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  1. 2 Day, 5 game tournament, Guardian Games Starting 10 AM Sat Feb 16,2019 20$ Pre-pay OF Store / 25$ at the door. Player max 36 players. Some under 21 tables will be available. Planned Dice up 1030, first game pairings first come/first serve, games 2-5 points ladder pairing. ITC Champions Missions 1-5, random deployment. Ticket Prize Draw/ Winner Choice off table. Win 3 tickets/Play 1 Ticket/Draw 2 tickets each Paint 42 point judging, top 3 get 5/3/2 tickets Player's Choice Paint/Presentation Top 3 get 5/3/2 tickets Sportsmanship judging, top 3 get 5/3/2 tickets Most Favorite Opponent, top 3 get 5/3/2 tickets. Questions/Comments/Concerns my phone is 503-957-7906 or PM me.
  2. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    you really had to have been there. The mission included this... deep strike mechanic from the asteroid field onto the space artifact from the 3 closest asteroids on that table edge. It took me 4 turns to get the tower close enough to the asteroids that everyone within 12 inches of it jumped off the asteroids to avoid the Explosion of Filth. The sparcity of the asteroids also meant that everyone was clumped up on the asteroids so on first turn I was able to drive it into enough imperium forces that I think nobody wanted to blow it up. The deployment on the asteroid field table also meant that we were able to deploy right next to eachother w/o a 24" neutral zone. I did get an odd look from one of the imperium players regarding the toughness descending modifier, but "It's made of wood" makes too much sense. Torg really captured the tower dynamic in the picture. Since it can't charge or advance it just.. trundled across the asteroids getting closer and closer.
  3. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    I think it was fine. I put it at 1300 points, 70 wounds, 10 firing ports, apoc transport rules, same weapons stats, same descending modifiers. Imperium could have easily killed it in the first turn, but waited till turn 4 to finally wipe it out. I wasn't paying much attention to the objectives, kill points or mission, was just trying to keep the tower alive as long as possible. The mission was actually rather intricate for an apoc game. Essentially the middle table was actually a no gravity asteroid field, so you had to asteroid hop to get across the board, only flyers could be in the spaces in between. So if you can imagine about 4500 ish points of Chaos against about 7500 points imperium playing hopscotch through an asteroid field in a bunch of terrestial vehicles with the end goal being to drop onto a moon sized space artifact that has warp portal technology to trigger a warp ritual that spawns chaos demon princes that is being guarded by an eldar army while orks and imperium are fighting to capture a spatially near space hulk and awaken it's capital weapon firing, loading, and tracking controls then that is almost exactly what we didn't do. Because what we DID do was turn the entire battle into a fearpit of complete destruction. Turn 5 I had 16 models left and evidently chaos still won. And Abaddon STILL didn't kill Robo Golo, mainly because we were playing cat and mouse across 4 feet of table.
  4. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    I'll get you Robo Golo My pretty! And yer little dog Chronos Too!
  5. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    Anyone mind playing against this at 1300 points instead of 1400? 1400 was a bit much in the last game. And change the Ramparts ruling to 10 fire points?
  6. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    Need to look at how the nurgle plague tower is pointed out again.
  7. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday APOC

    Fate and Fury, event starts 9:30/10ish in the AM
  8. peter.cosgrove

    OBBL Premiership Clausera rounds five and six...

    Should be the round 5 match.
  9. peter.cosgrove

    OBBL Premiership Clausera rounds five and six...

    How do I enter this in? I can see the upcoming match but editing is closed for match report.
  10. peter.cosgrove

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    Yep. Should be there shortly
  11. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday APOC

  12. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday APOC

  13. peter.cosgrove

    OBBL 2018 Clausera starts September 22 2018

    I have a match this weekend with Scott, Then I will be able to play TUE round 4.
  14. peter.cosgrove

    Black Friday... apoc? Interest

    What time at F&F do people show up?