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  1. Elheim Eagles

    Just came here to post this.
  2. Wow I just noticed how cheap this one is. €55 ($64US) for the entire team: Tree, 2 War Dancers, 2 Throwers, 4 Catchers and 6 Line Elves with a 7th coming as an almost guaranteed stretch goal. You could get the entire team and 4 star players: Dolfar, Jordell, Eldril, and Zara/Karla for under $100.
  3. I backed the Iron Golems Wood/Pro Elf Kickstarter a few months ago so no more Elves for me, but I like these from Willy.
  4. Random Photo Thread

    https://i.imgur.com/zX8Oei3.gifv I can't figure out why it's not linking the image directly or how to delete the post.
  5. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    I gotta pick my parents up from the airport at noon so won't be there
  6. Spike! 2018 dates are official!

    Any chance of a quick summary for those that don't use Facebook?
  7. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    What hours will the clubhouse be open?
  8. That sucks. I would have kept my $10 and not signed up if I had been aware of that going in.
  9. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    Well who won? How many players died? Was there any crying involved?
  10. Ticket purchased. Awaiting backrub.
  11. Random Photo Thread

  12. I have seen this around a few other places and really wish I had the money to spend and the desire to play Chaos Dwarves because I LOVE the models.