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  1. Purajh

    Geek Market on BGG?

    I just use pretre. I find the costs acceptable. Sorry I have not used bgg though
  2. Purajh

    Random Thought Thread

    Someone is playing my favorite game! Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo SQUIG!!!
  3. Purajh

    Random Thought Thread

    Do Tyranids taste like chicken?
  4. Purajh

    Stripping Paint from FW Models

    That is the stuff. Kroger should have it in their automotive section near the car oil.
  5. Purajh

    Removing Primer

    I ran into something similar a while back, After almost a month in the simple green it did not budge. Used ultrasonic cleaner, Electric toothbrush and eventually a sculpting Pick to get some of the thicker areas down. In my personal opinion when its thick and pervasive like that its going to be more work than its worth. Others may have good suggestions but figured I would share mine. (Side note a month in simple green did not cause any issues with the plastic)
  6. Purajh

    Tempting Kickstarters

    Final Hours.... If enough people go in at the end you too, could have stephen hawking in your 40K army!
  7. Purajh

    Vancouver Toy Show this Weekend

    Perhaps I will get off my lazy butt and actually dig out my old He-man Collection 🙂 is there a charge for this show?
  8. Purajh

    W: Trailer H:$$$+Trade

    I can see it now, we need to get you a food cart like vehicle, so you can drive around selling miniatures 🙂
  9. Do we still need to bring templates if they are no longer used in this edition?
  10. Purajh

    Workstation build

    Yes they are, worth every penny I spent. Just ask sam or ebon about disco tau!
  11. Purajh

    Workstation build

    So below is the rack system I use for my paints. I am going to be building an adjustable shelf to put these trays on that will mount to my wall. The racks are 1 dollar each at the dollor store and there are other versions as well with cups for brushes and things. I like this system because I can put like paints or a specific color scheme together in a tray and just pull that tray off the shelf to my work space when I paint and then put the entire tray back when done. The Left rack is a 4x4 and will store 16 eyedropper style paints. The right rack is a 3x3 and stores GW paints in addition to golden and the larger Primer bottles/Cheep acrylics from craft stores. A vial of FW ink is to the right for a size comparison it will not fit in either tray size so they will just sit on a shelf on their own. All of these paints work great through my airbrush (except the texture paint I left in the tray)
  12. Purajh

    Workstation build

    I use gw air and vellejo air which naturally fit in 2 different size racks. I will take some pictures tomorrow. Now my hw acrylic inks on the othER hand do not.
  13. Purajh

    Workstation build

    Dalmer I must say that looks amazing. Great job on the joinery as well on the lower shelves they look fantastic. I would love to see what you have planned for your paint shelf. I am personally working on building an adjustable Paint storage shelf that will be mounted to the wall next to my window. I plan to use acrylic nail polish trays I get at the dollar store to group and store paints to make them easy to bring down to the work surface. Perhaps when the weather gets nice and I get into production I can throw some pictures up of my progress.
  14. Purajh

    Transporting Large unwieldy models

    Yah Cardboard box and a Foam Mattress pad is how I moved most of my stuff. Cut up the mattress pad to line all the walls of the box and then folded sheets of mattress pad to softly pressure fit the model in place. tis a fairly cost effective way to do it.
  15. Purajh

    Tempting Kickstarters

    Yes I am a sucker for lots of Kick-starter Exclusives. This kick-starter also has lots of good alternate sculpts for 40k and other more science fiction related games.