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  1. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    The banner is fantastic. Love it.
  2. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Okay here is an update. A few pictures of the other finished deathshroud bodyguards A foul blightspawn -mostly finished and progress pics of Mortarian and a Plague Surgeon
  3. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    I hear ya. My first few models in a new army are always a bit... off... while I figure out what I want their ultimate look to be. Ive finished up some more- and I'm working on a few others- I'll take pics tomorrow
  4. Wanna 40k

    I'm there
  5. Wanna 40k

    I can get there- whenever. I'd prefer earlier than 430 to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour 😉
  6. Wanna 40k

    I know it
  7. Wanna 40k

    Lemme know- I've never been to dice age
  8. Wanna 40k

    Missed last nights games at Ordo- if anyone wants to pick up a game of 40kbwith me tomorrow at one of the Portland game stores- lemme know.
  9. Game night at WOW Tuesday

    I'll be there
  10. Here come the 'Nids to 8th!

    Sweet 🤣
  11. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    I guess I'm not following the rules by putting dates and pictures of unbuilt models and stuff up- but eff it. I'm painting. i finished this guy and two of his brethren are shortly behind.
  12. WH40k night 10/10

    Normally- but not this week
  13. WH40k night 10/10

    Blasted! I just set up the table and so many bugs!
  14. WH40k night 10/10

    I'll be there. I'll try to get together 2k points
  15. 40k 8th Edition Escalation League Wrap Up, Awards, and Props

    I'll be back tomorrow and looking for a game.