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  1. I posted details to our FB page, hopefully I can get you a couple people. I will not be able to attend.
  2. Noland

    Facebook: South of the Sound

    Should be public and open acccess. Let me know if you need me to go back in an edit further.
  3. Ready to support Tanks Giving. Anyway we could get some loose details (period/ point estimate) so we could work on the recruiting?
  4. Noland

    Northwest Invasion

    Well, I have commitments in october over those dates, so I will see about getting a group together for Tanks-G
  5. Noland

    Facebook: South of the Sound

    Let me know if that works
  6. Noland

    Facebook: South of the Sound

  7. As an experiment to link to more gamers, Ed and I have a Facebook page called “South of the Sound (Table Top Gamers of Tacoma). The site is for all gamers to use, more people should generate more cross pollination of game interest. That is the theory that we are testing. So I am not going to stop 40k gamers from using it with the hope of drawing a couple of them in. By no means is this to replace this forum, just a quick way to connect people as we find them. Feel free to connect post and do as you need.
  8. Noland

    Northwest Invasion

    Are you guys in PDX looking to do the NW Invasion or is there something planned I am missing? I would be willing to come down if we planned it out far enough.
  9. Great tournament with excellent prize support. Thanks again to the RCDD for another great year.
  10. Off the wall request, does anyone have two rare earth magnets they would be willing to sell? It would seem that the logisticians at BF are continuing to do a bang up job on on not resupply stocks. I need two for Grant Turrets. Trade for $ at the tournament.
  11. I will be there, but I will pay at the door. Chapter President of Procrastinators of America
  12. 90% in, still working my calendar. If I can make it Imwill be playing Desert Rats book, list to be determined..
  13. I have piles of 6mm but nothing 15mm. I could field two companies from each side on a "kids table." Or I can spectate.
  14. Greatly appreciate the event. I had a great time and look forward to next year. Maybe I can get my dice out of first gear by then.