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  1. gilgamesh

    Trident Realms + Undead Allies 2250, new to KoW

    Wo baby! those look great. What models are you using for the undead portion of it? Interested to see the rest of your build out. Any ideas of your paint scheme yet?
  2. They definitely make the best Kings battle reports. Lord Tremendous is also putting out fresh content and he has just started playing a Varanger army, learning as he goes.
  3. gilgamesh

    Portland Kings

    Hell yes I saw the event. Signed up already. if either of you want to get in a game, we are meeting on the 20th of May, Sunday. Everyone is laid back and don't play too competitively, so no worries if you are rusty. We meet up in Vancouver,WA. i live over near Red Castle, if you want to play a game here or there, and it's easier to get to.
  4. gilgamesh

    Trident Realms + Undead Allies 2250, new to KoW

    Warmachines are definitely hit and miss. They can be fun to use but just need to not rely on it to do something. Looks like you did a big swing to more undead. I like the list looks pretty punchy with all the hammers. You should try playtesting it and see if you like how it feels.
  5. gilgamesh

    Portland Kings

    I am curious who all plays Kings of War in the Portland area? I play with a small group who meet once a month but wanted to reach out and see if there are other people playing in the area.
  6. gilgamesh

    Trident Realms + Undead Allies 2250, new to KoW

    Looks like a fun list and an interesting mix of armies. A note about allies, the heros can't inspire accross lines and you can't use spells across lines. you could trade out a placoderm for ensarers, they are amazing sitting in a woods or behind a wall. The defender is a good choice, with his high def he can also hold up a regiment for a few turns, could give him a number of items. The zombies will be a good roadblock. Your necromancer should definitely be used to surge the wraiths. A neat trick with them, is to sit them just behind your lines and then after your placs get charged, fly the wraiths 10 over your and the enemy lines then use the nimble in the wraiths to do a 180. Then use surge to get a rear charge! Lightning could be useful for the necro as you wait/move up. the wyrmriders regen should help them along the way. a second knucker could be useful to get cross diagonal flank charges, and force your opponent into awkward choices, since they have large move. sirens are interesting but the pull spell is hard to pull off. You could combine it with the surge to get a flank/rear charge. hope that helps. You could maybe add some shooting, as you have a lot of your army that is very slow, but that is not needed.
  7. Very good point about playtesting lists. It is easy to cut out unit bases and try out a list. the Dwarfs have a few great formations! Agreed
  8. BONUS: Nightstalkers are very interesting and can be play very differently. Their units are all over the place and with Mindthurst and stealth they can act pretty independent. They tend to be smaller armies with units being more expensive overall. A army I have seen played with them is one made mostly of Fiends. The are very quick and hit hard. You could also play a slower army using scarcrows (like zombies) and have a few large blocks moving around. Overall I would say they are an army that has a lot of tricks up their sleeves (but not too tough), partially through army wide rules and funky units (like the Planar Apparition with Heal 7!!)
  9. You are correct about the armies changing over from Warhams to Kings. And correct again about the Sons of Korgaan being the chosen equivalent, they hit really hard but are a little slow. As for general army composition, the game is pretty open about it all. With some armies having a lot of Nerve (hordes), others that focus on shooting, and then others that may focus entirely on speed. The Sons of Korgaan will be able to get shot and and take some damage, but a lot of the game is about what you do after that first charge. So on counter-charging and maneuvering to fill in wholes in your line. That is when flank and rear charges can be made and change the game. That all aside, most armies will have mix of units: a horde or two, a few regiments, some cav, a few heroes, maybe a warmachine and a monster or two. Here is a few good rules to follow for 2250: -you want to aim for 1 source of inspiring per 500 points. This would be a hero (the skald/banner carrier) are the cheap option. Having a good amount of inspiring around means the lucky rolls people get on nerve tests will be kept in check. (banner carriers can also get certain items to let them fill a secondary purpose: diadam of dragon kind, lute of insatiable darkness). There is also an item that makes a hero inspiring if they aren't already like a wizard(inspiring talisman). -Build your army in groups that are able to support each other. So have a Sons of Korgaan regiment, with a Warband horde and a hero to inspire them. Ideally the horde will take the charge, your regiment will fank, your hero will. or have a cav heavy unit, with a mounted hero, and light cav troop. -have a way to deal with enemy units that are quicker then you. SInce all charges are fixed, if the enemy has more move, they will charge you first. You can get around this a few ways: have a unit to take the charge and counter charge (either knowing the unit is tough enough to survive the charge or expendable enough to not care when they die), have shooting to damage the enemy before they hit so less of a counter charge is needed, or have the fastest units. I didn't actually talk about how to build out the rest of your list but I hope that helps some. Here is an example of how you could. (night raiders are kinda too expensive for their output, but horse raiders can get bows and still are decent in combat) Warband reg warband reg Sons of korgaan reg Sons of korgaan reg Sons of korgaan reg Cave trolls Mounted Sons Reg Horse Raiders Troop Horse Raiders Reg Devourer (breath attack) Cheiftan (mounted) Skald Skald You have some points left over to add items in. The mainbattle time is all about the same speed but is very durable. And then there is more maneuverable cav group to place on flanks. I didn't stay with the inspiring rule I used, so you could add in a Magus with the inspiring talisman to have a little magic (maybe make one of the warbands a troop for points). hope that helps some
  10. gilgamesh

    OFCC 2018 1 day Tournament

    here we go. I also have the event details in a Facebook event, along with a hype video!! Kings of War 1500-point matched game tournament on August 24th, 2018. The event will be held at the Hilton in downtown Vancouver, WA. The entry Fee is $25, which goes to help support the event and the 2018 OFCC. There will be 4 matches in the afternoon, with a small break in the evening. The event will have a Twilight Kin theme but will otherwise have scenarios based on Clash of Kings 2018. We will be using the COK 2018 rules updates as well. Player scores will be based on the following: 50% battle, 25% painting, 25% sportsmanship. Painting: Credit will be given for having a painted army and then bonus points awarded based off level of painting. With a best overall voted for at the end of the day. Sportsmanship: Players will rate each opponent and vote for favorite opponent. Got Kin? Get in here! Schedule: 4 game sessions of 75-minutes each 8:00-1:00 Set up and open play 1:00-2:15 Game 1 15-minute break 2:30-3:45 Game 2 15-minute break 4:00-5:15 Game 3 5:15-6:00 Dinner break 6:00-7:15 Game 4 Awards
  11. gilgamesh

    OFCC 2018 1 day Tournament

    Hope everyone saw the announcement. I will be hosting this years 2018 OFCC Kings of War Tournament. It is just a one day event on August 24th. 2000 point lists, event will have a high focus on sportsmanship. More details to follow. I wanted to post this to get a conversation going, as more details come out.
  12. gilgamesh

    Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018 Head of Gaming Submissions

    I like the idea of this
  13. gilgamesh

    Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    I'll be there! Sounds fun. And will definitely be willing to help teach the game some if needed.
  14. gilgamesh

    Warhammer Day At Red Castle Games

    Woot to Red Castle, I live around the block, will definitely be a frequent visitor