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  1. Hostile Battlefields

    So Storm Waring got used yesterday. Seems to work fine but might need a little fine tuning. Anyone give Hostile Battlefields a try yet?
  2. Long Shot Request: Plastic Squats

    Just too high tech looking for my idea of Imperial Guard troopers. Might use em as storm troopers if at all. The Dvergr I could find seem a bit too goofy. As for me I'm a long time Imperial Guard player. My common sense has long since been eroded and replaced with more lasguns.
  3. Long Shot Request: Plastic Squats

    Thanks for the recommendation. I might go there for some of the power armored units from the old Squats fluff. Sadly their lightly armored guys are a little too catachan for my taste and lack proper beards in most cases.
  4. Looking for Land Raider doors

    You in the Portland area?
  5. So I've been forced to trade off my old Steel Legion infantry due to the little buggers killing my back on long trips. As such I need some grunts for my Imperial Guard army and have been wracking my brain for some time. SQUATS! They fit all my fluff needs. Only problem is the plastics seem real hard to find. Anyone who dose find me some will be rewarded handsomely. Ether by cash or with a portion of the treasure trove of bitz I've gathered over the years. As much as I'd like unpainted and unbuilt plastic figures I know that will be hard but I am willing to offer 25$ for each group of 5 such figures. Painted and built figures will be negotiated for via PM on favorable terms. Anyone who can offer me a whole fresh "Space Dwarves" Box will earn a substantial boon of their choice so long as it is within my power to grant it.
  6. Hostile Battlefields

    Good eye PumpkinHead. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hostile Battlefields

    See you Saturday then. Also, has anyone give these a try yet?
  8. Hostile Battlefields

    I thought about it but I decided to ease up on it. The original draft of Ever Changing Landscape from 4th killed 1d6 models.
  9. Hostile Battlefields

    Hostile Battlefields A Set of House Rules By Barry Morganti Version 2.6 Special Thanks: PumpkinHead So someone said something supremely unwise the other day when I mentioned some old house rules I'd cooked up for much earlier editions. And I quote: "Wow That sounds like a great Idea. You should update them." And that naive soul is who you have to thank for the return of these nightmarish modifiers. Welcome to the Hostile Battlefields of the 41st millennium. Grab a D6 and see what trouble you'll find yourself in.... The Chart of Pain Vacuum-packed Mayhem Extremely Hostile Environment Rumble On The Bayou Storm Warning Tunnel Fighting Land of Mist & Shadow Vacuum-packed Mayhem Examples: Moons, Space Ship hulls & wrecks, Space Station Exteriors Moonwalkin': When a unit moves it may add 1d3 to its Mv Value OR ignore the -1 BS penalty for heavy weapons Cold Hard Void: Against units with the Infantry keyword any weapon with -1AP or better may reroll wounds. In Space There Is No Up Or Down: All players may have 1d3 units may enter play via deep strike. Extremely Hostile Environment Examples: Acid swamps, Magma Fields, Unstable Spacehulks Volatile Terrain: Roll 1d6 for each unit that moves in the move phase and each unit that charges in the assault phase. on a roll of 1 the unit suffers 1d3 mortal wounds. Distractions & Debris: All ranged attacks are resolved at -1 BS to a minimum of 5+. Ever Changing Landscape: For each piece of area terrain & blocking terrain on the table roll 1d6 at the start of round 3. On a 1 swap that feature with another of the opposite type. I.E Blocking becomes area, and vice versa. Units in area terrain that changes type are treated as exiting a transport and suffer 1d3 mortal wounds. Rumble On The Bayou Examples: Swamps, Sumps, Corps Starch Processing Fields An Unpleasant Situation: All area terrain is clear terrain and all clear terrain is area terrain. Up To Your Chest In It: Units in area terrain ALWAYS receive +1 to their armor saves & a minimum save of 6+. This cannot be negated. Slow Going: Units that advance must roll 2d6 and take the lowest. Charging units roll 3d6 and take the lowest. Storm Warning Examples: Blizzards, Sand Storms, Monsoons Can't See A Damn Thing: All ranged weapons suffer a -6 inch range penalty. Minimum range 12 inchs. Where The Boss?: Characters reduce the range of special abilities by 2 inchs. Trying To Stay Upright: Units cannot make more attacks than the number in their base profile. Tunnel Fighting Examples: Ship Interiors, Caves, Compact Hive Cities Yup That's The Roof: ALL attacks must have line of sight to their intended target. Someone Get Chad: Each player gets 3+1d3 Door/Barricade Tokens Which are ether Small(1-2 inchs across) or Large(up to 6 inchs) They then take turns placing doors.The tokens block movement and LOS and can be removed with a successful Melee attack if S 5 or higher or if the unit attempting the removal action has grenades of some kind. Transporter Mishaps: Deep Striking units roll 1d6 per figure in the unit on a 1 that figure takes 1d3 mortal wounds. Land of Mist & Shadow Examples: Misty Moors, Dense Jungles, Anywhere REALLY Dark Easy To Get Lost: Units in reserve must subtract 1 from their Reserve Roll. How'd We Get Here?: Assign a number from 2 to 5 to each table edge when deploying reserves then roll 1d6. The unit arrives on the designated edge on a roll of 2-5. On a 1 the opponent places the unit, on a 6 the deploying player may choose an edge freely. Unseen Things: Roll 2d6 for each unit in play and reserve excluding units with the Character keyword. On a roll of 2 the unit suffers 1d6 mortal wounds.
  10. [H] Horus Heresy Marines [W] $$$, Tyranids, Guard

    I have a IG army that needs paring down and you have HH era marine goodies. Care to do a little haggling?
  11. Return of Necromunda?

    Well this turn of events was unexpected to say the least. If you'll excuse me for a moment. ~Inarticulate maniacal hooting and jumping around ecstatically goes here~ I just might need to dust off my gang.
  12. New 8th Edition Starter box trade thread.

    I just got the loyalist half Know No Fear. Thing is my Cataphracii Terminator Captain is really territorial. As such Capin' Beer Gut is up for trade. Contemptor weapon options or a box of the Easy To Build Reivers would be great but I'm open to any sound offer.
  13. Done

    Looking to round out my 30k style space marine force and would like to know if anyone wants to go 50/50 on a box of BoP. I'll be happy to buy just the marines off anyone who has them. Built or base coated works fine. EDIT: Got the guys I needed. Thanks to ThatXboxGuy.
  14. WTF People Willing To Help A Cool Thing Grow

    Hmmmm... I'll see what I can do. I know lots of folks who would be willing to toss some scenery your way. You are a great guy and I really hope you get a little help. Scenario concept for you: Shrunk down to the size of tiny action figures your army & your foes must navigate a cluttered desk to find the maguffen that'll return them to normal. Shame its only works once.
  15. New 8th Edition Starter box trade thread.

    Looking for the Loyalist half of the box with rules if possible. Mainly the jump troopers. Have assorted SM & IG bits for trade right now including 20 guardsmen mostly unpainted and 2 Earth Shaker cannons. Cash will be an option next month.