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  1. Looking for a Team

    This will be my third year hopefully. I had great fun with it. My first one was to help out a fantasy team for 8th. I really had a lot of fun. Last year I tried to get an entire sister of battle team going. Sadly one guy ended up having to drop, so we did fill up. It was 3 Sisters armies and Blood Angels. I am asking Kolby if he wants to go again, as he was letting me know last year he wanted to. He also had a friend that came up as a merc. I didnt catch his name. If Kolby gets back with me. I am sure we can all form up a team together.
  2. Looking for a Team

    Hey everyone. I am from the Salem area, and looking for a team. I am going to ask around Salem to and see if anyone wants to go. Last year I helped make Team Sister. It was my first experience being a Team Captain. With the captain picking the matches this year. I am not sure I would be a good pick for that. I am looking to bring Slaanesh Demons, with Nightlord allies. Maybe just pure Slaanesh demons. There is also Sisters of Battle. If I cant make up my mind. The for sure thing is. I want to go. If you need someone or want to help form a team with me. Let me know. I figure its never to early to start looking. Thank you all.
  3. I am thrilled for this event again. I am glad that I was able to help others make a team. I was the driving force behind trying to get an all Sisters of Battle team last year. I hope to get on a team this year.
  4. Bring me your Zombies! [and other bits]

    No worries. My offer on parts is still good if you need them. I can travel to Gresham also. The best day for me would be a Saturday or Monday. I can go and look for sure what I have. Let me know if still interested.
  5. Bring me your Zombies! [and other bits]

