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  1. Well Kenyon (the TO for SF) told me he has space available at his house. I have a friend form college who has a house there, but probably not much room. My brother will also be living in SF at that point, but again, no idea if he would have space to accommodate. I'd guess we could find lodging in Oakland for a "reasonable" price. @Andrewgeddon expressed some interest in the train option. It is a long day of travel, but if we come prepared with stuff to do, then we can make the time fly (10mm T9A!!!). Or Axis and Allies 😄
  2. @Jason I was looking at some 3rd party distributor from the UK. If I remember right it came out to like $0.25 per figure in pewter. I mostly priced out an empire army of Roman legionaries with Carthaginian auxiliaries (yes that's historically wack, but so is Fantasy). The fact that you can paint a unit in a couple evenings is awesome.
  3. I was planning to attend the meeting at 11. Trouble is, how long do people hang out after the meeting is over? Andrew needs all the time he can get to roll is dice. ZING! Take that @Andrewgeddon. First blood has been drawn.
  4. Fellow T9A wargamers! I am pleased to announce that OFCC will be having another 2-day "The Ninth Age" tournament for the 4th year in a row! I will be your TO for this year and I am excited for what this year has brought us. We have seen a recent uptick in T9A activity in the local area, and are ever more connected with our distant neighbors in the broader T9A community. We also have received the long coveted "Gold Edition", so the rulebook today will be the same on game day! Speaking of game day, this year's T9A event at OFCC will be August 17th and 18th at the Hilton in Vancouver, WA. This will be a 5 game series using deployments and scenarios "mostly" taken out of the T9A rulebook. In keeping with OFCC tradition, there will be some adjustments made to both deployments and scenarios in order to provide some unique twists and narrative to your games. More information to come!
  5. @Jason that sounds great! Reach out anytime when you are ready to play, we can find you a game. If you want, PM me your email and I will add you to our mailing group. The new mechanics are fairly straightforward, the WS split is probably one of the biggest changes along with the new magic system. The split in WS was really just to provide design space to have units that are very defensive, but not offensive, or vice versa. In most cases the offensive Weapon Skill (OWS) and defensive weapon skill (DWS) are the same, and are identical to what they use to be from legacy. Things like paired weapons provide you +1 OWS, whereas things like shields provide you +1 DWS (or match your DWS to your enemies OWS, whichever is more advantageous). Similarly they removed the AP gained from strength, and just added AP as a separate stat. This again is to provide design space for stuff that is high strength, but low AP (such as hellfire, the attribute spell for WODG, or the cobalt club, the new face smash weapon for Temple Guard). Still, most things are as they use to be, for instance, Great Weapons still provide +2 Strength, +2 AP. So in many ways, the game is as it use to be, they just broke all the rules down into their most basic component elements. That provides the flexibility to build the game back up in any fashion, leveraging more degrees of freedom for army balance and unit flavor. You also don't have to remember nested rules, such as when "fly" also means that you are "light troops" (free reforms) and "swiftstride". Now, all of these rules still exist for models with fly, but they are explicitly stated in the unit profile. This is to make things easier when you are learning your army. Hope that makes some sense ;D
  6. By Car: 635 miles * 2(round trip) = 1270 miles. Likely it would be 2 vehicles, each probably getting no better than 30 MPG. which is 42.3 gallons per vehicle. So that's 42.3 gal * 2 cars * 3.20 USD/gal = $271 / 5 people = $54 bucks a person on average. Advantage to having wheels in SF, total transit time = 21 hours (round trip) By Train: Cost is fixed $150 round trip per person. Time is fixed, adding 1 hour of "boarding, getting to station) we are looking at 37 hours of travel. By Plane: Looks like you can get non-stop flights to/from for about $250. Factoring in going to the airport and all that jazz, that's like 4 hours per flight, or 8 hours total. I suppose if you could get a table on the train (which is totally possible) we could have a round robin tournament of T9A on the way down. That would be epic...
  7. One of these days I will build a 10mm army. One of these days...
  8. Andrew hit the nail pretty well. I love all the changes that were made, I will even concede that the loss of the templates was a good choice (RIP templates). This is by far my favorite version of the game, and last weekend's 5 day tournament really proved that to me as I had 5 great games where I did not feel like I lost the match before the game even began. This is compared to 8th where I lost games at spell generation during pre-game. The biggest problem T9A had was constantly changing, that part is over! Army book changes will be fairly glacial in the meantime (points changes), with the exception of the full AB projects which will redesign the whole army. It's doubtful that any models will become obsolete, but armies will be able to take advantage of the new rules space and game mechanics that were built into the core rulebook. Essentially the current rule book has design space built into it that will be implemented in each army as their ABs are reworked. They are reworking 1-2 books at a time to ensure a high quality product. If you are in the Portland/Vancouver area I would be happy to play a game with you and show you the ropes of the changes. No need to read the tomb of rules, most of it you will recognize, we can just cover the latest (and final) changes as they come up.
  9. It is not in stone yet, but Kenyon said it would be either 7-8 or 14-15 of December. Kenyon has offered up his place to stay at. Not sure if it would accommodate 5, but its a partial option. 10.5 hour drive 18 hour train ride on Amtrak ($75 each way). 18 HR on a train is a tad much...
  10. Great event everyone, I had a blast. Another shout out to Andrew for putting it all together! We should think about that 5 man PNW team for the Pacific Rim GT.
  11. @Nick! I SUMMON THEE Nick is the man for KoW in the Portland/Vancouver area. From what I understand it is pretty big in Seattle, so there is a decent community and tournament scene up there. The local scene is a great bunch of chaps to play with. I think most of them actually live in Portland, but yes normally folks play up in the 'couv. The game is good, well balanced, yet does not offer a huge amount of faction identity relative to other mass R&F games. Rules are clean and crisp, the games are fast, and the feeling of mass R&F warfare is there without the tedium of rolling separate dice for 5 different profiles and initiative steps. Some of us are just into that level of tedium 😄
  12. Some of the finest bathroom faucet water in the country I might add! They also have like 18 beers to choose from (mostly bottled of course), but a handful on tap. Pretty incredible for a game store.
  13. Ya, the no water bottle thing is kind of weird. OLCC is pretty brutal. But, interestingly enough, it does require that GG offers us at least 5 "substantial meal options" during all hours that they also serve alcohol. I think this means that the food cart outside the store (which I assume is their "on premises food source") must remain open as long as they are serving alcohol. So its tacos on demand! What I dont see in the OLCC documentation is anything about drinking water. But hey, beer is mostly water, so I think they have us covered 😄
  14. Brewmaster and his drinking crew will be there!
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