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  1. TheBeninator

    9th Age - March to War: The Poll!

    Where is the question about having a double's tournament (2v2)? Doubles! Doubles! Doubles! Doubles! Doubles!
  2. TheBeninator

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Can NMS be modded like Minecraft? I'm a huge MC fan, but only because of the mods to build massive automated networks, power plants, intricate logistical networks, and nuclear weapons. Vanilla MC is garbage once you get the sprinkles.
  3. TheBeninator

    Infinity Boot Camp: September 23rd!

    Erp, looks like this Sunday suddenly took a different direction. Still into the league tho! Thanks for putting this on!
  4. TheBeninator

    Infinity Boot Camp: September 23rd!

    I cant make it because I have folks in town, but I will try to get my co-worker to show up! Both escalation leagues sound great as my co-worker and I both have un-assembled models and a vague clue of how to play. Any chance you guys will be at WOW on this Sunday? I wanted to play a first game with my co-worker, and introduce him to the location and you fine folks. I totally understand if you have OFCC fatigue and/or special plans for the holiday weekend.
  5. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    I also want to extend my thanks to Steve, Thomas, Marietta, and Thiel for making the trek down and spending the high expenses it requires to participate from out of town, especially after I told you we would have a small turnout this year. I simply watched from the sidelines as you all self organized, decided on what terrain was, resolved edge cases, and provided an impeccable sportsmanship experience! Heck, even Thiel took the reigns and solved the puzzle for final round robin match ups (thank you Theil!). The games had all sorts of twists and turns, with huge comebacks, and narrow last minute victories (Cuatl punch!). As per usual, I only took about 5% of the pictures I wanted to take, but I will be posting everything I have somewhere and will let you all know. Also, CONGRATS to @Obsidiananubis for winning best painted! I failed to get you the metal before you had to head out (my apologies), but PM me your address and I will send it to you! I did not hear anything bad about the scenarios, so i'm taking that as permission to keep them fairly standard, but a little weird. I got a lot of great advice from other TOs about what to incorporate into next year, the poems are out, but other participation antics will be added.
  6. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Alright boys and girls, we are coming down the stretch for OFCC! I’m super excited, I hope you are too. Don’t forget to break out your poetic prowess and bring a haiku, or make it up on the spot! Ill be at the event on Friday, feel free to drop by and hang out, play some board games, whatever!
  7. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    9 victims right now. There are a few more potential offerings to the vermin gods.
  8. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Yeah! AND IF YOU'RE LATE!!! ill accept those too Id just prefer to do more than check lists on the eve of OFCC.
  9. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    @OrsonYep, what andrewgeddon said is right. Though we all like a well painted army, we like new players even more. You can also play my lizards too. You can bunk up in my hotel room if it makes everything work out. Let us know, one does not simply miss an OFCC and not regret it! @Yarbicus I’ll get the latest list and share it.
  10. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Grudge matches are totally allowed and encouraged!! What is not allowed or encouraged, is to allow AoS to have more players than us! They pulled ahead in tix sales, we must maintain our title! Anyone who purchases a ticket within the next 24 hours receives unlimited high-fives for the entire tournament. That's a $600 value, for the low price of one OFCC ticket! You'd be crazy not to buy now!
  11. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Watch him as he goes folks...
  12. TheBeninator

    Axis and Allies World War ONE Game Day AUG 4 2018

    Bummed I missed this one, how did it go?
  13. TheBeninator

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    This weekend is shot for me. This is the big pack and move weekend, because I simply cannot procrastinate any longer (due to laws and stuff).
  14. TheBeninator

    OFCC 2018 AoS Singles Tournament

    Rumors are for mills, JUST LIKE YOUR MINIS! I'm kidding, your minis belong on square bases, not mills. In the meantime, prepare to be out... err... ticket purchased!!
  15. TheBeninator

    T9A OFCC 2018

    we are sweetening the deal this year! Shogun miniatures was very generous and has donated fully decked out base/tray solutions for ofcc. If you have not heard me rant about this stuff before, I effing love it! We got some great Square solutions here, which are all part of the giveaway for prize support! Also, he threw in a bone for those circle base people. I’m paraphrasing a bit here, but he basically said “to not make the circle basing man children cry, you can give them these circle base magnets as a distraction while you enjoy your superior square base gaming system”. Who will take some of these bad boys home?!