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  1. Sume

    More Sisters News

    Let them keep rolling this stuff out. Makes me actually want to play my Sisters again.
  2. My Slaanesh demon army.
  3. Last year, I had a Petinent engine explode on me. Took me several hours after getting off work at midnight to repair so it was ready again. I have been there and still painting for other events before and pulling all nighters. This year. I should be done with a month to spare.
  4. Sume

    Tyranids for OFCC

    I dont know much about tyranids this edition expect I know I didnt care to face 4 flying hive tyrants.
  5. Sume

    Removing Primer

    Well great news. I picked up some Non-acetone finger nail polish remover. I made sure that it has no acetone. Since you dont want that. It got this really bothersome primer off. I was glad. I was willing to sacrifice a few models in an attempt to find what worked of course.
  6. Thanks Bryan. I know there was mention of other things like Khorne lords on Juggernauts. I was using Slaanesh as the example as I plan to be running mono Slaanesh demons. The mounted seeker hearlds are overall better picks then the ones on foot that did make it into the book. Thanks for answering and clearing that up as 8th and the keyword system so far has kinda made my head hurt as I am starting to learn to play it.
  7. Sume

    Removing Primer

    True. I settled on the fact that if I cant get it off some of these bothersome models. That I am not losing to much. Its around the volume of 100 cadians. I did plan to buy a command box or two anyways. Its not like I am losing to many. There is always the possibility to toss some camo netting, or green-stuff capes over the thickened areas. As its really just around the back and heads of a couple of these models. I prefer to use a primer I trust is why I been trying to get them back to bare plastic. I might just give a sample model a go and see how it comes out. Still I figure for some house sitting for 2 weeks of times. Getting around 100 cadians, plus a load of heavy weapon teams, 2 lemun russ, a chimera missing parts, and 2 sentials I dont like the weapon load outs on. Was a good enough payment. As my friend still owed me some for doing it back in December so I got his old orks to. That bunch I havent begun to catalog yet. As its up wards to 300 boys with some killa kans, def koptas, a truk, a buggy, nobz, a few warboss, and a battle-wagon. Since he has no desire to play anymore.
  8. I think the clarification is great. I think I am following you. I do still need to ask, as do others. What about models that have index entries only. Good example is the 3 mounted Slaanesh heralds. They where left from the demon codex for whatever reason. If I was to take these. I would not be going old school as I am using 2 sources? That or are you still considering it one source as long as the only thing I be using is the index heralds as they where not placed in the demon codex? I know 8th in a way seems more confusing in terms of the keyword issue.
  9. Sume

    Removing Primer

    Now I normally use simple green for my stripping needs. I am running into some highly stubborn white craft store primer. After several simple green baths. I just cant seem to shake this stuff loose. Most models its not to bad. As its thin enough to paint over. Its the ones that happen to got hit with a more thick coat or was to close. These are plastic cadian models. I rather not melt them. Any suggestions. Thanks all.
  10. I wonder the same thing. I have three of the heralds for Slaanesh still in the index. The mounted steed and the two on the different seeker chariots.
  11. Sume

    Stripping Paint from FW Models

    The keeper was in the undiluted green for a few days. I gave it a good scrub, then put it back in. In an attempt to scrub off most of the new gw black primer. I couldn't get it all off. End result is you would had never known I stripped the model. I find if I don't get it all off to what I want in one go. Just like Paxmiles. I will do a few baths. Usually leave in for 48 hours. It does loosen up the glue. Note plastic glue still will be welded to whatever you used it on though. I can post a picture of the keeper if you like. To see what I mean about you will never really know it was painted once then stripped. Only thing that might been noticeable was the cloth arm and leg parts. As that is the only surface I couldn't get quite back to resin.
  12. Sume

    Stripping Paint from FW Models

    I used simple green on my FW keeper of secrets. Turned out fine.
  13. Sume

    Now what? Buying Leman Russes!

    PM sent I ended up with some Imperial Guard from a friend. He has a Russ that I am sure fits that description.
  14. Hello. I am curious as how the Slaanesh demons play in AoS. Also what do I actually need to get if I was to use them. I know about the warscrolls from the site and see them in the brand new boxes of models. Other that I am pretty clueless. I am currently painting them up to use mainly in 40k. My back up plan is if I cant get a team formed or join one. I am going to go to the 2 day AoS event with them. As I really know next to nothing about AoS. Since it killed old warhammer in the Salem area. So I recently unloaded my Tomb King and Bret army. I am not looking to have a cheese army or anything. I thought it might need some mortal support. As I am going to be using renegade guard eventually when I use them for 40k. I really picked the demons as well I can play AoS, 9th age if I get proper movement trays to fit the round bases, or even 40k. Of course I always was a fantasy player first. Thanks all.