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  1. Purajh

    Sector Mechanicus Terrain Set

    Sooooo tempting... and you know I have the terrain to expand upon it.
  2. Purajh

    Guardian Games - 3rd Annual Yard Sale

    Man now I want a frosty! Even though I know you mean popsicles.
  3. Purajh

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    Last question, you are still missing 58362 of them..... good luck.
  4. Purajh

    shmitty’s GenCon mule service

    Moving PM to here for request tracking I am not sure if these vendors would be there but they are ones I always end up looking for swag on eBay after the fact. if you find any I will definitely buy it. Piazo: Pathfinder adventure Card Game (any set) CMON: Anything Zombicide or Massive Darkness Related Flying Frog Productions: Anything related to Shadows of Brimstone. Steve Jackson Games: Munchkinly Stuff Please let me know what I would need to do in the event any of these items are possible
  5. Purajh

    Morale question

    You are correct. That serves me right for posting before I have my morning coffee
  6. Purajh

    Morale question

    I thought morale happened at the end of the round and not during a players turn. Would that not make option 3 null and void?
  7. Purajh

    W: Old GW Measuring Sticks

    If the others cant get you I know I should have a grip of them somewhere. An alternate you could use is dowel rods cut to length
  8. Purajh

    Geek Market on BGG?

    I just use pretre. I find the costs acceptable. Sorry I have not used bgg though
  9. Purajh

    Random Thought Thread

    Someone is playing my favorite game! Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo SQUIG!!!
  10. Purajh

    Random Thought Thread

    Do Tyranids taste like chicken?
  11. Purajh

    Stripping Paint from FW Models

    That is the stuff. Kroger should have it in their automotive section near the car oil.
  12. Purajh

    Removing Primer

    I ran into something similar a while back, After almost a month in the simple green it did not budge. Used ultrasonic cleaner, Electric toothbrush and eventually a sculpting Pick to get some of the thicker areas down. In my personal opinion when its thick and pervasive like that its going to be more work than its worth. Others may have good suggestions but figured I would share mine. (Side note a month in simple green did not cause any issues with the plastic)
  13. Purajh

    Tempting Kickstarters

    Final Hours.... If enough people go in at the end you too, could have stephen hawking in your 40K army!
  14. Purajh

    Vancouver Toy Show this Weekend

    Perhaps I will get off my lazy butt and actually dig out my old He-man Collection 🙂 is there a charge for this show?