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  1. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Pledge manager is open again until Sunday. New thing I discovered: after beating the watcher you can ONLY fight lvl 3+ monsters. Ugh. Had I known that I'd have waited until LY25. This campaign's a wash now. No more innovating or sharing xp either. Can oxidize weapons & do Lantern Research which is cool but not enough for where this settlement is sitting.
  2. Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    So is @sbr if you're looking for a partner.
  3. Tuesday Portland Game Night at W.O.W.

    That's like asking if you don't mind shoving broken glass in your peehole.
  4. Tuesday OBBL friendlies

    I can probly get there around 3, @Weav, if you or anyone else wanted a friendly.
  5. Tuesday OBBL friendlies

    I will if Travis & I get done early enough.
  6. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    My nurgle might as well be a starter team. :|
  7. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    I'll be there but also mostly to finish painting.
  8. Spike! 2018 dates are official!

    Just says June 2-3, 2018.
  9. Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Apparently Nioh is now on PC for anyone that needs more dark souls-esque stuff in their lives. So everyone, really.
  10. Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Wolfenstein the new Colossus: /drool. Super fun game, albeit a bit short. Not worth $60 due to length but definitely a steam sale purchase. Had a great time playing through it, though. I'm sure I'll give it another run in the near future. South park: the fractured but whole: also way fun in a 'final fantasy 2 meets dick jokes" kinda way. This was another short game clocking in at about 13-18 hours. Not worth full retail, definite steam sale pickup. Far cry, primal: for the most part I can't stand far cry. Sandbox gathering games with shooter aspects drive me nuts. With that said, primal is the first far cry game I've really enjoyed since 1. The combats extremely visceral (being mostly melee-oriented) & the side quests are a lot of fun. The ability that allows the player to tame & then ride a god damn sabretooth tiger should be something that's in every game!
  11. Game 2: You can hear Dave start to lose it at about the 1:35 mark. ;) I wasn't able to get Game 3 uploaded to twitch. The internet at Guardian is pretty [big bad swear word] so I ended up with about 20+ 30 second clips. Useless.
  12. 40k Sunday 11/5 looking for a game

    Will the club still be open at 4? Got some bowls of blood to play!
  13. I was gonna have a chain special-ordered so I could wear it around my neck.
  14. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    Your apathy both sickens & arouses me.
  15. Can I get that special play card wallet sized in case I need to pull it out in the midst of a bar fight?