    I have not sure on exact numbers of imperial guardmen. A lot don't have arms. Several tk skeleton bits. 2 or 3 rhino flaps for the front. Part of a chaos mutation sprue. If I can find it. I can look at it and fine exact numbers. I am not sure what else you have for trade besides that list. I live in Salem if that makes a difference.
  6. Thank you for this event. I am glad that I refused to listen to the few bitter folk in the Salem area that did not like this event. I enjoyed it the two times I have gone so far.
  7. I am looking forward to the OFCC this year. I am going to need to bring my bits on Sunday. I am getting a ride with and dropped off for Saturday. Mostly so I know how to drive myself to the Hilton for Sunday. I got the TK sprues together. I found on them 5 skeletons still on sprue that are left overs, and 2 chariot drivers. There is upwards to 30 - 50 shields. Lots of spears, bows, quivers, and archer arms. Looks like a majority of the swords are gone, but there are morning stars, and axes left. Some stalker. and knight parts. Reaper metal scorpion. Marine parts are: 10 space marines with bolters. They look to been painted with the fang. All have bolters. I also got 10 looks like Salamanders with power spears, and some scout parts. Some scouts are still on the sprue and looks like 4 sniper rifles. Box of Grey Knight terminators that is missing some of the swords and hammer. Daemonette bits. Arms, and heads. 5x Stormclaw box set Space Wolf Terminators. For the Brets. I found 14 knights. 10 are on sprues. Also 2 Pegasus knights. Looks like 10 metal Tallarhan guard? I am not sure what edition they are, or what sup faction of Imperial guard. Firestorm armada Orshan box of ships. Harlequin and Skitari datacards. I am bringing this on Sunday. Let me know what to bring. I know for sure the TK stuff.
  8. Oh I forgot one of the options. I may need to get the combi sorkas also. I was planning to use the nobz boxes and the one that comes with the warboss that has the squig. I at least like the nobz look. I also have a box of Grey Knight terminators that is missing some of the swords and hammer. I took them as bits. These are also up for trade. Skitari data cards, harlequin book, with data cards, and I think physic cards. Since I am combing through stuff I have, and forgotten about. There is also the Space Wolf terminators from the Stormclaw box set. I will bring the Grey Knights and Space Wolf Terminators also along with what has been requested. Thanks all.
  9. Will do. Thanks. I thought I ask here before scrounging around Ebay. I am not to overly thrilled with the GW ork bodies. I was going to use Kroomlech's afrika corps bodies/legs, some of the greatcoats for burnas, the running legs, kneeling legs, and a variety of the heads. I didnt like the look of the arms. After much looking around at different sites and sprues. I think I will be able to make a good kit bash between the GW parts and Kroomlech. The Squiggoths sealed the deal for me to go I must have.
  10. Hello. I am looking for 40k ork bits. I apologize in advance if I am getting any of the terms wrongs. I never played Orks before. I am starting a project to make custom made Blood Axes for next year. The goal, every single, and I mean every single ork to look different, painting and parts. Quantity on basic parts like sluggas, shootas, and choppas is around 100. Most likely more then I do need. Looking for around 20 parts for rokkits. 20 burnas, and 20 or so stuff that has the combi-rokkits. Looking for loose legs also. Arm parts from the warbikers, and if possible nobz bikers be great. Nobz parts for arms, and extra bits be great. As far as trades go. I have a lot of extra TK skeleton sprue stuff still left. Bows, and spears mostly. I have if memory serves me right 4 to 5 Pegasus knights left that are assembled they are left overs from a ebay lot a few years back when I made my flying air force for the last ever Black Sheep Brawl back in 2015. I have upwards to 20 more knights of the realm/errand knights still on sprues and extra bits there. For 40k. I have 10 space marines with bolters. They look to been painted with the fang. All have bolters. I also got 10 looks like Salamanders with power spears, and some scout parts. Also 20 or so metal Imperial guard that I stripped, and 10 plastic Imperial Guardsmen. I also do have cash. I was going to the OFCC and thought I work out something Saturday night. I am from Salem, so I dont really know everyone face. I am going to be the player with the Sisters of Battle army that is flying old 2nd Ebon Chalice colors, and blood red tanks that will leave a Blood Angels player in envy. Thanks all.
  11. Is it me, or did anyone else notice the mold lines on this bridge or whatever it is. I didnt really even look at the dread when I saw the mold lines. As they drew my attention. I do think this dread is silly looking though.
  12. My team lost VonVikee due to some real life issues that cropped up at the last moment. Everyone welcome Spagunk to the team. He is bringing a Blood Angel force. Here is his list. I am going to also place in the first post if thats easier for people to find. Thanks all. Lost Brotherhood Strike Force : 1998 pts Command: Death Company Command: 130pts Lemartes (Warlord) - 130pts Core: Death Company Strike Force: 905 pts Death Company Chaplain - 150pts Relic: Gilded Crozius (25pts) Death Company - 235 8x DeathCompany Marines (20pts / marine) 1x Power Sword (15), 1x Plasma Pistol (15) Rhino (45) Death Company - 200 5x Death Company Marines (20pts / marine) 1x Thunder Hammer (30), 1x Inferno Pistol (15), 1x Power Fist (25), 1x Power Sword 5x Jump Packs (15) Death Company - 185 5x Death Company Marines (100) 2x Power Swords (30), 1x Power Fist (25), 1x Inferno Pistol (15) 5x Jump Packs (15) Death Company Dreadnought - 135 Blood Talons with built in Meltagun and Storm Bolter (10) Magna-grapple (free) Auxiliary - Archangel Orbital Intervention Force : 655 Terminator Squad - 225 5x Terminators (40pts/Marine) 1x Assault Cannon (20), 1x Chainfist (5), 1x Power Sword (15) Assault Terminator Squad - 215 5x Assault Terminator (40pt per) 3x Thunder Hammers/ Storm Shields (15), 2x Lightning Claws pairs(free) Assault Terminator Squad - 215 5x Assault Terminator (40pt per) 3x Thunder Hammers/ Storm Shields (15), 2x Lightning Claws pairs(free) Auxiliary - Rapid Assault Force : 310 Biker Squad - 158 3x Bikers (21pts per) 2x Gravguns (30), Combi-grav (10) Attack Bike (MultiMelta) (55) Assault Squad - 150 4x Marines (14pts per), 1x Veteran Sergant (24) 2x Meltaguns (20), Inferno Pistol (15) Drop Pod (35)
  13. Those without teams for OFCC 17

    Spagunk got my open slot. If I end up having a spot again. I'll let you know Peter.Cosgrove. I know how real life goes. I guess, maybe I should petition to get the team name changed to Mostly Team Sister.
  14. Those without teams for OFCC 17

    Thanks. I sent a message and waiting to hear back from evil bryan. Ya I was going to refrain from the potential joke(s) that could be made also.
  15. Those without teams for OFCC 17

    My team, had a drop out due to some real life issues. I am going to ask evil_bryan how to go about it for my team. This is the first time I ever been a team leader. If you are wanting a team, you can join with Team Sister. You may look out of place as we will be 3 Sister of Battle players, but hey we can say the Blood Angels are recent converts :P Anyways hope you do get to attend.