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  1. It was a great chance to play some games, see some familiar faces and meet some new ones! Thank you to Ben for organizing and all the Ordo superstars who put on this great event. 9th age feels like a really great system thus far and I really enjoyed remembering how to play the great game of Warhammer. I'll definitely be back for next year, if possible.....
  2. T9A OFCC 2017

    OK, Cool. How and to whom do I submit my list?
  3. T9A OFCC 2017

    OK Thanks. So is manual/excel or similar how folks are putting their lists together?
  4. T9A OFCC 2017

    Hello All: I signed up on the 9th age Army Builder site and while it looks really cool....it seems like it has a different/older? (Lower) point system for the Orc army in my case. the army list/point scheme that I am using for the OFCC list is version 1.3.4 downloaded from the 9th age site. Can y'all confirm that this is the right one to be using or set me straight as to what I should be using? thanks!
  5. I'm there and I'll have orcs....I don't plan on knowing WTF I'm doing with 9th age, so I'm going to play orcs and roll lots of dice....
  6. OFCC lists

    Well, I guess I will have to throw myself on the mercy of the HOG and turn mine in when I return on the 25th.....
  7. OFCC lists

    When are lists to be submitted and how? I haven't turned mine in yet, and I'm out of town 'till the 25th, so I might be in the OFCC doghouse.....
  8. T9A OFCC 2017

    When and how do we submit lists?
  9. T9A OFCC 2017

    Great to see y'all joining in here....this event promises to be fun. I want to see some more banners! I'm doing some err.....painting and have an idea that might be fun. What is it, you ask? That will be kept between myself, ol' Grugnold, and da Orcs for the moment. ?
  10. T9A OFCC 2017

    Awesome! Let's see some more banners/heraldry....
  11. T9A OFCC 2017

    OK, great stuff thus far....here's big ol' Grugnold demanding more photos...
  12. T9A OFCC 2017

    To all the fine folks listed above (and anyone else who is planning on joining us): post a photo of a standard from your army that is most representative (or just cool) in this topic.....
  13. T9A OFCC 2017

    So, ol' Grugnold is getting tatted up for the OFCC.....
  14. T9A OFCC 2017

    Don't watch TV...that will help get your stuff painted
  15. T9A OFCC 2017

    Hey All: I decided that playing in the OFCC should provide the excuse to paint something....so I plan to play orcs who will be unofficially "led" (to plunder taverns, mostly) by big ol' Grugnold the giant....here he is just underway...