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  1. Will all of these new inducements and star players be consolidated anywhere? I have DZ1 & 2 but none of the other 800 documents that add rules to the game.
  2. Im in with a brand new Wood Elf team. I will get it created in OrdoBowl sometime soon.
  3. Hey everyone! I am not sure if I am going to be joining the next league season but I wanted to acknowledge the mention and that I am putting some serious consideration into it, just not sure I'm up to it.
  4. sbr

    Newb Start

    I just use cheap ponytail bands. You can get a pack of 50 with 5/6 different colors for just a couple of dollars at Fred Meyer or whatever.
  5. sbr

    OBBL 2018 Apertura Playoff Picture

    I hate to be the guy to give up a playoff spot but I'm gonna have to this time.
  6. Bummed not to be going, have a fun and safe trip.
  7. Unfortunately as much as I want to make the trip I DO NOT want to play Blood Bowl. And I am not nearly as committed to the gag as Rogre. I do reserve my right to change my mind until the last second.
  8. Congrats! AG5 is just ridiculous.
  9. sbr

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    Y'all need a better embedded reporter for your next mission.
  10. sbr

    Comixininos order

    I was not at all happy with star player miniatures communication. I like some of their models but I'm not sure if I would order from them again. Though eventually I got everything I wanted and they weren' that late.
  11. Are non-GW models allowed? If yes, are non- painted models allowed?
  12. I am planning on going.
  13. sbr

    OBBL Rounds Three and Four

    Excellent I'll see you there
  14. sbr

    OBBL Rounds Three and Four

    Hey @kb10r you available on Tuesday?