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  1. Sugarlessllama

    Warhamsters these are NOT dollies: spoiler thread

    If it makes your heart sing, then go for it!
  2. Sugarlessllama

    Have knights and ad mech, is there a reason to get new IK book?

    I guess it would depend on how many Knights you like to run. If you only plan on running one or two, then no, I don't think there is a good reason to buy an additional book. However, if you would like to run three or more, then yes. I think it would be well worth it.
  3. Sugarlessllama

    AoS 2nd Edition

    Up here in Bellingham we are ringing in the new edition with a slow grow league. And there has been a lot of positive response! So far we have 19 people signed up so far, and I'm pretty sure more people or going to join as soon as the new boxed set drops. I know I'm pretty stoked for the new edition. I always enjoyed AoS, but I always had a hard time finding games in Portland. I'm looking forward to starting Beastclaw Raiders and tossing some dice. 😄
  4. Sugarlessllama

    Warhamsters these are NOT dollies: spoiler thread

    Hello everyone! I'm Will, otherwise known as Sugarlessllama. This will be my first OFCC, and I am super excited about it. For my first organized event of 8th edition, I will be unveiling my Imperial Knight army. I have been working on it for a while since they were first released in 6th edition in fact. 🙂 And with the release of the first new Imperial Knight kits since 6th edition, I think I am finally ready to run an entire army consisting entirely of big stompy robots. I will be fielding an Imperial Knight House of my own creation: House Iyrnblϋd! House Iyrnblud: Super Heavy Detachment Questor Imperialis Household Tradition: House Terryn Knight Paladin: Sir George (Warlord) Warlord Trait: Landstrider - Stormspear rocket pod Knight Errant: Dame Kestrel - Stormspear rocket pod Knight Errant: Sir Edmund - Stormspear rocket pod Knight Castellan: Silens eques auratus Total points: 1,952
  5. Sugarlessllama

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    Yup, I know what I'm going to be playing this OFCC😁😁😁😁
  6. Sugarlessllama

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    Pre-ordered mine today 😀😀😀😀
  7. Sugarlessllama

    Warhamsters 5/15 Tuesday Gaming

    I'm planning on coming on down to Dark Tower. Anyone interested in some 40K? About 75 power?
  8. Sugarlessllama

    Warhamster Game Night 4/24

    I do indeed live in Bellingham, and I am usually free Tuesday evenings. I can come out and play. What time? I usually get off work around 4:30 pm, so I can get to Dark Tower about 5:30ish. :D
  9. Sugarlessllama

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    I am so picking up some more Knights. I have three, and I look forward to having a full army of them on the table. :D
  10. Sugarlessllama

    Job searching sucks

    Have you thought about the Federal Government? While the pay is lower; the stability can't be beaten. www.usajobs.gov
  11. Sugarlessllama

    Ruins and Deployment

    There is also the FAQ.
  12. Sugarlessllama

    Ruins and Deployment

    I would say this: this is either a fluff question or it isn't. What I mean by this, is that fluff based scenarios should be played in an "open" or "narrative" game setting; and not in a matched play setting. And if it is an "open" or "narrative" game setting, then it doesn't matter what it says in the book. In many ways, the book becomes moot and everything should be resolved according to player consent, using the rules only as a guideline. In a matched play scenario you would need the TO to make the call. And if I were the TO I would likely say no, a model cannot deploy to a location it cannot end it's movement in. So are you asking because you want to play a fluffy game or a competitive game? That is where the answer to this question truly lies.
  13. Sugarlessllama

    What Point Levels are the Most Common for General Play?

    I only play using power levels and it has been a joy. I tend to play around 50 to 75 power.
  14. I'm looking forward to this myself. I really like the idea of coming up with a unique Land Raider pattern for my Space Marine chapter. I think that would be really awesome.
  15. Sugarlessllama

    The Haunting of Hamster House 10/24

    I'll be down. I'll be bringing my Spesh Muhreens.