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  1. [Bland Title] Infinity Blog

    @Andrewc, it's on like Donkey Kong 😅
  2. Raindog's Rampage

    For the FO points and reroll bonus portions of Doctor Doctor, can I achieve it with Spotlight or must is be completed by a FO for it to count?
  3. Raindog's Rampage

    Womp womp, back to the drawing board 😂
  4. Raindog's Rampage

    Is retreat an end condition for any of the 4 missions? I am referring to the fact that some missions in ITS end at the end of the player's turn who goes into retreat and some do not.
  5. Raindog's Rampage

    @Raindog, Awesome! Thank you for the clarifications 😊
  6. Raindog's Rampage

    @Raindog, ok last one... I promise? In Escape if a model has gone Dogged can it still escape prior to Dogged kicking in and killing it at the end of the turn? So it would still count towards your Victory Point count during scoring?
  7. Raindog's Rampage

    @Raindog, one more quicky... Is Confused Deployment (the PH-3 deployment outside of DZ modifier from Biotechvore) implemented in Escape? Assumption is yes, but wanted to confirm.
  8. Raindog's Rampage

    @Raindog, just two quick verifications question. 1) The above special rule only applies when the civilian is in the Targeted state, correct? Meaning at the end of you turn you no longer with receive the re-rolling boon unless you re-forward observe that civilian on a future turn. Or is it truly associated to forward observer, so even after forward observing a civilian you will receive that boon for all future turns on that model 2) If a civilian gets forward observed multiple times in a game (or a turn for that matter) does that count towards the FOing of more civilians or is it a one and done?
  9. Raindog's Rampage

    Are we going to get to see the 20pt checklist ahead of time or is it going to be a surprise? I am cool with it either way, but knowing the list ahead of time just means I should wait on list generation 😅
  10. Raindog's Rampage

    I plan to be there as well... Don't want to miss this event Alex Sinkowski
  11. Infinity the Game resources

    Updated missions to match v1.1 PDFs... https://sites.google.com/view/infinityconnected/its-season-9
  12. Infinity the Game resources

    Alrighty, spelling error has been corrected people will no longer be trying to play R-E-S-U-C-E! Let me know if you find any others... My initial build on these was done at like 2:00 am, so I wasn't as coherent as I should've been
  13. Infinity the Game resources

    I will try to get that fixed in the next patch... Thanks 😊
  14. Infinity the Game resources

    I do what I can 😉
  15. Infinity the Game resources

    Excitement for all ITS Season 9 and Dire Foes missions have been posted in webpage format on Infinity Connected!!! https://sites.google.com/view/infinityconnected/infinity-missions/its-missions-season-9 https://sites.google.com/view/infinityconnected/infinity-missions/missions-dire-foes Enjoy!