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  1. One of the niche things that i love about infinity are the patches. I've talked to our local game store owner and he kinda likes the idea of a patch for the store, and with the recent white noise competition, i was interested in where you guys get your patches made/produced? I seen them for the tournament that was in the brewery (name escapes me), and i thought they were badass. thanks for any info you might be able to provide. John
  2. not a local, would shipping be a problem?
  3. bunkbess20

    Black Friday

    Anyone heard if they are going to be doing their black friday deals like they did last year? I remember seeing all the good deals that people got and was hoping to get some myself this year.
  4. we have a stepping of points laid out yet.. wanna try and match the list to models i focus on painting this leauge.
  5. i wont be there this saturday, id be down to play how ever. Glory the the EI and the CA!
  6. will there be any specific items like dice or patches for the infinity event? Some of the guys are coming out for that and id like to make sure i get some if so.
  7. bunkbess20

    CB News

    dont know if it was brought up but at the seminar he said that one of the aleph models had a new ability to upload its BS to the remote.. very interesting at bs 13. and a brawlers box is also coming as well he said.
  8. whats been up fellas.. summer is here and sporadic attendence for myself has been an issue. What have all you guys been up to? Working on anything? Paint anything?
  9. i am unfortunatly not coming this year ive got small children and the cost to come out would be something that id have to save a while for. I am hoping to come at some point in time but not this year.
  10. Combined and Pan-O currently.. awaiting to see what gencon brings.. there could be new toys that i wont be able to resist.
  11. yea man i play with the guys in Ohio.. longtime lurker haha really like the progress of the topic usually part of my morning reading!
  12. those are some awesome tables! I am jelly of all the patches. Where do you get the patches made at?
  13. sorry i wasnt able to make it down to play, looked interesting though.
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