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  1. Purajh

    Dice age bitz blitz 11/17/2018

    I can see it now. Ebon talking to someone. "I got what you need, just come on out to my van...."
  2. Purajh

    Your first album

    Weird Al Yankovic: Dare to Be Stupid on cassette.
  3. Just a reminder here for people like me that forget. Dice age games in vancouver is doing their bitz blitz this saturday.
  4. Purajh

    GW Humble Bundle

    Man I really wish I had not bought all these before this 🙂
  5. Purajh

    1996 Space hulk and 2002 blood bowl

    Always shady
  6. I third banished. Amazing game!
  7. Purajh

    H: Citadel of the Everchosen (NIB) W:$420

    Petting that Cat is worth buying the product!
  8. Purajh

    Land raider with chaos sprues

    So much shade here, especially in that prostate.
  9. Purajh

    Sector Mechanicus Terrain Set *SOLD!*

    Sooooo tempting... and you know I have the terrain to expand upon it.
  10. Purajh

    Guardian Games - 3rd Annual Yard Sale

    Man now I want a frosty! Even though I know you mean popsicles.
  11. Purajh

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    Last question, you are still missing 58362 of them..... good luck.
  12. Purajh

    shmitty’s GenCon mule service

    Moving PM to here for request tracking I am not sure if these vendors would be there but they are ones I always end up looking for swag on eBay after the fact. if you find any I will definitely buy it. Piazo: Pathfinder adventure Card Game (any set) CMON: Anything Zombicide or Massive Darkness Related Flying Frog Productions: Anything related to Shadows of Brimstone. Steve Jackson Games: Munchkinly Stuff Please let me know what I would need to do in the event any of these items are possible
  13. Purajh

    Morale question

    You are correct. That serves me right for posting before I have my morning coffee
  14. Purajh

    Morale question

    I thought morale happened at the end of the round and not during a players turn. Would that not make option 3 null and void?