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  1. Recommended Dark Elf starting build

    Your second sentence cancelled out the brilliance of your first.
  2. Recommended Dark Elf starting build

    Too much AV7. If you plan on getting Witches eventually that gives you 4 AV7 on the team. That and Runners are borderline players anyway. I don't like 1 RR starts. You know you are going to buy more later, and they will be more expensive which feels like a waste of money. It also makes it hard to play aggressively enough to win, imo. I started a Wood Elf team with 1 RR and struggled for the first bunch of games. I didn't even want to attempt a Leap because I only had 1 RR I would need for something else later. There is also an argument to be made to ignore the Runner, especially if you are looking for peak efficiency. They are AV7 and you shouldn't be throwing the ball much so losing their Passing skill access shouldn't be that big of a deal. That said they are fun and I would take one. I like 4 Blitzers *required* 6 Line Elves 1 Runner 2 RRs Apo first buy, then a Witch. Then Witch or 3rd RR depending on personal opinion and state of the team. I wouldn't replace any Line Elves who were fired/deaded until after the first Witch, struggle through with Loners. Replacing any missing Blitzer is #1 priority always.
  3. League roll call

    Doo eeet
  4. League roll call

    I second the motion for dark elves.
  5. League roll call

    I am planning on playing in the Premiership, but don't know which team yet; either existing Lizards or new Wood Elves. Lizards are in Ordo, non-existent elf team is not.
  6. Tentative league start

    I don't do anything except play Blood Bowl and Elder Scrolls Online so whatever.
  7. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    Which was the right move based on the rules at the time. If we can get back to the rule set that has been play tested for hundreds of thousands of games instead of something GW pulled out of their a**es to sell some books we won't have to worry about it though.
  8. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    It is in one of the Death Zone books. No one noticed it until weav found and mentioned it during the Founders Cup. I can almost see a justification for it when you could spend freely out of your Treasury with the other team not getting anything in return. A rich team just buying a Star Player for a playoff game could be troublesome. Now that we should be back to the CRP Petty Cash system there isn't any way to abuse it and the terrible new rule should go the way of the dodo.
  9. 2018 OBBL Coaches meeting 1-7-2018

    In light of the Inducements clarification GW has made (that I posted earlier today) I would like to propose we go back to the CRP Petty Cash/Inducement rules. That would also let us get rid of one of the worst of the stupid new rules, which is that you cannot hire Star Players or Mercenaries for Playoff games.
  10. http://www.sann0638.co.uk/ruling-on-inducements/ So apparently back in November GW explained how Inducements are supposed to work these days and it is exactly like they worked in CRP.
  11. Elheim Eagles

    Just came here to post this.
  12. Wow I just noticed how cheap this one is. €55 ($64US) for the entire team: Tree, 2 War Dancers, 2 Throwers, 4 Catchers and 6 Line Elves with a 7th coming as an almost guaranteed stretch goal. You could get the entire team and 4 star players: Dolfar, Jordell, Eldril, and Zara/Karla for under $100.
  13. I backed the Iron Golems Wood/Pro Elf Kickstarter a few months ago so no more Elves for me, but I like these from Willy.
  14. Random Photo Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/zX8Oei3.gifv I can't figure out why it's not linking the image directly or how to delete the post.