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  1. Tallbeard

    Congratulations to Kill! Maim! Beer!

    where do you buy tickets?
  2. Taking the helm of The Emporer's Neckbeards
  3. Tallbeard

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Which forum should we post team pics and updates? just in the general 40k? or should we post in the tri cities outer rim forum
  4. nevermind! moving stuff to the other forum i guess.
  5. squats WIP pics from june of last year to current. i had no clue gw was gonna come out with overlords but im glad they did cause i can make more fun stuff for this army without having to source so much from third parties.
  6. aww there's a cap on pic size
  7. Tallbeard

    Discussion: Points for 40K at OFCC

    I like 1750-1850.
  8. Tallbeard

    40k Teams Event Fully Paid list

    left message. hopefully he sees it.
  9. Tallbeard

    40k Teams Event Fully Paid list

    I need to please have the Treasurer contact me please. The Emporer's Neckbeards will not be doing the team event as we are having "the troubles". I sent a message through the store contact im not sure if that went to anyone. Basically some of us would like to switch to the Singles Open event and at least 2 of us will do doubles on friday but i need to reallocate the funds spent.