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  1. There's a slim chance the old lady and I will be in town sometime in early October. I'll know more specifics later on this month. Depends on if her hotshot crew's fire season extended on fires (like in TN last year) or sent to help with hurricane relief... But I'd like to try out some TY. Don't have a full force, likely won't by then either, or ever... I'll keep you all updated...
  2. Josh

    Team Yankee Firestorm Ends 9/19

    It's been fun to see the progress as an observer, even if what's going on is sorta vague. Wish I coulda played in it, but I own more than half of the TY models in Humboldt County and I don't know who owns the display models in the LGS...
  3. Just pointed out a Rifle Company/TD force, and my god, the horde I could create. Templates, TDs, and MGs everywhere...
  4. Josh


    It looks fun! I really liked the ACAV lists in the previous version. Would be cool to see USMC, and Green Berets too. I'd like to try painting tiger stripe...
  5. We'll see...she can be a bit stubborn, especially since by the time she gets back she'll have a full season as a R5 Hotshot under her belt (she's out of Roseburg, left me in squalor in Humboldt). She wears the pants now... If we can commit I might be able to bring 50 points of painted West Germans. I like playing with my own stuff.
  6. I think the suggested basecoat color was a little odd too. But then I realized that it might be the color of the 'drops' that they're emphasizing over the base color of the uniform. A mostly light beige mini would look odd. I'd maybe mix a little Iraqi Sand into the base color, if I ever get around to doing any DDR stuff (which I should, I have two of the Soviet starter boxes sitting around doing nothing).
  7. I'm a distant maybe. My girlfriend wants to go to New Orleans for Halloween when she's done with her firefighting season. Maybe I can talk her into Portland instead.
  8. I'd be interested to see how the Rifle Company plays. In V3, it was horde-y, but still packed an effective punch. In V4, I could see myself not even bothering to get into assaults since the GIs have a 5+ assault rating (why in gods name, why?!!!). Dig in within shooting range of whatever it is, shoot it until it dies, and then move. Time allowing. I might be bothered to paint up even more Shermans, Stuarts, and M10s for MW. I like the yellow markings. My US armor was built in the V3 Late War glory days of BG&G before the Patton nerf. I only used it once, and it was goddamn glorious...
  9. No M5s in this book. They didn't have much of a presence in Tunisia.
  10. The Armored Recon Platoon hasn't changed organization, it looks like. It's from the Divisional recon asset. I am glad they made a 60mm mortar jeep model though. Too bad I already have two platoons. They're actually pretty badass little platoons. Cheap, and festooned with MGs. I have done good work with them.
  11. Josh

    V4 FOW thoughts

    True, but if you want things we used to get for free in the books, like Panzerknackers, armored car companies, and pioneers, etc., you have to make a separate transaction now. And that doesn't sit well with me.
  12. Josh

    V4 FOW thoughts

    Been playing FoW for ten years, and this is the most confused I've been about what I actually need to play a new version, ever. They way it was rolled out and the whole card thing of "you don't need them, yet everyone has them and it helps, just go ahead and buy them" and the crappy lists and slow release sorta killed it for me. The US is being introduced, which will help me a lot, since I'm not cool and don't have a desert army but Tunisian Tigers, a list which also was binned (for some odd reason). Got tons of Americans though.
  13. We'll keep it in mind.
  14. I was really surprised and disappointed that the USMC got tossed in the mix before the Armored Cavalry, the guys who, ya know, would have been shooting at the Russians first.
  15. If you guys have a TY Tanksgiving event, we might plan our annual Portland trip around it...