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  1. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    Yeah, I'd like to give either Wood or High Elves a go. Do they have 2.0 rules to test?
  2. Nov 14 Warhamster Jam @ DTG

    I seem to have shaken off the worst of Nurgle's Gifts. Game of 40k or 9th Age anyone? Maybe even some Infinity.
  3. Bellingham Warhamsters gather on the 7th of Novemeber

    In a manner of speaking. The 2.0 rules are in closed beta and smash is one of the playtesters. Seems to be a fully playable game, but points costs and unit viability need to be hammered out.
  4. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    Unfortunately, looks as if this one has been scrapped. The buy in at $170 for the starter seemed a bit high for the quality. A starter set, especially one done through crowdfunding, should be a loss leader.
  5. Warhamsters 10/17

    I believe I have a game of 40k set up with Will. Did you have a preferred time and points level?
  6. Tuesday game day!!!! Warhamsters!!!!

    Playtesting the new Empire against Kacy's ravening hordes of beastmen.
  7. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I admire your dedication to painting the terrain before the much more fun to paint (imho) warbands. Tons of fun to play in, and makes for interesting firing lanes.
  8. TNT Warband - Peacekeepers

    Marshall's Log, 8/29/2087 Washington Quote of the Day: To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace. Today marked the first time the squad has fought as a unit. They performed admirably for all that, but what I'm really thankful for is that I don't need to shroud Washington's face over another corpse. I'll kill a thousand more raiders before I blink, but I've yet to grow accustomed to losing the men under my command. Even so, John's laid up back at Outpost Delaware; its going to be tough rallying the troops without his words backing me up. Case in point: Our eyes and ears, the talented Ms. Allsbury, left with that trading caravan all in a huff. I tried to tell her that the scars would heal up, that she was still the prettiest sniper this side of the Cascades, but she wasn't having it. In the end, I compromised and gave her leave to guard that caravan heading east across the mountains. She could use the break more than we can use her, though our senses will be considerably dulled in her absence. At least she won't be drinking the new recruits under the table for the moment. I somewhat regret firing on our enemies today. Those muties were barely intelligible, and didn't respond in time to our hail signal. They may have been a non-threat, but I wasn't about to put New Skagit at risk on a maybe. A mutie god can judge me when the time comes. The tribals were a more unfortunate happenstance. They came upon our running battle with the mutants and took down half our squad. I returned fire, but caught hell for it. Bit of shrapnel old Willem couldn't exhume. Guess my marathon days are over. We left the battle with the tribals and mutants at a stalemate, and were unable to find anything of significance when patrolling the ruins. However, I gave a commendation to Hogarth Sinclair for his bravery in the fight. The lad's fearless; if he tempers that with some prudence, I'm sure he'll keep doing us proud. HQ has also attached Doc Willem and Robert Bauer to the squad. With some medical knowhow and heavy firepower on our side, we should be able to push deeper into the Clear Lake region for some prime settling grounds. Marshall Jackson Signing Off
  9. TNT Warband - Peacekeepers

