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  1. Nathanvoodoo

    What should I play?

    Just start expanding on your range of imperium. You can always make a mixed force army at 2000 points. Get yourself some custodes- one box of five builds a patrol detachment of them. Two boxes and you have a battalion. Grab a single knight box and add a super heavy auxiliary. Oh, or maybe you like tanks and imperial guard is more you your liking- they have a huge range of dudes that do all sorts of things. Combine that with some of your already existing marines and you could easily create a more dynamic list that is both ‘fluffy’ and viable. More to the point is, in this current universe of 8th edition rules and army construction its advantageous and kinda cool to break away from static single force armies. Obviously some factions can’t do that, and, I’ll admit it took me a while to start to accept soup lists in the meta but once I did it... it’s always fun to realize that you’re much less locked in on what toys you are collecting just to paint vs if you can also play them.
  2. Wow, this thread gets me super pumped to play in the League.
  3. Elysians are discontinued, I believe- and since forgeworld armies are still ‘index’ armies and haven’t even been given the chapter approved ‘token stratagems’ they actually aren’t very good. You’ll just have to wait n see. I’ve been working on an army for a while now, and though it’s not a particularly ‘good’ army, it’s still won me some games and I’m still painting away on it.
  4. I’m going to bring the nastiest army conceivable.
  5. Nathanvoodoo

    Tuesday 12/18 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Sure. Sounds good
  6. Nathanvoodoo

    Tuesday 12/18 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Anyone wanna play 40k?
  7. Nathanvoodoo

    Adeptus Custodes in Kill Team

    I don’t mind losing as long as the games fun, but I don’t like games where the outlook is predestined by the composition. I feel like I was hoping for too much from GW in kill team.
  8. Nathanvoodoo

    Vigilus Weekender data dump (from reddit)

    Formations killed 40k for me in 7th.
  9. Nathanvoodoo

    Adeptus Custodes in Kill Team

    I played probably around a dozen games against varied players and factions when it first dropped. The balance from mission to mission was awful, some games I f lt my opponent had absolutely no chance of winning, some I found I had absolutely no chance at. Also, not in a ‘I’m not sure I made an effective list’ sort of way, but in a, ‘wow- this is wholly unbalanced’ kinda way. For instance, I played orcs vs thousand sons and the mission was to assasinate his commander. Thats a brutal hill to climb against a 2+ armor save, better shooting, better ap, and so on. However, in games where bodies count over kills orcs were fantastic. So, yeah, in a pick up game- I think it sucks. The rogue trader box looks fantastic, and those missions in it look very fun, but I don’t wanna buy it just to not have anyone play it with me, since I’m sure that’d get stale quick. Additionally about out every third match I had someone had a different take on the way the game played and we spent 2 hours rifling thru the rule book for clarification. It felt a whole lot like older editions of 40k, where people claim- “they were less dumbed down” - well, I must be dumb, because I appreciate the relative simplicity of 8th edition 40k and AOS over their earlier incarnations. Tho I will admit they are pushing it into murky waters lately- especially with the possible addition of ‘formations’.
  10. Nathanvoodoo

    Adeptus Custodes in Kill Team

    Thousand sons have the all is dust rule however, custodes probably will never be in kill team. One model in 40k is 52 points with a minimum load out. Playing 1 Custode in a 100 point game, or even two or three of them wouldn’t be very fun. Of course I’m not much of a fan of Kill Team anyway at this point- at least in just quick pick up play. The narrative matches might be fun.
  11. Nathanvoodoo

    Theory-Hammer: Adeptus Custodes

    Noxious blightbringer? You mean Foetid Bloatdrone? I don’t miss templates at all. 40k has basically no basis in reality so... sure a cyber fantasy universe flame thrower gun can shoot a flying airplane as far as I’m concerned. Just like a guy can single handedly wield a giant hydraulicly assisted sledgehammer in one hand while holding a shield nearly as big as himself in the other.
  12. Nathanvoodoo

    Theory-Hammer: Adeptus Custodes

    They are both very fun and very frustrating. The army has fantastic stratagems and is just brutally points heavy so has a very hard time not taking allies. I’ve always wanted to drop five or six allurus terminators on a back line and throw the unleash the lions stratagem on em and just run all over their whole army. Just so fun. A rumor is circulating that wardens and Trajan are gonna come down in points in chapter approved- which I’d love to see, cause they are both fantastic but just too expensive in an already super expensive army.
  13. Nathanvoodoo

    Theory-Hammer: Adeptus Custodes

    I’ve thought about both. The grav just seems the superior choice. The addition of “fly”- extra transport capacity and movement speed really do the trick. It feels like a real transport, while the LR feels like a heavy weapons platform with guys inside. Basically with a LR I’d be forcing myself on a hard decision to shoot or advance every turn, while with the grav tank I’d just be advancing- no question. in other news I wrote my custodes list for the apoc game and with three knights and a battalion of custodes I’m still only bringing 18 models in a 2500 point list.
  14. Nathanvoodoo

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    I just wrote my list. I’m bringing 18 models. 2500 points doesn’t seem to be enough. 😆