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  1. Wanna 40k

    Wife off work earlier I will be over there around 130-2 ish
  2. Or necrons, if so I can help bolster your stock.
  3. Finding a place to play

    Sounds great if you want feel free to start setting up a table when you get there and we can hop into the action when I get there.
  4. Finding a place to play

    I will be there tonight. I usually head over between 4-5 and if there are players I stick around till closing. I have a few armies there and typically just build a list on the fly depending on how much the person that wants to play can do.
  5. A castle for the taking - $60

    Sadly the last time Mightyatom13 posted anything on the forums was in 2016
  6. Random Thought Thread

    What if I am a wychelf and they are my combat drugs. Then again I would be a scary wychelf, no one wants to see me in spandex and body armor.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    Naproxen is what I have to take some times. prescription based is basically like taking a double dose of aleve (its the main ingredient in aleve)
  8. Finding a place to play

    Dice age games in Vancouver gets games I know on Thursdays ( I am there every Thursday), and Saturdays. Thursdays we play pretty casual, power level, whatever you have with you style games. Saturday's are a bit more competitive.
  9. With no replies, I have begun placing bids on Ebay. I may still trade for extras if people want to trade to unload, but will be buying on ebay if the auctions go well.
  10. Take advantage of me while I am obsessed with Zombicide: black plague. I recently pledged the kickstarted for Zombicide: Green Tide. and will be getting everything from that kickstarter. This has left me very sad that I missed out on the Zombicide: Black plague Kickstarter. I am looking mainly for a complete Knights Level Pledge for all the kickstarter exclusive Items. Figured I would ask here if anyone wanted to trade or sell before moving to ebay. For trade I have Literally tuns of warhammer 40k, some warhammer fantasy, as well as other things. please shoot me a message if you have what I am looking for and would like more details.
  11. Based on the models you have shown, and the list of models you have, it looks like you have the dark angel half of the Dark Vengeance starter box with an extra tactical squad.
  12. Snagged one

    Well done.
  13. Tempting Kickstarters

    suckered me into it :) now to wait.
  14. Tempting Kickstarters

    Geo mats by table war Looks tempting to me.
  15. Necron foam trays?

    I actually broke down to foam sheets in bankers box lids for my vehicles. fairly open but not ideal for transport. if you magnetize the flight stands on the larger barges they can break down to go into pluck foam well. wraiths I just eventually went with the old metal ones that were less fiddly. they can hold up to being tossed anywhere but they are metal. in a pinch you could use 3 inch tall pluck foam for wraiths standing up or 2 inch if you want to make channels so they can lay down on the their side but have support in the middle section. I went the ultimate cheap rout on my foam and got a foam mattress topper from wa-mart for 5 bucks and cut it up.