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    It's time to sing a saga...

    Yeah I spotted that while I was editing and thought that it was too funny that I'd written that and just left it in
  2. SigurdBC

    It's time to sing a saga...

    I was inspired following my previous saga to sing about my warlord in the game, Arjac Rockfist, and his Wolf Guard going up against none other than Abbadon the Despoiler himself in a pretty darn epic duel. Sorry if it's a bit long, but I got caught up in the fun details. Enjoy! Arjac stepped into the teleporatrium, the heavy ceramite boots of his Terminator armor resounding loudly off of the ship's walls. A squad of Wolf Guard likewise clad in the hulking relic armor of the chapter joined him. Most of them wielded a singe wolf claw with the last brother in line hefting a chainfist. The pack leader Leif Brokentooth raised his power sword in a salute to Arjac indicating that his squad was ready. Arjac acknowledged the gesture and told the crew members manning the controls to activate the teleportarium. There were hundreds of years of battle experience between the Space Wolves in the room. All had executed this maneuver countless times like Fenrisian wolves closing in for the kill. Arjac closed his eyes and let the bright light of the teleporter envelop him. Sounds of gunfire and explosions of heavy ordinance assaulted Arjac's sense all at once. It seemed the strike force had brought their Black Legion foes to battle. The traitors would be dealt with in short order. Quickly scanning the surrounding battlefield, it became apparent that the fight was not going well for his battle brothers. He could see several battered packs of Intercessors hiding in cover, returning fire on the traitors. Wrecks of two Dreadnoughts could be seen in the distance. They had likely taken many heretics with them before they joined the Allfather, thought Arjac. Through the battle haze he glimpsed a lone Aggressor charging through the smoke, his armor pocked and scarred by what looked like bolter rounds, shouting curses and battle cries as he went. With a bellow, the lone warrior engaged and destroyed an ebony colored tank. "Well struck brother," said Arjac over the vox, "Now it's my turn". With that Arjac spotted a squad of Chaos Space Marines taking refuge in a nearby ruin. They hadn't spotted Arjac or his terminator brethren yet, so intent were they on bringing death to his embattled brothers. "Forward brothers. Let's give these Black Legion scum a taste of Fenrisian might." With his Wolf Guard close behind, Arjac charged the ruin. The first two marines didn't see him coming until it was too late. Arjac's first swing of Foehammer crushed into the nearest marine's arm, crippling it. The second decapitated him. The next Black Legion soldier attempted to shoot Arjac point blank with his bolter. Arjac's Anvil Shield easily absorbed the round while he brought Foehammer under his opponent's guard and caved in his breast plate. The warrior did not rise. "So the leader of this flea bitten band has finally shown himself. I was beginning to think there weren't any more of you to kill." Abbadon the Despoiler, warhamster of the Black Legion, and the architect of the fall of Cadia rounded the closest wall of the ruin. Light from battlefield explosions and bolter fire reflected off of Abbadon's warplate. In one hand he held the ancient relic, the Talon of Horus, and the other his infamous daemon blade Drach'nyen. With a voice dripping with contempt and derision he smirked, "None of you will leave this planet alive. Your head will the first of many I claim today for the Dark Gods. You serve a carrion God on a rotten throne. Let me see how painful I can make your death." Abbadon advanced swiftly on Arjac, bringing his Talon to bear. Arjac saw the blow coming and blocked with his shield, Foehammer knocking aside the daemon blade as it swung next. "Is that the best you can do pup?" Abbadon chided. "No, but how about this?" retorted Arjac, pressing in to deny the Warmaster room to swing his weapons. Bringing Foehammer down in a wide arc, Arjac battered the traitor's Talon aside and landed a telling blow on his foe's chestplate, crushing the black ceramite. Abaddon gave a small grunt, but maintained his aura of superiority, "Well it seems you have some skill, dog of the false emperor. I will still have your head." "I think not." retorted Arjac matter of factly, and their duel resumed. With battle cries to shake the mountains of Asaheim, Arjac's Wolf Guard brethren joined in the combat. Seeing their leader fighting against none other than the Warmaster himself, they had spurned themselves on to come to his aid. Leif struck with his sword first, which met Drach'nyen with full force and held the weapon in place. Two of the other battle brothers landed blows with their wolf claws but failed to pierce the ancient suit of armor. Abaddon casually ducked the chainfist which swung wide as a result. "Can't defeat me yourself?" Abaddon chided, "I will show you what true might looks like." The opening his battle brothers gave him was all Arjac needed. A flurry of blows from Foehammer rained down upon the arch-heretic. One by one, they were met by either talon or daemon blade. All but one. The last rocketed past Abaddon's guard and struck him on his exposed head. The traitor's head exploded outwards, raining gore upon the Wolf Guard surrounding Arjac. "I hope this washes off," uttered Leif, "It looks like he should have worn a helmet."
  3. This is the saga of Ranulf Stonefist, an Aggressor sergeant, who was a true hero of the Chapter in my first game of 40k in months along with my first game using the new SW Codex. Enjoy! Ranulf Stonefist stood ready and waiting for the traitor marines to appear. The strike force had made planetfall the previous day, but had yet been able to bring the heretics to battle. Today, Ranulf felt, they would run their prey to ground and force him to fight and die for their past sins against the God Emperor. He checked his boltstorm gauntlets for what seemed like the thousandth time, knowing that they would not fail him thanks to the benedictions placed upon them by the Iron Priests of the chapter. Aelf Stormpelt, the strike force's Rune Priest, suddenly cried out, "Black Legion on the horizon!" Sure enough the black silhouettes of the chaos marines could be seen cresting the rise. Without pause, a deafening roar erupted from the traitor's lines as massive reactive bolter fire rained down upon Ranulf and his packmates. First one then the other fell to the heretic's fire. The ever present wolf inside of Ranulf reared back its head and let out an cry of anquish and vengeance for his fallen packmates. The blood rage started to creep into Ranulf's senses. His vision began to turn red and he felt his body tense and flex inside his Gravis armor. "They will pay! THEY WILL ALL PAY!" An enemy Vindicator surged forward from the Black Legion lines and made its way toward the center of the Space Wolf lines, seeking to bring destruction upon the Sons of Russ with its main cannon. Ranulf would not allow this. He yelled, "I claim you for the Emperor! This day is the last day you stand against my Chapter!" Surging forward, his servos whirring to improve his speed, Ranulf closed quickly with the siege machine. The traitors seeing his swift advance targeted him with their bolter fire. Most of the rounds bounced off of his Gravis armor with one round piercing his side. He didn't care. The driver, seeing his error at coming too close to the Space Wolf lines, tried to run with the tortured machine spirit of the vehicle screaming in protest. "Not fast enough", muttered the Aggressor. He swung his gauntlet, activating its power field mid-swing, and connected with the Vindicator's side crushing the black metal. Again and again he swung, bringing destruction to the thing that would seek to harm his battle brothers. The driver finally succeeded in pulling away, but the ruined tracks of the tank wouldn't allow him to outrun a Son of Russ who knew his prey was cornered. With a burst of speed, Ranulf caught the tortured, crippled steel beast and with a final strike of his fists reduced the siege machine to a smoldering wreck with black smoke bellowing from all sides. "For Russ and the Allfather!" bellowed Ranulf, "Death to the servants of Chaos!" Feel free to add your own Sagas below
  4. SigurdBC

