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  1. All signed up and payed! Farstriders!
  2. Threejacks

    OFCC 2018 AoS Singles Tournament

    All payed up now..though there is no way to register on the roster at BCP,,or am I missing something?
  3. Threejacks

    AoS 2nd Edition

    Death has massive options now with the latest Legions of Nagash release,,they dont need shooting .Mixed Destructions is still quite viable as well,,what would be nice for them is to have some spell lores though.The legacy warscrolls that didnt become part of a new army are rarely seen anymore,pretty much all the legacy units that were not incorporated into the new AoS factions are considered sub par in most every way now.There are players on facebook that have been working on long term projects though,,like a updated Tomb King Battletome and such,,its actually very cool work too as he incorporated the TK fluff into the mortal realms with some fantastic artwork usage and his models look awesome..so theres still that aspect but its fully hobby only and not geared toward the competative side of gaming. I believe most all of the legacy Destruction line has been fully incorporated into the AoS Destruction armies now not sure what you mean about Goblins having most of their support units in legacy... Dropping models lines while bringing in new ones is all part of business,,especially when you are probably the biggest toy soldier company in the world.Alot of the older line models were dropped for reasons not directly related to effectiveness on the table.. like they were too spindly and broke easily,much harder to paint and or too many components and thus mold sections or not enough pieces for a good looking final sculpt.I know that the new models are much more hardy when it comes peices breaking off,though the Sylvaneth are at least one faction were this is still an issue.For the most part though,even the new 40k stuff is much more hardy from what ive seen,,I welcome this approach. Ive been selling off my legacy models as they become obsolete,and most recently let my complete metal(unbuilt) Black Coach kit go for a smooth 65.00,,twice what I payed for it years back.Unbuilt in wrap Necrosphinx went for over 100.00..I think im down to just skeleton archers now,,probably let those go soon as well.
  4. Threejacks

    AoS 2nd Edition

    Legacy armies are continuing their slide into obscurity...with all the added features of the new armies as well as those that have a few pages of update in the recent GH,there is no real reason to play the old armies in AoS.I would say at this point,players hoping that the old world armies will at some point be getting some love,they should move on..or of course there's TW2 which ,for me and my son,is a great fix for that old world warhammer desire. AoS is forging ahead with what's looking like a solid second edition release,I know our group at Geeks and Games in OC is stoked for it!
  5. Threejacks

    AoS 2nd Edition

    Welcome to the game:) Not much is known about the upcomming "command point" system other than it should be similar to what 40k has in that each faction will likely get a point allotment along with some specific abilities to spend the points on.Im guessing somewere between what 40k has and what was introduced with the Malign Portents game suppliment.We have had a good time playing with the Portent cards so this will make a very welcome addition to the base game. Just knowing now that shooting out of combat will not be allowed tells me that there will likely be some rather substantial changes to the base game mechanics,,though its also quite possible that the ability/points system will be the new mechanic to offset the effects of this.
  6. Threejacks

    Idoneth Deepkin

    This release is very much along the lines of the Kharadron Overlords last year,,,in that its a completely new,and way out past anything the old world factions were.The hobby aspect of these new armies for AoS is off the charts,if its anything like what people did with the KO`s,within a month some amazing creations will be seen on the facebook page for this army. The backround on the Deepkin is very interesting and well connected to the old world lore,its actually one of the best so far I think.I hope they continue with this OTT style transitions of old school armies.
  7. Threejacks


    Yup,,not some RTS BS for a change:)
  8. Threejacks


    3025...pre Clan,,another thing I really like about it:)
  9. Threejacks


    After sooo many years of waiting for a decent PC coversion of the old tabletop game,this latest release FINALLY has delivered the goods! I was never much of a fan of the simulator games,having started with Fasa`s original minatures version,,the sims always ended up just being a spam fest with no real strategy amongst the teams. This one is looking to be the best port from the old TT game,great graphics and fairly straightforward gameplay with mech moving feeling much like moving minis,complete with awesome terrain variance and great looking skins on the mechs.There is even vehicles in this game.Im sure there will be VTOLS and even infantry at some point in the game.Seems to be a deep unit building experience as well with scrap and mech customization coupled with forming lances and companies.Of course there is pilot experience as well,and they say theres a fairly robust economic system for mercenary unit developement. So far the game seems to run pretty well,I have a mid level box with a second tier GPU so nothing fancy on my machine..load screens can be slow though. For the 40.00 price tag,I would say this game is much more a value than many other first run games out there..especially when many studios are releasing at or north of 50.00 for first runs.
  10. Threejacks


    WIth what is known of the statline for the Namarte,these will be nice to run as probably a large single block with the remaining battleline being min size units to fill out battleline tax.Its not likely that their points cost will warrant running multiple blobs to get the points break on them as they are pretty much elite level battleline.Plus they have marginal bravery so the single blob would likely need the inspiring presence. The current speculation is these will probably be 12 or 14 pts per model,,my personal take is 12 per model with 10 model min size..320 for 30.They certainly could be a min size of 5 with a cost of 70 pts though,,much along the lines of Saurus Guard who share a very similar weapon profile.Either way im getting stoked for this release,,Im usually not into the Elven stuff in miniature games,and couldnt really get jazzed about the recent DoK release,,but these guys are pretty far out there and are looking like they will be real fun to play:)
  11. Threejacks

    Star Wars Legion

    After playing the starter game im on board with this and looking forward to more:)
  12. Threejacks

    Return of Kill Team

    Yeah,,this is really interesting to me.I just couldnt get into the recent KT release nor the Shadowars game mainly as they were based on the old 7th edition rules. and a bit too fiddly for me..That,and im having troubles getting motivated on a 40k army mainly due to all my AoS armies...something like this with it being much smaller scale but uses the same models may just be the sweet spot for my 40k fix:)
  13. Threejacks

    How to start AoS?

    The warscrolls in the book,at release were faqd shortly after with a few recieving major changes,the thunderers were heavily nerfed.Use the current scrolls on the app or from the GW site. I have the original book and not sure if there has been a reprint on it yet,,even the unit cards for the release are useless now. For KOs, the current competative build is the Party Boat,,Endrin troops all loaded onto a Ironclad using Zilfin skyport,,drop them mid board turn one and shoot the opponents critical units/heros off the board.
  14. Threejacks

    new stormcast Hero

    The +3 to charge rolls is pretty huge,,this guy will be a must take in lists sporting non battalion pally drops.
  15. Threejacks

    Malign Portents

    Dreadfleet done right please! Ok,,yeah its probably just pirate skellies or something like you say....though it would be friggen cool if they mashed Firelocks Blood and Plunder naval warfare game with AoS.