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  1. OFCC 2018 1 day Tournament

    Hope everyone saw the announcement. I will be hosting this years 2018 OFCC Kings of War Tournament. It is just a one day event on August 24th. 2000 point lists, event will have a high focus on sportsmanship. More details to follow. I wanted to post this to get a conversation going, as more details come out.
  2. Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018 Head of Gaming Submissions

    I like the idea of this
  3. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    I'll be there! Sounds fun. And will definitely be willing to help teach the game some if needed.
  4. Warhammer Day At Red Castle Games

    Woot to Red Castle, I live around the block, will definitely be a frequent visitor
  5. Interest in KoW at OFCC?

    I would be interested.
  6. New In Town

    Hello, I have been getting interested in playing form Kings of War as well. I live over in the Portland area. Wondering if I can get in on this group
  7. Anyone Playing?

    Is anyone in Portland still interested in playing 9th age. I haven't tried it out but have been getting interested after reading up on the rules and watching battle reps.
  8. 9th age battle reports

    Looks like a fun game. I have been looking into 9th Age some recently and am excited it is catching some traction. I watched some of OnceBitten360's battle reports too and the game seems like the game works pretty well. I still need to read up on all the rules, not just the main book but also for the armies.
  9. is there a scenario match tonight for just regular gaming?
  10. sounds interesting. Curious to hear the details about it.
  11. Battle report: Scenario 3 Dark elves vs Nurgle warriors of chaos Went with 8 was scrolls, min unit size. DE list: Dreadlord on Dragon Dark riders(5) Dark riders(5) Dark riders (5) Doom fire warlocks(5) Cold one knights (5) Cold one Knights (5) War hydra Nurgle list: Daemon Prince of Nurgle Orghotts darmonspew Chaos Sorcerer Warhounds (10) Warriors of chaos(12) Marauder Horsemen(5) Chaos knights(5) Putrid blightkings Turn 1 NUGLE 1 Nurgle got the first turn and ran like mad for the seed! The bog though did not see fit to favor Nurgle today, swallowing whole both the daemon prince and sorcerer. Orghotts took two wounds from the fountain waters and dissolved two Nurgle Knights. The Nurgle war horde ended their turn within inches of the seed. DARK ELVES 1 The bog saw fit to punish the dark elf raiders as well, swallowing a unit of dark riders and a unit of cold ones; leaving wide gaps in the battle formation. The Exiles pushed forward despite losing 1/4th of their warscrolls in seconds. The dragon took the seed after charging into the dogs, leaving only one brave hound holding his ground. The war hydra charged up parallel her lord, eating the marauders and breaking them. The dark riders took down one chaos knight with shooting while the cold ones fell over themselves on the hill. Turn 2 NURGLE 2 The bog this turn took down a few warriors in their advance. With short jabs and thrusts of his bloated arms Orghotts motioned for the lot to pile in. But one Orghotts made the charge, making combat with the dragon and dragging in the war hydra. The ensuing combat lead to Orgotts taking 6 wounds and him causing a few to the dragon lord. The chaos Knights pushed forward and engaged the weakened dark riders(from the bog), only to have one of their own taken down in combat. DARK ELVES 2 With the bog staying in remission the dragon lord motioned for his dark riders to screen him as he turned and quite the field as fast as he could with the burden of the seed. The hydra wept at her lord leaving and did nothing in combat. The cold ones advanced to cover the dragons retreat but their eyes were full of tears as well, making them useless in combat. Turn 3 NURGLE 3 Yet again Nurgle won the roll and finally made combat with the center of his force. The blightkings easily pushed the dark riders aside and the Warriors made good work of the cold ones. But the hydra, regaining her calm and rage, tore Orghotts apart. DARK ELVES 3 The game came down to one roll to see if the dragon lord could move without the bog swallowing him. He made the roll and was off the field. Ending the game The dark elves may of made off with the seed and killed the enemy general but at a staggering cost to troops and trust of leadership (as is the Dark Elf way). The scenario was fun to play but was brutal at times. Looking forward to next weeks scenario and another match.