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  1. Note on the beer list at Dice Age, there are about 8 options, all of which are "micro-ey", despite being mass produced (like Deschutes). Prices are pretty good ($4.5 - $6) all served in glass bottles, and tax is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. Kudos to Dice age for being smart about the tax :D, us Oregonians have high expectations for ease of alcohol transactions. Bring your ID (not Infernal Dorfs) and your appetite.
  2. T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    So you are the infamous "Sam" that is "Painting with Sam". I had a hunch... Or I should have known that already... I might bring something for you to take a gander at and let me know what to do.
  3. T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Anyone playing tomorrow? @splinx I still need spill DE blood with the skink hordes.
  4. T9A OFCC 2018

    It may make most sense to make the team aspect a "team spirit" setting for the following reasons: 1) It's for fun. Since teams of two really don't offer much "strategic advantage" due to the pairing conundrum, they are more symbolic than anything. 2) It could be separate from other awards. I think it would be great to add the team spirit award as a separate category, judged on how all-out you wish to go with your team! This will not have bearing on your scoring for best general, best painted, or best sport. 3) It is pretty consistent with OFCC culture/tradition. Teams, banners, warcries, highfives, drinking buddies, ect are pretty common tropes which are associated with the OFCC experience. 4) We are small, and teams have not been done in 2 years (and never in T9A). This would be a good stepping block to test the waters for the potential for an actual team event. We can learn from this year if it is a popular idea, or if we still just want to stick with the traditional setup. 5) The collective effort is typically greater than the sum of individual effort. To this I mean an individual may not bring a banner to OFCC, since its a ton of work. But having two people spread the cost/time in creating a banner may make that a reality. This may inspire some old time WHFB players to dust off their armies and come out the the field of battle, when they see that the T9A group can provide them with the things they use to love. So in short, I want to support the concept of teams, in a purely opt-in environment.
  5. Is that from the "Crossfire" commercial?
  6. T9A OFCC 2018

    To all prospective attendees of OFCC, a fellow member, @Zeev brought up the idea of using Auxiliary lists for OFCC, which are essentially fan created content. @smashthedean had the idea of having auxiliary lists be compatible, so long as they pass a "balance test". I personally like these ideas, but this is your event, so if you wish to weigh in on the matter, please do! The Aux book in reference seems like an under-performing book, which is a common opinion among the official T9A forums, combine that with a powerlevel filter, and I think we can eliminate the notion of "bringing broken stuff" from the equation, or so I hope.
  7. T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Im down! Now lets see if anyone is brave enough to challenge the frail DE, and even frailer Skink hordes.
  8. Good call, Awesome on the beer! This will be great! Btw I’m throwing down some Saurian Ancients for the tourney. (For the prize inspiration)
  9. T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Ill be there. I'm still itching to do the 2v2 @splinx had suggested! Considering fielding an all skink SA list for the giggles (and to the disappointment of whoever gets stuck with me).
  10. Pax's Scummy Squadron

    Id be down to play a friendly game too. I bought a massive collection and have hardly tried half the ships out. Only person who plays with me is my GF. Interestingly, we have been playing this thing called "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster". It is cooperative vs. AI, but since it came out pre wave-3, it does not include any Scum ships :(. http://dockingbay416.com/campaign/ Regardless, if folks are interested, I have the whole campaign with all the tokens and jazz printed and foam core mounted. I also have all the ships necessary to play the campaign, a play mat, and all that other stuff. I will say, it is actually pretty dang hard on normal, and scales to any difficulty you want to make it!
  11. Tuesday Night X-Wing

    Just cant help yourself from raising an army of skeletons....
  12. Hrmm, Tough call. Balance is a very subjective thing. I am also a pretty bad judge of balance. I agree with @smashthedean, I do like the idea of you bringing what makes you excited. We should chat about it @Zeev, perhaps consulting the T9A fourms and their infinite wisdom for confirmation that the list is within reason? Not that the T9A fourms can ever agree on anything, but it is a good start. What is your deadline start date in order to reasonably get the army done?
  13. T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Normally I would but I am out drinking tonight.
  14. T9A OFCC 2018

    That is an interesting idea. That certainly crept up as an issue last year through the matchmaking. I am totally down for utilizing some matchup software. Do you know of anything that allows you to use a matchmaking weight beyond the BP score, that takes into account something like whether or not folks are from the same area? Could I seed the tournament with a bunch of "matches" that never actually occurred, but would essentially blacklist those players from playing each other? So for instance, when starting R1, the tournament bracket will already know that you have "already played" against the other folks from Bellingham? I had downloaded and tried out the software you recommended last year, but the laptop I had brought was basically just a brick, so I made the rash decision to switch platforms from computerized to manual. I should have something more reliable this year.
  15. T9A OFCC 2018

    So I think there are a couple ideas floating out here regarding teams. Just to be sure we are all on the same page: 1) The tournament is entered with Teams of two. These teams are encouraged to be thematic, include a banner, and generally talk collective trash to all other teams (in a good way). The teams will be paired up against other teams at each of the 5 matches. The two opposing teams will then decide (either via consensus, or a coin flip) who of that team will face who. At that point, the individual members of the team match up 1v1 vs their designated opponent. After the match, BPs from each of the team member's individual games are added to the team's total BP count. This then places that team in the overall team ranking for the next round of pairing. 2) The tournament is entered as individuals, with the option of having a "spirit team". This team is encouraged to be thematic, include a banner, and generally talk collective trash to all other teams and singles (in a good way). The members of each team act completely as individuals in a singles tournament setting (like last year), and your teammate's BP count has no bearing on how you are placed in the ranking. The teams are strictly for enjoyment purposes, and to earn sportsmanship gravitas which will give them an edge to win the most coveted award, the sportsmanship award. I personally like option 2, as it can be easily accommodated regardless of total turnout, which we may not really know until a week before the event. It is also more of a half-step towards a true "team tournament", which is perhaps a better choice, as it keeps the tournament more about playing T9A, than everything else. Ultimately, I would love for it to evolve into an option 1. But this might be a good year to test the waters without committing completely.