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  1. Done and Done
  2. white_devil

    Looking for a caster/printer

    Anyone able to cast or print a couple of the following monster tail bits? https://ibb.co/hoFp8d I got a bunch from an Ebay seller maybe 10years ago and I’m down to 1. I believe he said they came from some kind of toy. Thanks in advance,   Gareth
  3. white_devil

    ITC RTTs in Bellingham

    RTTs at Dark Tower Games in Bellingham are now part of the circuit, for those of you looking to go to more events: https://www.facebook.com/events/449765852101180/?ti=ia
  4. white_devil

    Now what? Buying Leman Russes!

    Specifically: Leman Russ Executioner (all plasma) x2 Leman Russ Punisher I’d also buy the turret and sponson bits off the sprue. Paypal is waiting ladies and gents.
  5. white_devil


    Transaction completed.
  6. white_devil


    I’ll drop the sale price to $450 if anyone is interested.
  7. white_devil


  8. white_devil

    Forgebane Trading

    I’ll also buy the necron half for $60 shipped.
  9. white_devil

    Forgebane Trading

    Extra post.
  10. white_devil


  11. white_devil

    W: Any armored Ogre from any Company H: Random

    I have thanks. As I’m up in Bellingham, WA I’d probably buy him on eBay if I have to. Looking to trade first.
  12. white_devil

    W: Any armored Ogre from any Company H: Random

    That works. Got anymore armored ogres? If not, what do you want to trade for the one?
  13. white_devil

    W: Any armored Ogre from any Company H: Random

    Only if you have a replacement head. Don’t really wanna go hunting for one.
  14. W: Bullgryn, Ironguts, Mantic Ogres, any armoured ogre from any company, big shields for them. I’m looking to convert Bullgryn. HAVE: SM: 20ish metal scouts (10close combat, mix of shotgun and sniper, 1 heavy bolter) Orks: Commission Painted Killa Kan x3 Ork Boy Starter Box 5man DE: Wyches- 10 assembled Chaos 10x Comission Painted Terminators IG/AM 6x Earthshaker Artillery (Third Party) Misc: Grey Knight Storm Bolters 1x 32mm laser cut mdf movement tray Fantasy NoS Sylvaneth Dryads Read Less
  15. white_devil

    40k at Dark Tower Games this week

    I appreciate you getting back to me. Thanks.