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  1. Fantasy Terrain

    I'll have you know all of my battles take place in the Great Green Sea, where trees (and water, buildings, roads, fences) cannot be found for miles.
  2. Warbases Order

    I don't want to overstate my position in T9A, but you could say I'm a big deal.
  3. Warbases Order

    I called the store and they couldn't find them. I'm expecting them to show up in my back seat, under my paint desk or behind a rat ogre. Eventually. I do appreciate how the game changed the rules so I didn't need 5 anymore. PCB don't skirmish, Footpads don't skirmish, Gutter Blades are not essential anymore and I don't have enough Globadiers.
  4. Warbases Order

    Yup. They are great. Wish I had all 5 I had ordered... But the 3 I still have are great. Correct spacing.
  5. Someone has perfected the notepad format. I had my points on the right for some reason... this makes way more sense. Actually two nitpicks: There's no bold in notepad. I don't like the ___ X # notation. I prefer # ____s. But does that make it hard to read with the points on the left? Only time will tell.
  6. What are we talking about and why is this stickied.
  7. Army Builder Options?

    Once you've seen the nested list mess that is BattleScribe on PC, you will think the mobile version is perfect.
  8. Army Builder Options?

    If you've ever paid for it, you should be able to get the most recent version available during your subscription. You'll just have to download the game files manually instead of automatically updating. Unless they changed it.
  9. Army Builder Options?

    I find battlescribe mobile to be great. I did buy AB about... 9? years ago. I've probably got my money's worth by now, but I only really use it for tournaments. For others games I just use notepad.
  10. Awesome OFCC Was Awesome!

    If a team event would increase the number of attendees, do it. Otherwise... 4 teams of 4? Not so exciting. Though we could do it ETC style
  11. Awesome OFCC Was Awesome!

    Re-sults Re-sults Re-sults Re-sults Re-sults! @TheBeninator
  12. Schedule?

    Yo PM me too so I know when to troll show up
  13. Last minute details for OFCC

    Snacks are also appreciated. Assorted candies. Giant bags of skittles. You know. Stuff.
  14. I'll try to swing by at least once during the weekend.
  15. T9A OFCC 2017

    Nope. I didn't like the picture frame idea that everybody does and made my own using... 2x4s? I think it might've been 1x2s. I can check when I get home if you are interested. It is very much not lightweight. But it is rigid!