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  1. Tuesday at Ordo

    Anyone gonna be at the clubhouse and want a game of 40k? Ive got just enough Death Guard painted up to play a fun little non competitive game.
  2. Airbrushing and being a cheapskate

    I run my airbrush on a large tanked compressor intended for automotive tools. It's super loud so I run it on a 50 foot hose from my garage. I don't run a moisture trap on it - I never have moisture issues with it. The only issue I have run into is tuning the air flow rate can be very tricky- since I have such a long hose that also holds pressure it can swing wildly if adjusted incorrectly. i have a badger brush. It's fine, tho I have no baseline for comparison
  3. Buildings and models that take up multiple spaces

    I think this is a discussion you'd have with your opponent if and when the situation came up in a game you two were playing.
  4. He’s back.....

    I have the OG Sly Marbo that I've never been able to run as him
  5. He’s back.....

    The Blight Hauler! Finally.
  6. Overwatch modifiers

    So... yes or no? The horror does not make 6s fail in overwatch?
  7. Overwatch modifiers

    i keep seeing this pop up for tyranid players - the psychic power the horror applies a -1 to hit rolls and leadership for a targeted unit. From what I understand this doesn't negate that units ability to succeed at a 6+ overwatch... right? A 6 is always a success in overwatch... right? The reason I ask is because I've seen it played both ways.
  8. Roll modifiers

    If you get rerolls of misses and you hit on a 2+ and the target is -1 to hit you reroll only your dice rolls of 1s and the final rolls of 1s and 2s are misses.
  9. Shadespire in November

    I work Sundays so I won't be able to attend those games... but I picked up the game today and managed to get some time in with it. We played quite a few games through before I think we actually figured out. Once we got the flow of the game figured out it seemed really quick and actually rather strategic. I'd like to get some more games in-
  10. Portland Meta?

    My Meta is play the game and have fun.
  11. 10/31 Ordo Game Night @ W.O.W. - Halloween gaming!

    Blu storm tells me I missed you... sorry
  12. 10/31 Ordo Game Night @ W.O.W. - Halloween gaming!

    50 power level? I'll be down there round 6 or 615
  13. 10/31 Ordo Game Night @ W.O.W. - Halloween gaming!

    I could be down for a smaller game of 40k if anyone is interested
  14. Since the index has dropped I haven't been able to find any. Websites been sold out for months - same with raveners...