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  1. Wow. I did not know that I could park across the street. That makes me 40% more likely to go to GG for something. Normally I wouldn't go unless I was walking in the area... (pretty rarely, but not never). Also, the water bottle policy is strange. I can't bring my own water? Or I have to leave it with the bartender... I understand the rule but I've never seen one like it before. I also don't get out much.
  2. Maybe a couple weeks before require payment to hold a spot? Although that didn't stop people from dropping last minute from OFCC...
  3. valourunbound

    Infernal Zoo 2018

    Keeping up the streak!
  4. valourunbound

    Whats your OFCC project?

    Finished product. Special thanks to GW, for making a 25x50 base that is not anywhere close to 25mm wide.
  5. valourunbound

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Submitted (yesterday). Any update on the number of victims players?
  6. valourunbound

    T9A OFCC 2018

    I'm working on it. If I have signal at the KOA at Fort Stevens, you'll get it Saturday night. If not, Sunday.
  7. valourunbound

    T9A OFCC 2018

    7 days before is.... Saturday? For lists.
  8. valourunbound

    Whats your OFCC project?

    Well, they're assembled now.
  9. valourunbound

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Problem: There is a bridal shower at my house on Saturday. Solution: play T9A. This will be my last free weekend before OFCC so I'd like to get AT LEAST 1 game in. Who is down?
  10. valourunbound

    T9A OFCC 2018

    I'm coming in from the West-side Best-side each morning if that is of assistance.
  11. valourunbound

    Whats your OFCC project?

    Remember that unit of Jezails that was kind of just lying unpainted on bases? That is my project. Pics otw.
  12. valourunbound

    T9A OFCC 2018

    What? Why? My crew just hangs around the artillery piece. If time is the enemy, don't waste it trying to fit the WYSIWYG crew on a 60mm round. When I've had to paint stuff recently, I typically break it down into tasks. Base everything, prime, base coat, etc. I'd like to say I use these to keep on schedule, but realistically I use it to know how screwed I'll be the night before the tournament.
  13. valourunbound

    T9A OFCC 2018

    The bulk of my Skaven army was painted two weeks before my first tournament. It helped that I was in high school and it was summer. It would take me a lot longer now...
  14. valourunbound

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    You'd be surprised how many games I have lost because my character is not in the right spot in the unit. Your summary makes it sound like I brought a gunline.