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  1. Kalahanarama

    Dark Tower Blood Bowl League

    Great. See you then.
  2. Kalahanarama

    Dark Tower Blood Bowl League

    A double header on Tuesday would be a little late for me. Cory and I were not done until like 8:00 last Friday. But I can definitely do Wednesday at 5:30 or so.
  3. Kalahanarama

    Dark Tower Blood Bowl League

    I am available Tuesday or Wednesday after 5 this week for a game, or anytime on Saturday or Sunday. The Rat Bastards are feeling good after their first game against Chaos. The Horned Rat looked favorably on them all through the horrendous Blizzard that lasted most of the game.
  4. Kalahanarama

    Dark Tower Blood Bowl League

    So I guess I am at a little bit of a loss. The previous Blood Bowl Leagues I have played in have been with close friends and we just threw up a game schedule of who plays who. Are we just randomly selecting which team we play, with the understanding that we need to get to everyone's team at least twice by the end of the League? As I don't really know anyone on this site (I have played some at Dark Tower but not a lot and have been a Lurker waiting for the right game conversation to jump in) so am having a little bit of Analysts Paralysis with starting out. I have my team all set to go, Any one wanna take on my Rats for their first game? I have any evening after 5 available (except Thursdays).
  5. Kalahanarama

    Dark Tower Blood Bowl League

    Coach Name:Bobby Kalahan Team Race: Skaven Team Name: Rat Bastards Motto: "Infinitely Disposable Vermin." Contact: PM here or email darthkalahan@gmail.com