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  1. Team Yankee - Brits

    Oh boy, thank you for the lists!
  2. Team Yankee - Brits

    Awesome, that's perfect for a new player like me!
  3. Team Yankee - Brits

    Cool cool, i think the mobile infantry would be pretty fun too. How many points do you guys people play?
  4. Team Yankee - Brits

    Sooo, I picked up Iron Maiden and trying to figure out what is a good starter list. I'm trying to avoid painting infantry because I haaaate it. If I create a Recce list with no infantry will that be really tough to be somewhat competitive? I've been hearing that having infantry helps with holding on to objectives.
  5. Team Yankee this Thursday (9/14)

    Cool, I'll try to show up. Busy busy day today.
  6. Team Yankee this Thursday (9/14)

    What time is everyone getting together?
  7. Trying to get back into Flames of War

    Awesome, the brits do intrigue me! I'll try to pop by tomorrow if anyone is around.
  8. Cool, let me know. A friend of mine and I can probably show up from time to time.
  9. Trying to get back into Flames of War

    For TY, Is there a good turn out each week? What faction is everyone playing?
  10. Trying to get back into Flames of War

    Yeah, I'd love to drop by and see how it plays out. TY looks pretty fun. Wouldn't mind starting something new.
  11. Trying to get back into Flames of War

    Wow, thank you for the response. Lots to read up!
  12. Trying to get back into Flames of War

    Awesome, hmmm... maybe I should turn to TY until everything catches up.
  13. Hello everyone, Played v3 many years ago and looking to take my 101st airborne into v4 but I have to admit that I'm not quite sure what I should be picking up or what is different. Do I need unit cards? Which rulebook should I be picking up? Any help for a noobie wpuld be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hello, Looking for someone to paint some Malifaux and Guild Ball models for me. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  15. Musket and Tomahawks

    Curious if anyone is playing or tried it. Creators of Saga. Been thinking of getting into it myself. http://www.grippingbeast.co.uk/Muskets__Tomahawks--product--5036.html