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  1. looks like there was a friday ITC event posted for 40k...... now to see if I can get a list ready for it.......
  2. I am up for a 40K event of some type for Friday. I do not fly across the entire country to not have me entire time at OFCC packed with 40K...........
  3. Team Ordo East is making another trip across the US. Currently have 3 members confirmed...... Trying to convince a new 4th to come from the HI of O's.........
  4. I was going to respond with a lengthy explanation, but once I saw that you hunted down this place and just now joined looking for me to post and respond. Yes I did say that I would let people on Ordo Fanaticus know about the price haggle raising. I never said I would tell them not to buy from you, and I never did tell them not to buy from you as you see above. I have all of our communications and if anyone wants to read them they can PM me and then they can make up their own mind up.
  5. I got my hands on an old metal cannon and needed the metal Tech for it to go old school metal
  6. This is just for the bottom one in the pic with its pack and arms right?
  7. @Frowbakk What do you want for the bottom one. Craeat
  8. I am looking for the entire arms bits minus the shoulder piece for the following Avenger Gatling Cannon Rapid Fire Battle Cannon Thermal Cannon Thunder Strike Gauntlett I had a bead on them from a seller on Ebay (wesso.inc) but he had them up for make an offer but in the back and forth on the make an offer part his second counter offer was for more $ then his first counter offer and when I said hey you went up in price and I will pay your first counter offer price he said tough its now the higher price. IE: listed as 30.00 I offered 15.00 He countered with 18.00 I countered with 16.50 he just said no so I said fine ill pay the 18.00 he then countered with 25.00 then I called him out on it and after he told me tough I told him he was just being greedy and he called me angry / upset with the transaction from the very start and he will now cut his losses with me. so I told him that he just lost 75.00 worth of sales as I was gonna buying multiple items from him that were doing to offer dance on at the same time and he did this on all of them at the same time. So just you all just be aware....... Craeat
  9. Yup, I'll be at the helm of Team Ordo East again this year.......
  10. As the title says, I am looking for just the techmarine from the thunderfire cannon. Unpainted/unprimed. have moola. Craeat
  11. DING... exactly..... but I have seen people argue it only applies to stratagems because if they wanted it to apply to psychic then they would have said so........ *pulls more hair out* for the record I agree with you.
  12. Now this ruling has opened up the debate between my son and I on the same situation but instead of a stratagem to do it you use a psychic ability that does the same thing, removes them from the battlefield and set it up again.........
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