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  1. Scipiano

    Tuesday Night Hamster Fight 7/24

    Giving this AoS business a go with some league play.
  2. The special effects are probably dated by now, thus potentially being a good target for the title, but I thought the William Hurt Dune miniseries was a faithful adaptation. I agree that most book series tend to be most fairly adapted through miniseries.
  3. Aye, let's to it! Shawn graciously said he may be able to provide a demo warband for me to play. If not I understand and we can make do.
  4. Scipiano

    Warhamsters 7/10 Game Night

    I will swing by for a board game or so. Might see if I can drop eaves on Koyote and SigurdBC's Saga and pick up a potential demo down the road.
  5. Scipiano

    Hamster Alert 4/10

    Cannot make it for my TNT quota. If anyone would like to get some makeup games in this weekend I’d be down.
  6. Scipiano

    Warhamster game night Tuesday 4/3.

    I have overtime today so can’t get into the shop until 7:30-8:00. Can a fellow TnTer spot me the main mission again after theirs is over around that time?
  7. Scipiano

    Bham Game Night 3/13

    Who you calling filthy, you damn dirty apes? (yes though)
  8. Scipiano

    Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    Looking forward to a game of 9th with Jim.
  9. Scipiano

    Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    ^ Same, unfortunately.
  10. Scipiano

    Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    Yeah let's plan on that. I'd be interested in your perspective on the new Warrior boys, and you can poke holes in my Elf list. I'll be bringing X-wing down this week.
  11. Would like to make it. Depends on how this upcoming job shakes out. If its more of an April start I can probably make it.
  12. Would very much enjoy going. Unfortunately I might have job training at that point depending on how smooth the application process for my new work goes.
  13. Scipiano

    Warhamster Dance 1/9

    I'm still in the Star Wars mood, so I'll be bringing down some X-Wing for some good old rooty-tooty-point-and-shooty. Still digesting the 2.0 T9A beta a bit.
  14. Scipiano

    1/2* Warhamsters bring the New Year

    Ah, let's pretend I was using the European format. Joey: I've picked up a decent set of ships for the First Order and Resistance, so I should be set there. Might need to borrow or proxy some upgrade cards if that is alright though.
  15. Thought I'd kick this off early. Anyone up for X-Wing with a rookie?