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  1. Nathanvoodoo

    The Big FAQ

    Just seems to me that people should start moving away from these ‘matched play’ rules... eh?
  2. Nathanvoodoo

    LF: Imperial Knight Transfers

    This isn’t exactly what you are looking for but I suspect these would work pretty well if you weren’t trying to mark them all up as a specific household. http://www.fallouthobbies.com/decals/
  3. Nathanvoodoo

    Squig Team 6 (Orks Kill Team)

    I found that making a loota spanna a comms specialist was very helpful. The +1 to hit paired with a regular loota is pretty much the best shooting orcs can get in kill team. That and the dakka dakka dakka stratagem and you are shooting quite a few strength 7 shots and maybe actually hitting with them.
  4. Nathanvoodoo

    Tuesday 9/18 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I’ll be there and I’ll bring a kill team
  5. Nathanvoodoo

    So this is a thing....

    I look forward to more YouTube videos of people burning their armies in outrage against GW when or if they decide to include women in the game.
  6. Nathanvoodoo

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    I think I’ll sit this league out for now. I just downloaded a 58 page pdf rulebook for this game, and I don’t even know when my teams gonna show up in the mail.
  7. Nathanvoodoo

    Kill Team....IN SPACE!

    I gotta say, I love me some nurgle models and... those are just terrible... what is that? A robot head kid with a peg leg and wooden sword? huh? I’m still all over this release, but dang...
  8. Nathanvoodoo

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    I Yep. I’m actually on the East Coast until the 11th. If you’d rather I sit out the big boys league cause I’m such a noob that’s fine too. I don’t want people to have bad games cause they are hand holding a nooby- I know it’s nothing personal. 🤔😀
  9. Nathanvoodoo

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    I have a team on order and will happily play, tho I have no clue how to as yet
  10. Nathanvoodoo

    Looking for interest in an in depth campaign

    I’m in with death guard and nurgle daemons
  11. Nathanvoodoo

    Kill Team....IN SPACE!

    I’ve been sold on this since they teased it months ago- After maybe 10 games of kill team I’m not really very in love with it, but this box set will be mine for those spectacular models either way.
  12. Nathanvoodoo

    I just did the unthinkable

    I preordered the Rotters blood bowl team. When I get them in someone’s gonna have to teach me this game.
  13. I believe the team that got best Sportsmanship had a player with 4 knights for a list. Does that answer your question as to people reception/perception of them being used?
  14. I lost all but one of my games and can say I had a great time. I think as long as it is conveyed to every player that shows up (well in advance) that OFCC is a non-competitive tournament about bringing fun and fluffy lists, then list ratings is no big deal. I played one and only one game where I really stood no chance in heck of winning and it was because my opponent didn’t understand that it wasn’t a ‘real’ tournament prior to submitting his list. I still had a good time and we both laughed it off. I think that’s the point. Making it clear to folks in advance that they are coming to ‘play a game’, not ‘win a tournament’ Aside from that I think getting team match ups and lists out to captains in advance and prompting them to have dialogues with one another about good match ups might be helpful. -So, in that sense I think a sort of minor rating system would be called for. Maybe one where a few folks glance over short form lists and stack them and sort them by team. Not assigning any one list a rating but saying- ‘Okay, these three teams have players with big guns and knights and stuff, we should make sure they are assigned match ups.’ I know I’m probably oversimplifying the point. I know things aren’t always going to be fair, but usually as long as people know the beat down is coming and can expect it- they won’t complain afterwords. That’s why an early dialogue would help a bit.
  15. Good score. I’m jealous of the cup holders on it.