are fun for the try- hards but no so fun for their opponent.The main go-to ranged units took substantial point increases either directly and or indirectly through buffing hero or battalion point increases.Example, my base cost for my 40 strong single Kunning Rukk went from 660 pts to 750 pts and thats with a reduction in the unit size of 10 models..to achieve the same game effectiveness now a player would have to spend at least 880 points,and the "competative" build before ran 2 of these battalions,,yeah its dead now.Does that not leave any options for Bonesplitterz now?..no way,,with the new Alliance options they have a ton of new ways to build their forces..personally im looking into a Rogue Idol for my next rendition:).And the new Horde bonus on line troops is very nice..example,Skinks new price is 60 for 10 models max size 40 (previous was 80 for 10) their Horde bonus at max size is 200 pts for 40...5 pts per wound. The one thing I will be looking at next is the new scenario mix.I understand that some of the scenarios have a new capture mechanic that allows a unit of 20+ models to capture and objective over a smaller number of models even if only one of the 20 models is within the cap circle..yes they are pushing hordes.Also they did rule that a unit can only control one objective at a time,,a needed change even though it rarely came into play.Also these scenarios are added into the original 6 so now there will be 12 to choose from...well actually if you do matched play with me,there will be thousands available as I will be using the war cards:) Overall this is an awesome change for the game and im very pleased with how bold GW is being with AoS and working to make it a strong game:)
  11. BlightWar

    Looks like I will be Nurgling in AoS now too!
  12. Gauging Interest in an AoS Army Grow league

    Was just up there last night,,had a great game with Kyle and there was another table with 4 youths playing a team game Order vs Chaos,,great group! Its in that mall near the corner of Mollala ave and Beavercreek rd:)
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVl3sw9gcw3OGVZYTJ4azQyc2c/view Coming up on Sept 23rd at Geeks and Games in OC.A charity event food drive.Come join us for a great cause and some AoS play. This event is posted on BCP and will be posting results to ITC:)
  14. Gauging Interest in an AoS Army Grow league

    Update on this:) Geeks and Games in Oregon City will be starting an escallation league in Sept starting at 500 points and working up to 2k.This will be running on their Friday evening game sessions.Ive decided to join in on this as they have a rather active and casual group playing at their sessions.The group there is very new player oriented as well so this would be a good fit for those of us looking to start new armies,or just play and hone skills with an existing one in a more layed back setting. Those interested can join the fb group -OC Geeks and Gamers,,more info will be posted about this in the coming weeks:)
  15. 40K 8th ed, Battle Forged, Power Level and Points

    Yup,,no structure or use of battleforge would be just "open" play,,bring what ya want and plop it down.Players could even use power levels or even points for a session like this if they wanted to keep things close.Its essentially what used to be "unbound".