    Hamster Game Night 8/28

    I know we've got Joey's Infinity League kicking off on Tuesday, but I just wanted to offer to those who are not playing Infinity this week to come join me in playing some new board games, Smallworld and/or Takenoko. Both should be fun, and if all else fails I'll be around for Saga as well.
  5. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters 8/21

    Sounds good. I don't have my Crusaders dice but I can make it work. Or I can play Poland. Cya about 6.
  6. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters 8/21

    Hey guys what's everyone up to tonight? I finally got my Age of Crusades SAGA book in, although my dice are lagging behind so I'd be up to try the new book out. I also picked up two new board games for my birthday last week, Smallworld and Takenoko, if anyone would want to play those with me. Anyone interested?
  7. SigurdBC

    Sweaty Hamster Game Night 8/7

    Hey guys I'm feeling like some Zombicide. Who wants in? We can even go for a Stranger Things theme if we wanted to. What's everyone else up to?
  8. SigurdBC

    7/31 A hämster once bit my sister.

    I'll be around for whatever. Saga, board games, etc.
  9. SigurdBC

    Tuesday Night Hamster Fight 7/24

    I'll be there for Saga, probably with Shawn and possibly Jake. Otherwise, I'll be around for board games.
  10. I'll be around for SAGA. I think @Scipiano expressed an interest in getting a demo game in and I would be happy to oblige.
  11. SigurdBC

    Warhamsters 7/10 Game Night

    I think @Koyote and I are Sagaing tonight, but I'd be up for a board game if that falls through.
  12. SigurdBC

    Hamsters Game Night 7/3

    Glad to hear it gentleman. I'll be there around 6 to start setting up.
  13. SigurdBC

    Hamsters Game Night 7/3

    Hey everyone! I've got a crew of brave survivors gathering together to take on some zombie hordes tomorrow night. I believe I've got @Koyote and @VonVilkee locked in which gives us space for three more folks if anyone is interested. I can't wait to use some new Kickstarter toys including the potential use of the Covfefe abomination. Come and join us!
  14. SigurdBC

    Hamster Game Night @ DTG 6/26

    I'm trying to get a group of brave survivors together for some Zombicide: Green Horde action. I got my second wave of goodies a couple of weeks ago and want to give some of them a spin. Anyone want to play with me?
  15. SigurdBC

    Hey Hamsters, I love the things you do...6/19

    Ok SAGA it is. We can try and set up some Zombicide for next week.