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  1. Barca, I am in for this if I have a vet to help teach me, and if there are still models to use. What would be the most relevant rules to read, or what are your best recommendations for a youtube tutorial series to learn the basics?
  2. TheBeninator

    Malifaux closed beta...

    That all sounds really awesome. You still playing Tuesday nights at PGS?
  3. TheBeninator

    Malifaux closed beta...

    Good to hear! What does S&S mean relative to list building? Know anything about the 2nd Ed -> 3rd Ed conversion from a materials perspective? Will we need to buy new cards, new counters, new app, or is it too soon to tell? I heard they took out the jokers, or at least tamed them down, is this heresy true?
  4. TheBeninator

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Who wants to start off the year right with some T9A this weekend? I propose the usual high noon at Dice Age, though I am open to other suggestions. There are only 2 short months until March to War, its time to start thinking up and testing those sweet lists!
  5. TheBeninator

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Deep Rock Galactic 4/5 You and three dwarf friends drill deep into an alien planet in search for exotic metals and stones in a futuristic setting. The game plays a lot like vermentide, with 4 unique classes which synergize very well with each other. The maps are proceduraly generated (therefore they are always random). The enemies are bug like creatures that crawl all over cavern walls. The entire environment is destructible and the game gets progressively harder as you level up. Awesome environmental effects such as earthquakes causing massive fissures to open under your feet. A match takes about 20 minutes or so to complete the objective and get out. Its pretty cheap, maybe $15, still in Alpha, but we have only experienced 1 glitch (for some reason you cannot map any keys to "p", no clue why). The graphics are simple and cartoonish, but still look great, the code appears to be pretty optimized so your old machine can probably handle it. Bonus: it has THE BEST ready room I have ever seen in any game, by a long shot. Downsides: The range of upgrades seems fairly limited, but that is likely due to the game development still in alpha. Most missions are a "resource collection and get out" which becomes a bit repetitive, thought with the changing environments, it always feels a bit like a whole new experience every round you play.
  6. TheBeninator

    Malifaux closed beta...

    According to the Wyrd Games website FAQ: When is M3E releasing? 2019.
  7. TheBeninator

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    A bit of pre-holiday battle anyone? This Saturday, noon, at a location of your choice. First round is on me!
  8. Oh, the dual OG list I heard about. Paper tigers they are Exciting!
  9. Oh Sweet, Alex is coming!! Josh too! Is Joe also from the Davis area? I'm bad with names...
  10. TheBeninator

    Sunday: The 9th! At Guardian!

    Ya know, for a second there, I thought you meant "the 9th age" - we must play. Total click bait Raindog!
  11. TheBeninator

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    Anyone interested in a post-turkey throw down? Any day this weekend, you name it, ill frame it.
  12. TheBeninator

    LF: Warmaster Empire Or Orcs & Gobs

    Well, if you are itching to start multiple collections at once there is enough Tomb Kings to build a full force here: It's a thing of beauty, but alas I am stubborn and really want individual miniatures to be fully compatible with T9A.
  13. TheBeninator

    LF: Warmaster Empire Or Orcs & Gobs

    Didn’t realize people still play warmaster. I concede my ignorance.