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  1. That sucks. I would have kept my $10 and not signed up if I had been aware of that going in.
  2. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    Well who won? How many players died? Was there any crying involved?
  3. Ticket purchased. Awaiting backrub.
  4. Random Photo Thread

  5. I have seen this around a few other places and really wish I had the money to spend and the desire to play Chaos Dwarves because I LOVE the models.
  6. Couple quick questions. Do friendlies count towards the re-draft budget? If yes, what is the deadline for playing friendlies for this season? End of regular season, end of playoffs, other? EDIT: Rerolls & Apothecaries have to be re-purchased right? I don't see a specific mention of them in the DZ book.
  7. OBBL season two schedule - updated 9/3

    So is this the last set of games for the season or is there one more?
  8. New FAME+2 episode this week!

    Listened to both episodes at work today. Very good stuff, can't wait for another episode; though feel free to cut me from the Spike! recap.
  9. Fixed. :D Was a great time and looking forward to next year.
  10. Tempting Kickstarters

    Fantasy Football accessories; coaches, apothecaries, cheerleaders, etc.
  11. Kickstarter for some pretty cool team accessories I have come across. Ball boy, apothecaries, head coach, cheerleaders.
  12. Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

    Tabletop blood bowl is best blood bowl, but any blood bowl is good blood bowl.
  13. OBBL season two schedule - updated 9/3

    Vampires again? Schedule seems fine to me.
  14. Season 2 friendly

    I'll see you at 4ish at White Owl then.