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  1. Chaos side of dark vengence

    So much shade..... I wont trade him one of my 13 hell brutes from that set.
  2. Paint Savior?

    I have had good luck with my tools at the house. If you are just going to chuck it I am sure I could restore it to some usable state
  3. I bought a 4 pack back when it was early release. I played a few dungeon games with a friend playing with the default mini's and tile sets. flipped a fair share of tables but other than that not much. I think I may even still have 2 copies in my inventory
  4. I vote that instead of the normal rules for determining who goes first. After Deployment we replace that mechanic with a start player deck instead. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/38318/start-player This removes the ability to game the system with 1 drop armies, and the randomness of seizing the initiative. This is how I do all my casual games :)
  5. New to 8th and Ordo

    Oh No!!! Pretre your signature is out of date. "moving all the guns on a model to one side to get a better arc of fire" There are no more firing arcs
  6. #OFCCWinners2019 Yes it is intended
  7. Tau Soon?

    Yah, I don' want my all kroot list to disappear.
  8. Kickstarter Advice

    I recently started doing Kick starter and Humble Bundle this year. as someone fairly new to these platforms these are the things I tend to look for With Games Usually what brings me there in the first place is good word of mouth from other sources (example the kick starters thread on these forums) The second thing I judge a game on is the content and if it fits what me and my groups style. Lastly is the Stretch goals with a focus on kick starter exclusives . Things I have done in the past are mostly CMON and Munchkin kick starters, and pathfinder related humble bundles which have been paired with comic books. So now that you have a base of my experience this would be my advice. Look at the content you are producing and try to find avenues of media you can use to promote your project where the interest already exist. This is what will steer people to your project in the first place and allow them to judge the merit of the work. Find a good example of the work in the content and provide that as a preview to get buy in. These are the people that will buy the kick starter for based on your initial content The purpose of Stretch goals is to transition people from browser to supporter. Evaluate your production and shipping costs to determine your base starting point for your project stretch goals. keep in mind as you go along the cost of production and shipping of any additional physical materials that will add to the pledges. Use this information to develop well thought out stretch goals that may entice additional people to make the leap from browser to supporter. these are the people that are more likely to buy it as a collectors piece or something to resell on e-bay if it contains kick starter exclusives. That is my 2 cents, take it for what its worth to you.
  9. LF Hive Guard or Bits

    PM Sent
  10. Go 7 gaming insert

    For the larger monsters I glued some larger washers to the bottom of them and attach them to a magnetized shelf. Can either put it in my tablewar case or carry around the house as needed. also helps keep them in order and they will display nicer when painted. I really want to get something made that actually allows the decks to come out and be played straight from their storage trays. I will probably be looking at doing something custom when spring hits if broken token or another company does not already come out with a design I like. The flip side for me is I also have all the cross over stuff for Zombicide: Black plague and by June I will have the Zombicide: Green Tide cross overs as well. so all those zombies on top of all the expansions so far is adding up quick.
  11. Go 7 gaming insert

    While it looks nice, it will not hold up to all the expansions the game has. I personally am looking form something simply for the cards dice and tiles and am looking to use my tablewar case to transport the monsters I plan to play with in a given night. also I laminated my class sheets so that I don't have to keep all those pads in the game box. I keep them in a binder with all my character cards and Roaming monster cards so I can build custom decks when I get to the game night.
  12. How does SPICE GIRLS interact with hangry?
  13. Requesting Help: Spec a ~$1K PC

    Yah, Sounds like you may need the full system replaced. You looking mainly to piece-mail it slowly for better prices or try to go out and build it in one day method
  14. Requesting Help: Spec a ~$1K PC

    How many watts is the power supply and how is the case holding up? size and age of the hard drive?
  15. Requesting Help: Spec a ~$1K PC

    Something I always consider when building a PC is how much of my old PC is reusable. The majority of what will up the performance is Motherboard, Processor, Ram and Video card. Depending on where local is for you, you should have some options for either in store or online shopping. I personally live in the Vancouver/Portland area and get most of my parts at either Fry's or ENU.