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    Factorio is a game for people who are into automation and LARGE puzzles. It plays a bit like Sim City, in the fact that it is an overhead 2D builder game. What makes this game so interesting is the scale. What starts out as a little modest base will eventually turn in to an enormous network of automated arms, conveyor belts, trains, assemblers, robots stretching a mile across. All that is necessary to build 1 rocket, to win the game. It has a 98% positive review on steam, which puts it on the top 5 games on steam. I think this reviewer's comment sums it up nicely. “The factory is an embodiment of madness incomprehensible even to the men who built it, laid every unholy circuit of conveyor belt, a thousand arms madly spinning every second, countless plates of copper and iron in a complex dance the likes of which is unseen in the realm of mere mortals. There are sections that I have no idea how they work, and I BUILT THEM.” Still in the totally addicted phase, but honestly its a 9/10 from me. My only gripe is there is no freaking trash can for your inventory. There is a work around, but id rather just have a can.
  2. TheBeninator

    Axis and Allies WW2 Game Day JUN 30 2018

    I’m fine playing any nation. I always find Japan to be the most interesting to play so that would be my preference. If anyone else wants Japan, they can have it.
  3. TheBeninator

    Axis and Allies WW2 Game Day JUN 30 2018

    Cats pajamas, I have been hankering to play this game! Count me in, hopefully I can remember 60 days out.
  4. TheBeninator

    Looking for some example lists and ideas for starters

    Ill echo what Brother Glacius saids about dwarves. You cannot really build a gunline out of them that will smash every opponent. Since winning a game is so reliant on objectives, most of which I believe are board control, it is really difficult to castle up in a corner and do well. That being said, a mixed arms list seems like the way to go.
  5. TheBeninator

    "Minihammer" - 10mm 9th Age?

    So the smallest infantry size is 10x10mm?
  6. TheBeninator

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Anyone planning on heading to DA this weekend? I have a new comer to the T9A scene. We played his first game last weekend, and it piqued his interest. He wanted to come by some time when we had a couple concurrent games going on to see what the other armies looked like, and how the other books played. For someone brand new to tabletop, he made a lot of pretty smart choices and asked a lot of very advanced questions, perhaps he is the Kwisatz Haderach of T9A?
  7. TheBeninator

    W WHFB dwarf shields, H $

    I need somewhere around 25-30 shields to outfit dwarves, preferably without arms attached, for a kit bashing. Other non-dwarf shields may work too, just depends on the aesthetic.
  8. TheBeninator

    Corner Hammer GT Results

    Interesting. Lets call it a draw then! Andrew, if you could please update the tournament scores and label john as a cheater cheater pumpkin eater, that would be great :D The first ramph charge was a pretty poor choice I will admit. Probably would have failed the frenzy check regardless.
  9. That "Curiosity killed the cat" collection looks amazing! Seems steep for a sale tho, is this all limited edition or rare printing or something?
  10. TheBeninator

    Corner Hammer GT Results

    The lil copters are OP! Kinda like plague monks on catapults ;D
  11. TheBeninator

    Corner Hammer GT Results

    Not a single friggin' grudge buster! I am ashamed of our american dwarf players.
  12. Confirmed, no doomblades allowed. Not that the Doomwheels wont obliterate ogres either.
  13. TheBeninator

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    You should! But only with friends. I recently played Eco, which is a peaceful resource gathering/building game. The premise is an asteroid is going to smash into your planet in X number of real life days (determined at start of the server). Your goal is to advance in technology to stop it (building a laser). The catch, is that in your plundering of natural resources, you can trash your planet, so you have to balance progress with sustainability. There is a player built economy and system of government where players set their own prices for goods, and vote to enact emission restrictions and what not. Too many skills to do everything so people specialize and have to create an economy. Probably 20 times slower in pace than minecraft, but at least there is an objective! Lots of cool concepts, but lacking in features and scale-ability. Also there are a few controls/inventory management things that make me go crazy, so I am shelving this game until it is fully released. 5/10 for gameplay 8/10 for concept