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  1. Just seeing what others are up to this week. I know I've got a SAGA game with @Koyote, but was curious with all of the Hamsters getting the rest of their Zombicide: Green Horde kickstarter goodies if you wanted to hold off on our SAGA game and do a Zombicide game with all of our new toys? However, if your heart is still set on SAGA we can do that as originally planned.
  2. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters 6/5

    I'll be doing SAGA again if anyone wants to play with me.
  3. SigurdBC

    Hamster Tuesday

    I’ll be playing SAGA 2.0 with Shawn.
  4. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters Game Night 5/22

    Well looks like SAGA won't be in the cards tonight. I think I'll bring some board games down if Eli and others are interested.
  5. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters Game Night 5/22

    Hey guys I'll be looking for some SAGA action tomorrow evening. I don't know if my rulebook will be in before tomorrow night, but if someone has theirs then we can get together and figure out the new system. I'll be bringing my Normans and we'll have some fun.
  6. SigurdBC

    From the personal collection of Robin Williams

    I didn't need another reason to love Robin Williams, but I guess I have one now. He's always Man of the Year in my book.
  7. SigurdBC

    Hamster Alert 4/10

    I'll be there for the next round of TNT, and I may be trying to get their earlier to make sure I get in two games since I only got one in last week. I think Sherbert and Jim will be trying to get there earlier so we'll see what we can make happen.
  8. SigurdBC

    My 40k Playlist

    Imperial Knights: I Stand Alone by Godsmack It could work for Space Marines/Space Wolves, but the notion of a single Knight holding back an entire army of Orks, Chaos, etc. fits more with the song imo
  9. SigurdBC

    Warhamster game night Tuesday 4/3.

    I'll be there for the TNT kickoff. I hope to not lose half my warband in the first game <crosses fingers>
  10. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters 3/27 Night o' Games

    I'll be around for a TNT demo game with whoever's around.
  11. SigurdBC

    Warhamster game night 3/20

    I've got a 40k game with Kai. Time to try my Primaris out for the first time.
  12. SigurdBC

    Bham Game Night 3/13

    Yes we are a go. I’ll be there around 6 to set up. Looks like for right now it’s just us, but more people are welcome to join us if they want to.
  13. SigurdBC

    Bham Game Night 3/13

    Hey folks! I'm looking for another round of Zombicide: Green Horde. Who want's in? Barring no interest, I'll have my 40k stuff with me since I've got some Primaris Marines to try out. What's everyone else up to?
  14. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters Night of Games 3/6

    I will be bringing Zombicide: Green Horde again in the hopes that the survivors fair better than their last encounter where they were systematically devoured by the undead orc hordes. If anyone would like to join me in this daring endeavor I'll be there shortly before 6 to set up and have fun.
  15. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters Game Night (2/27)

    Still looking for more for Zombicide if you're interested.