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  1. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Even though I know spawn aren't amazing don't underestimate what they can do. Take into account that their attacks do 2 dmg a piece at AP -2. Run that bad boy into a combat with a squad of Terminators and watch your opponent sweat when you are wounding him on 3s (spawn are str 5 as I recall) and he has to now save on 4s instead of the seemingly invincible 2s. Nothing feels worse than losing Terminators to spawn of all things.
  2. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    Well maybe I'll see you there Nathan if you're going to the Barkley Village theatre. I'll be trying to go to a Matinee Thor viewing as well.
  3. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    Yeah I've made a few changes to my list as well since last we played. The scouts are gone and I've replaced them with a Land Speeder to try and see how they'll fair in 8th Ed. Also, the Terminator squad changed to have a mix of TH/SS and combi-weapon wielding models. Playing against Gage's cc knight last week, that reaper chainsword that Knights have is terrifying.
  4. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    Sounds like a plan. Let's see if we can get past Turn 3 by a quarter of 10:00 lol.
  5. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    I'll be around for some 40k per usual and to see how many cars blow up.
  6. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    I realize the reasoning is coming, but just as a recommendation if this is going to be one battalion detachment that you split off the second Daemon Prince and the Heralds and bring a Supreme Command Detachment. It's the detachment with the 3-5 HQs and optional Elite and Super Heavy slots. This would give you an extra command point and still give you the same exact list.
  7. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Having played as Daemons a few times in 8th there are a few things that I've observed that you could use in your list "noodling": Mono-God lists don't seem to work as well in this edition. In 7th, I had no problem giving opponents a run for their money with my mono-Nurgle list, even coming out ahead a fair bit. However, in 8th I'm finding that Nurgle just doesn't pack enough of an offensive punch at either range or melee to be able to carry itself anymore. You just don't seem to do enough damage before you are gunned down or chopped up in cc. I would recommend a mixing of the gods, and you can determine how much or how little you want to do on that front. You need at least some range. Chaos Daemons by themselves don't have a lot of shooting, outside of the psychic phase, in this edition or in 7th. We've got Soul Grinders and Skull Cannons, both of which are unimpressive in this edition for their points. I would recommend allying in some CSM guns to fill this roll. Obliterators are a great choice along with things like Predators, Vindicators, Havocs, and Helldrakes to deal with the heavy stuff and units like Blight Drones, Chaos Space Marines, etc. to deal with the lighter targets. A pure melee army, which I have tried in my few batreps, don't seem to do the deed anymore like they could in 7th. Put wings on the Prince. With a movement of only 8'' for a melee focused model you will find that your Daemon Princes will take too long to get up the field before their fodder shield gets blown apart or they are sniped out by snipers and other long range, high str shooting units. They are a great unit don't get my wrong but that extra mobility that the wings gives you is a must I feel on Princes in this edition. As an added bonus, this allows them to assault flyers, fall back and still shoot if given a Warp Bolter, and pass over other units which would otherwise block them up and get in their way. It can be pricey but well worth it in my opinion. Just my two cents on a few things and best of luck with your army building. I'll be most interested to see what you come up with since I've been at a loss as to how to build an effective mono-Daemon list in this edition.
  8. Nov 14 Warhamster Jam @ DTG

    You're on Gage. I'd fart in your general direction for my opening salvo, but your Death Guard would probably like it.
  9. Nov 14 Warhamster Jam @ DTG

    I'll be around for some 40k and see who's looking for trouble.
  10. Bellingham Warhamsters gather on the 7th of Novemeber

    2k is fine with me. I'll see you around 6.
  11. Bellingham Warhamsters gather on the 7th of Novemeber

    Hey Kevin, let's have some 40k fun. I've been trying to get a game in the last few weeks to no avail. Let's make it happen.
  12. Warhamsters 10/31

    I'll be around for 40k and see who's looking for trouble.
  13. The Haunting of Hamster House 10/24

    I'll be around for 40k tonight and see who's looking for trouble.
  14. Warhamsters 10/17

    Fine by me. If we end up playing kill points they'll just count as casualties at the end of the game lol.
  15. Warhamsters 10/17

    I'll probably run my list I played against Jim last week. It's mostly mech with some assault troops. It can put out a good deal of punch based on last week. It's a fun list and we'll see how it does.