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  1. TheJoyDivision

    W: Tanith Ghosts H: $/trade

    Yeah, I really lucked out
  2. TheJoyDivision

    W: Tanith Ghosts H: $/trade

  3. TheJoyDivision

    W: Tanith Ghosts H: $/trade

    I’m in the market to finish up a squad or two of the ol’ GW Gaunt’s Ghosts models. http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Gaunt's_Ghosts I have plenty spares of the characters, so mostly looking for lasgun troopers. I have lots to trade and some $ to play with as well.
  4. TheJoyDivision

    06/23 Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

    I’ll be there with a load of 40k goodies and a lizardmen army. If you have Tanith guardsmen at this event you’ll be my new best friend.
  5. TheJoyDivision

    Mindtaker Mobile - Coming to Seattle - 6/9/2018

    So excited to see what you brought back
  6. TheJoyDivision

    Some interesting finds...

    Nice finds. The earthshaker emplacement/bunker can fetch $150+ The foam piece is indeed from inquisitor - the STC colonial habitat. It was made under license by a German company called Ziterdes (iirc). Usually around $40-$60 the one in the middle is definitely also oop fw like the first. No clue what that exact piece is going for. I’d expect at least $40
  7. TheJoyDivision

    H: Random 40k (Tau, AM, others), W: Cash

    Lol. Glad I could help.
  8. TheJoyDivision

    AoS Game days and locations

    Good news, everybody! Guardian is doing a AOS night from 6-10 on Tuesdays. We'll be doing the Malign Portents global campaign starting on the 19th of February with some pretty cool giveaways involved. We've been hanging out and painting in the morning/afternoon on Tuesdays as well.
  9. TheJoyDivision

    LF baneblade bits

    How much were you looking to get for the turret?
  10. TheJoyDivision

    LF baneblade bits

    I'm hoping to find a baneblade cannon and the hull demolisher cannon for the standard baneblade build. I have a bunch of trade fodder or a wee bit of cash. Thanks -Max
  11. TheJoyDivision

    W: DE Boarding Pike

    I have one set aside for you
  12. TheJoyDivision

    W: DE Boarding Pike

    I'm almost positive I have a few of those laying around at Guardian. I'll check when I get into work later today
  13. TheJoyDivision

    FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

    That Artemia pattern hellhound is purdy. And tempting
  14. TheJoyDivision

    Steel Legion army for sale

    Oh boy. I seriously doubt I need any more but the original box army set!? That's pretty. I hope this sells quickly for you (also so i won't be tempted for long)
  15. TheJoyDivision

    Raising money for terrain.

    Games Workshop offers product support to stores that carry their lines. If it's for the shop, they can get some free terrain each year