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  1. Ok, so we had our first full team meeting, The name of our team is Silence of the Warp
  2. is there anything happening today/Thursday? We used to do stuff at GG on thursday is that still happening?
  3. Team name -Classified-, looking for a 4th to join Human, Chad and myself. Still haven't figured out what team name.
  4. Two things. When I made my team over again it gave me a free 100k. Should only have had 20k in treasury, not 120k. I put the two matches in with total winnings of 90k and it has me at 210k treasury. Tell me how to fix. Second, Weav I had a blitzer go up, can you roll dice for me for the skillings up of the blitzer.
  5. yep, that's done, it takes a while though. I think that they have to do it manually. It took like 2 hours before it came back.
  6. actually 1k 2v2 sounds quite nice. Should actually be a faster gamer too.
  7. Ok, question. This is a raw team build at 1000 points? So when I set the team in ordobowl I build a new team? Ok, made Fungus Amongus II, but it will only allow me to select the persistant league, no GG blitz league selection available.
  8. Weav/Burk can you redraft my nurgle team? I want to start playing friendlies with it.
  9. peter.cosgrove

    I am lost, where is the new/updated schedule?

    Got it, thanks.
  10. as per title. did I get a bye for first round? nm. Pretty sure I did. doesn't make sense otherwise.
  11. peter.cosgrove

    OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    I have a MNG on my roster. does that carry over to the new season?
  12. peter.cosgrove

    OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    Fungus Amongus, Orks Yes, 3 paints, Numbered and based yes No, not on facebook not a clue, need help if I have to be redrafted.
  13. peter.cosgrove

    Question for Daemon players regarding troops

    Cheap models/units that can tarpit and screen are, so far as I can see, are more likely being deployed in max model count. Models that can be used for board control, especially on deployment, are generally deployed as small as possible. 5 models on 25mm bases can span 13" and give you a 33" by 19" bubble to prevent deep strike.
  14. peter.cosgrove

    Overnight 40k League

    What day? Tue is OF at WoW, Wed is GG, Sat is Redcastle and Sunday is the league in beaverton/hillsboro
  15. peter.cosgrove

    Game Night 1/9 - WoW

    Looks like I need to head out.