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  1. Return of Kill Team

    Yeah,,this is really interesting to me.I just couldnt get into the recent KT release nor the Shadowars game mainly as they were based on the old 7th edition rules. and a bit too fiddly for me..That,and im having troubles getting motivated on a 40k army mainly due to all my AoS armies...something like this with it being much smaller scale but uses the same models may just be the sweet spot for my 40k fix:)
  2. How to start AoS?

    The warscrolls in the book,at release were faqd shortly after with a few recieving major changes,the thunderers were heavily nerfed.Use the current scrolls on the app or from the GW site. I have the original book and not sure if there has been a reprint on it yet,,even the unit cards for the release are useless now. For KOs, the current competative build is the Party Boat,,Endrin troops all loaded onto a Ironclad using Zilfin skyport,,drop them mid board turn one and shoot the opponents critical units/heros off the board.
  3. new stormcast Hero

    The +3 to charge rolls is pretty huge,,this guy will be a must take in lists sporting non battalion pally drops.
  4. Malign Portents

    Dreadfleet done right please! Ok,,yeah its probably just pirate skellies or something like you say....though it would be friggen cool if they mashed Firelocks Blood and Plunder naval warfare game with AoS.
  5. Malign Portents

  6. Airbrushing and being a cheapskate

    I was using the harbor freight one for a couple years but it was overheating so much that I decided to get the one with the tank under it.I will never use one without a tank again... I just basecoat though,,still a noob with airpaint,lol
  7. So they changed some point values,,has there been any leaks indicating PL changes?
  8. Is it not yearly? Assumed it would be due to the "2017 edition" on the front of the book. Either way,ive been buying most all of my rulebook stuff in digital recently as they dont have much resale value once changes are made.
  9. Nice!..a 40k Generals Handbook! Good to see points being changed too,Plague Marines as it stands now are not worth it when compared to mobs of Pox Walkers in fulfilling battleline requirements,of course they change it now that ive got almost 30 of them painted... Gonna grab the digitial copy since this will be updated yearly:)
  10. Warhounds in Casual/tournament play?

    Seen an Eldar list running a Revenant loose to Necrons in one of the first 8th edition tourneys in our area.Eldar player only had like 5 units I believe..he did win 2 out of his 3 games though( most of us had very unoptimized lists for the new edition of course,heh).I believe Necrons have units that actually nerf multidamage shots or something along those lines..so the Revenant was only doing like 4 damage vs the unit per turn..not sure what it was. The nice thing about 8th is that you can bring the big stuff like this and not feel guilty...much like FW stuff in AoS,,its not all that great in competative games due to scenarios and objective play.
  11. TO question

    I would think that a 15 day minimum release time frame for updated army books is reasonable.Same day is stupid... You could always just start your event gathering time at 9:59 of the day,that way you are fine as the store cant release the new product until 10:00 am
  12. Chaos Warscroll Updates

    Rats can finally Nurgle properly... Now I know my next AoS Chaos army direction:)
  13. Any AoS players in Gresham?

    Word has it that it had changed names or was under new ownership this year and had a new name "On The Play" I think it was..then as of July or early August the new owners closed it down... I used to play out there when it had opened up years back but it became too far to go on Wed evenings when the 40k crowd was playing.
  14. Iron Jawz

    Have yet to build my Iron jawz so cant speak to optimum builds,,,though I have faced them several times. What I usually see is at least one unit of Brutes,a Mawcrusher and units of 20+ Black Orks(Ard Boyz is it?)The caster is pretty good too,im sure you will want at least one in the mix. There are a few lists that do the Boar Rush formation(forgot the name) not sure of the makeup either. The new Allied rules can add some much needed help to the army in the way of Grots for ranged support or even Bonesplitterz..something to look into. Equipment wise I would lean toward the more offensive end of it as you will get wrecked by shooting even with the most defensive equipment,,in short,your best defence is more offence,heh. Yes the GH 2017 is now the latest ruleset,,look for a 2018 next year,,they will do them yearly now:)
  15. Kharadron Overlords

    The updated warscroll for the Thunderer`s is only seen in the new GH2017 ..not even updated on the AoS app as yet. I ve been spelling the named boss first name wrong,,its Brokk Grungsson,,durr