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  1. 2/20 Bellinghamsters play games sometimes

    I'll be around for 40k as usual. If I don't get a game Brad I could hop in to playtest for you. A hamster isn't that far off from a guinea pig after all.
  2. Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    Sweet. I’ll see you around 6:00 then.
  3. Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    Yes that’s ok with me. Just let me know what the models are before we start. Yes 2k is just fine with me.
  4. Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    He's mine. You're on for 40k David.
  5. SAGA New Edition (2018)

    At first glance I am quite happy with the rules changes that were posted above. Even with some "interesting" verbage for some of the game terms (hooray Google Translate), the edits to the game initially make it seem like the game will flow better and not be as choppy when it comes to combat and shooting steps like in 1.0. The two changes that I am the most fond of is that units that have taken damage can lose their SAGA dice generation ability. I can't even count the number of times during games that I would cripple a unit of warriors or hearthguard and not be able to finish them off in subsequent turns due to the lack of certain SAGA dice or terrible rolling. My opponent would then, smartly, run that unit to the back of the board and still have that 1 or 2 model unit be able to generate SAGA dice for use in later turns. This was so frustrating and I'm glad they changed it so that you are rewarded for crippling units and having good target prioritization. Utilizing your ranged units to soften up certain targets and having your melee units charge in to finish them off is very thematic and appropriate for this type of game imo. The second is the changes to Warlords. Buffing the number of dice a Warlord gets up to 8 makes them on par with a full unit of Warriors or a min. unit of Hearthguard from 1.0 which I feel is appropriate. 5 combat dice often didn't feel enough to dent certain big units in 1.0 which Warlords can now do with 8 (especially with my rolling). Reducing the amount of dice your Warlord generates down to 1 from 2 is also nice because its not as much of a blow if you lose your Warlord early and puts more emphasis on having more SAGA dice generating units in . your warband. Also, the change to Resistance where Warlords would shrug off one wound per combat did feel a bit overpowered and made you feel that you could only use your Warlord or a unit of Hearthguard to go after the enemy Warlord in order to do any damage. Now with your opponent having to choose whether to take the damage or gain fatigue per wound ignored I feel is an appropriate trade off. This also leads to more dynamic gameplay with fatigue management which I feel is one of the best aspects of SAGA in general. Just some beginning thoughts and feel free to agree/disagree with me below.
  6. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    I'll be around for 40k. I may even bring my Daemons this time.
  7. 1/30 The Warhamsters Ride Again!

    That's ok David. I'd be up for 40k if anyone's interested. @nathonicus I'll bring Dark Souls along if you're interested in playing and I don't get any takers for 40k tomorrow night.
  8. 1/30 The Warhamsters Ride Again!

    Just wanted to get the game night thread started. @D_Lo I know I had to turn you down for Dark Souls last week. Are you still interested in playing? If others are interested, the game supports up to 4 players so we could use a couple more if folks wanted to play the game again/learn how to play.
  9. SAGA New Edition (2018)

    Yeah it's a shame about the Strathclyde. They were very similar to the Welsh as I recall with how they played, just with more mounted javelin wielding troops. I do indeed like that new ability which gets you more hits by spending a fatigue. It makes my Normans even more punchy. I just hope there is one ability on the battleboard that gives me some durability and hopefully all my "good" abilities don't all require a rare die to use. I'm looking forward to what Gripping Beast will produce for Saga 2.0
  10. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    Actually David I'm so sorry but I forgot I have a 40k game with Kai tomorrow night. How about Dark Souls next week?
  11. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    I'll be around for some 40k if anyone wants a game, or @D_Lo if you wanted to play Dark Souls again I'd be up for that.
  12. Co Op Games

    I heartily agree with the opinions on Forbidden Island, Pandemic, and Zombicide. I can't wait for Green Horde to get shipped to us hopefully next month. The two Co-op games that I'd put forth that have recently hit the top of my list are Castle Panic and Dark Souls: The Board Game. Castle Panic is a tower defense co-op where you and up to 5 other players (6 total) are attempting to defend your castle from a horde of goblins, orcs, trolls, and boss monsters that are coming out of the forest to knock your stuff down. The players trade cards between them like knights, archers, and barbarians that they can use to kill the gribblies as they come toward your castle. Several expansions are available, none of which I've tried, and even without them the game is a blast to play. Dark Souls: The Board Game got kickstarted in the last year or two and even though I missed funding it I'm soooo glad I picked it up upon full release. The game truly embodies the Dark Souls games with up to four people getting to choose between the herald, assassin, knight, and warrior classes to set out into the world of Lordran/Drangleic/Lothric and combat the hollows, silver knights, and bosses that reside there. Immense amount of replay-ability using gear, leveling up your stats using souls, along with a very unique node-based combat system which totally makes you feel that the game at times is out to get you (welcome to Dark Souls). Even when you open the game box there's a black paper with red text on top that says "You Died". Both games I would very much recommend, and it seems I have some new games to look into.
  13. New to 8th edition.

    When you get to playing bigger games, I would heartily recommend trying out a couple blobs of 30 boyz (slugga/choppa or shoota your choice). With the new Mob Rule mechanic and the sheer amount of daaka/choppa Boyz continue to possess, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
  14. Question for Daemon players regarding troops

    My Chaos love has always been Nurgle so my troops of choice are of course Plaguebearers. I will probably be picking up the new Chaos Codex this weekend, but even in the Index Plaguebearers were a reliable, tough Troop choice that you could count on lasting quite a bit longer than their other Troop counterparts. They seem to have lost some of their offensive punch in the Index, but holding objectives and not get shot off them easily is what I want my troops to do, so Plaguebearers I CHOOSE YOU!!! Nurglings are another decent option especially if you are in the mood for a sneaky deployment (assuming they still have this in the codex). They are weaker than they previously have been stat wise, but if all you want them to do is run up and be annoying or infiltrate onto an objective you don't want to dedicate a unit to holding, then Nurglings are the little gribblies for you.
  15. New to 8th edition.

    I feel that this edition is the best time to start playing 40k if you never have been before. With my window of involvement in the game spanning 6th to 8th edition, 8th is by far the easiest to learn and the games flow much more smoothly that in previous editions imo. Welcome to the grim dark of the 41st Millenium @Grensche and may your green tide WAAGH! on.