    The Washington State Troops After the bombs fell, few law enforcement groups retained enough authority and manpower to enforce much of anything. Besides that, many of the institutions they were sworn to protect and uphold were long gone. A small group of survivors, led by Washington State Trooper Ken D'arby, only remaining member of the Washington State Patrol, had fortified and defended the Burlington Washington State Patrol Office against all manner of beasts and men during the Long Night. When the battles finally started to abate, and the Washington State flag still stood defiantly atop their fortress, Ken D'arby promoted all of the fighting men and women left to Troops of the State. Where at first their mission had simply been self preservation, the newly christened Washington State Troops would seek out the battered and defenseless citizens of Washington, and make them strong. Following the tenets of George Washington, the WST set forth into the wastes. The WST first established its modus operandi in Mount Vernon, where a den of slavers had survived by selling to any and all patrons. Gathering and training a collection of the slaves' surviving family members, folk bent on vengeance or rescue, the WST instigated a slave revolt coordinated with key strikes from Troops around the city. Although the WST and slave casualties were heavy, the slavers, attacked from within and without, were quickly overwhelmed. Victory put the Washingtonian flag over Mt. Vernon, and loyalty in the hearts of the freed folk. Most of the slavers faced summary execution for their crimes in the eyes of the WST, but some were given lighter sentences and the opportunity to work off their transgressions. So it was that the WST took requests for settling rights along the I-5 Corridor. The WST would send a squad to clear a path to the desired location, eliminate local hostiles, and train the populace to fight for itself. However, there was a price to pay, even for those migrating from other Washingtonian settlements. Upon a successful settling, the WST and settlers would be required to immediately switch two of their members, agreed upon by contract. A settler, preferably a volunteer, would become a Troop of the State, and an established Troop would stay as a liason for communications, militia training, and tithe collecting. If no fighting age settlers would be available, the Troops would extract a promise from the settlers that their firstborn to come of age would be groomed for the WST. The settlers would then be required to pay an agreed upon barter scrip amount. To keep the services of the WST, the settlers would also be required to pay a tithe in the form of volunteers, barter scrip, supplies, or a combination thereof, based on what the Liaison Troop were to deem they are most effective at producing. They would also be required to fly the Washingtonian flag, and obey the laws set forth by the WST. Although the continued service of the WST carries a heavy price tag, it means that the settlement will be marked for regular patrols and communications by WST squads, as well as help with infrastructure development, law enforcement and militia training. Occassionally the WST will launch preemptive strikes against belligerents near their member settlements if deemed tactically necessary. Those settlements that choose to break peacefully from the arrangement may do so and lose all of the above benefits immediately, but they are otherwise treated cordially so long as all debts are settled. Those settlements that break violently from the WST are not dealt with kindly, and serve as grim reminders to those who would break faith with the group. Although many view the WST as a noble faction of protectors, there are some who whisper that they long to control too much, and that they would be ill prepared if enough of their settlements were under threat at once or decided to end their contract. The Squad At the heart of the Washington State Troops are its squads. Numbering anywhere from 5-20 men depending on the needs of the campaign at hand, a squad tends to be well equipped and host to a variety of specialists and troubleshooters. WST squad tactics tend towards efficient use of manpower with a focus on minimalizing civilian casualties and avoiding protracted conflicts. Road Marshal - Kane Jackson A seasoned veteran of many battles, Kane Jackson has earned the ire of several raider clans for his predatory skills and refusal to die. Likes: An Orderly Camp, Pre-Fall History, Planning Assaults Dislikes: Rain Outrider - Janet Allsbury Promoted early to the elite reconnaissance group of the WST, Janet Allsbury has always had a knack for tracking hostile troop movements. Likes: Drinking, Drinking Games Dislikes: Losing Linebreaker - Hogarth Sinclair Hogarth Sinclair is a reformed Painskullz raider who surrendered to the WST during the Neckbreaker Campaigns. Quick to anger, but surprisingly loyal. Likes: Biking, Arm Wrestling Dislikes: Cowards Warden - John Huckabee A large man with a perpetual grin, John Huckabee has served faithfully at Kane's side for years. John inspires many a trooper with his brass-bound book, alternately through reading it or bashing in skulls. Boasts the largest collection of books in the WST, and provides on-the-job counseling. Likes: Seafood, Marching, Training Settlers Dislikes: Being Interrupted Officer - David Morgan A relative newcomer to Kane's squad, David Morgan volunteered for duty with the WST after they successfully defended his settlement from rad zombies. Eager to prove himself. Likes: Firing Drills Dislikes: Arguing Officer - Hoss Benson Hoss Benson was a hunter before he joined the WST, hoping to hunt bigger game with them. Hoss tends to joke loudly and often, to moderate success with the group. Likes: Weapon Maintenance, Campfire Stories Dislikes: Guard Duty, Pre-Fall Radio
  10. Another post-apoc warband joining the mix, some Peacekeepers ready to bring justice to the wasteland. This faction represents law enforcers of all stripes. I'm using the company's own line as a base, and will expand with some models from all sorts of companies down the line. I'm hoping to build a decent narrative out of the campaign, and will update the warband's adventures here each week. Individual profiles to follow, but here's the initial group shot.
  11. 8/15 Warhamster Game Night

    Heading down for an X-wing demo with Jim, and will bring my TNT warband and rulebook if there's time to demo that.
  12. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    That would be good. If you have Peacekeeper or Preserver types that was what I was probably going for in the campaign. I'll bring some suitable dudes as well, but because this isn't a campaign game I will play any faction to try out the rules.
  13. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    I have my campaign minis and the physical rulebook on order, and they have yet to arrive, but I'd like to give the game a go before the campaign.
  14. Awesome OFCC Was Awesome!

    Excellent games with excellent people. A special thanks to Marietta, Matt, Andrew, Aaron the Sherbert, and Kacy for some great games. Accolades to Ben for running a successful tournament. Hope to see as many of you as possible at the next one.