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  1. @Weav awwwww c'mon, big guy. You know you always make me happy. 😘
  2. They've even got a rookie league to help people learn how to play. @Weav
  3. We do recaps for divs 1-3 each Wednesday at 5pm PST. httpS://twitch.tv/superfedtv
  4. @Bosco Good win vs Superfed. I'm gonna give him a ton of [big bad swear word] on the recap tonight about it. :D
  5. Awesome! How're you doing in your div? I'm fighting for 5th in Rel1. Got a big win over the guy in 2nd place this week.
  6. OMG he is! & doing quite well it looks like. WELCOME TO REBBL, @Burk!
  7. @Burk playing in rebbl?
  8. michaels

    New FAME+2!

    @ROGRE should be on all podcasts. Also, the girls name was Trash in Return of the Living Dead & it's a classic.
  9. https://www.rockymountainrampage.com/ Looks like it's late april/early may each year. I can make room if you decide to come. I'll just kick the wife to the couch. ;)
  10. Just so you slutpotatoes know, whomever wins only did it because I wasn't there! 😝
  11. Man. My wife really [big bad swear word]ed this up. She's just the worst!
  12. @Weav @kb10r I'm gonna have to pass my spot to Dave. I mentioned playing Tuesday & my wife promptly lost her [big bad swear word]. She terrifies me. Thanks for a great season, everyone. @savion47 I'll drop your team off at wow this afternoon. 😁
  13. You & the other 5 people that got it for PS4. 😛
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