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  1. Shot you my German list on Saturday, and if you want me to top a table, I have all the kit packed and ready
  2. Do you need us tacoma folk to dress any tables? More than happy to support.
  3. Looks like we might have four from Tacoma coming down. We have some decent banter on our FB Page if you want to drop in any info. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2174479509464279?ref=share or search “South Sound (table top gamers of Tacoma)” once logged in
  4. If Ed and I were to build a table fully loaded at 6mm; could we collaborate?
  5. I know you guys have the points set for Dogs of War, but it might be an interesting adventure to align the points to the tournament listings to “proof” concepts for Enfilade. Just a thought.
  6. Do you think or can we confirm that future games will be at 85? That way i can get the new guys aligned to how others are playing.
  7. With Dogs of War using 85 points as the list requirement, is that going to be the standard for Enfilade and other venues? Is this a national standard or just a local point pick? I like to get the growing group up here to be synchronized to how the larger community is playing.
  8. Much obliged for the clarification. If I can make it, I will be running Desert Rats
  9. Desert Rats is obsolete? Is that just for this game or is that a FoW wide thing? Bummer if that is the case since that is $35 bucks of kit shot.
  10. Need a hero concept? https://m.warhistoryonline.com/instant-articles/joseph-beyrle-us-red-army.html
  11. I believe a couple guys from Tacoma are going. I have posted details to our FB page and there is some chatter. I will not be able to come due to child care issues.
  12. I will see if we can get some folk from the north to play. We might be able to get 3-4 to play.
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