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  1. OBBL 2018 Apertura information thread

    Fungus Amongus, Orks Yes, 3 paints, Numbered and based yes No, not on facebook not a clue, need help if I have to be redrafted.
  2. Question for Daemon players regarding troops

    Cheap models/units that can tarpit and screen are, so far as I can see, are more likely being deployed in max model count. Models that can be used for board control, especially on deployment, are generally deployed as small as possible. 5 models on 25mm bases can span 13" and give you a 33" by 19" bubble to prevent deep strike.
  3. Overnight 40k League

    What day? Tue is OF at WoW, Wed is GG, Sat is Redcastle and Sunday is the league in beaverton/hillsboro
  4. Game Night 1/9 - WoW

    Looks like I need to head out.
  5. 40k Thursday 1/4

    Play chris nathan.
  6. 40k Thursday 1/4

    chris, good to hear from you.
  7. 40k Thursday 1/4

    I can if you want. I can make either wow/gg/redcastle. Possibly PGS if that's closer for you.
  8. Ordo Game night 1/2 - at W.O.W

    Looking for a 40k game. Need to test one/two more missions for the league.
  9. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    I have drill.
  10. how does CHARACTER interact with indirect weapons?

    Understrength Units as defined in the main rulebook on Pg.242 may only be included within Auxiliary Support Detachments (Pg.245). Scratch Built Terrain: For this event there will be a minimum amount of terrain required on the field. At least 6 large scratch built terrain models giving eligibility for a cover save bonus need to be placed on field. First Turn: When both players finish deploying, they roll off. The player that finished deploying first gains a +1 to this roll. The winner of this roll gets to choose if they will go first or second. If the winner of this roll off decides to go first, the other player may attempt to seize the initiative, and on a roll of a 6+ they go first instead.
  11. how does CHARACTER interact with indirect weapons?

    We changed the rule to be "counts as" scratch built terrain giving eligibility for a cover save instead of ruins. The key remains to communicate before the game. If the terrain model is obviously ruins then the ruins rule applies, otherwise, if it doesn't look like ruins then it's scratch built terrain.
  12. 12/19 at WoW

    dammit chad. Ok, I have the 2nd mission for the 40k league ready for playtest. As well as the list of secondary objectives.
  13. List Review

    I'm just building a list to play with to learn the game using models that I have. No worries.
  14. List Review

    The AKAL, are you required to Airborne Drop them? Ok, the rules say you can choose to do so, if you want. And they generate an order that can only be used to conduct the AD. I really like how they use a more formative contextual english in the ruleset, it still has the necessary logic format for a ruling but it's much more understandable RAW/RAI
  15. List Review

    What an interesting system. Not sure how to make the website any better but, heh. Here goes. 300 points(297 pts) 2x NISSE w/ Multi Sniper Rifle 34/68 & 3 SWC Bagh-Mari w/ Multi Sniper Rifle 28 & 1.5 SWC Knauf w/ Multi Sniper Rifle 32 & 1.5 SWC 3x AKAL Commando w/ Combi Rifle 22/66 Singh w/ Combi Rifle 35 FATHER-Knight Lieutenant w/ Combi Rifle 44 BOLT Paramedic 24