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  1. Purajh

    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    its 3 colors. Grey, White and Black
  2. Purajh

    Comic books

    Its all good resent the PM
  3. Purajh

    Comic books

    Hey Dalmar I had sent you a direct message asking for a price back on January 1st. please review and respond.
  4. Purajh

    Comic books

    Pm sent
  5. Purajh

    Dice age bitz blitz 11/17/2018

    Munchkin, More munchkin, Board Games, Hero clicks all kinds o stuff
  6. Purajh


    Thank you for this thread, this game filled the void in my xbox collection!
  7. Purajh

    Dice age bitz blitz 11/17/2018

    I can see it now. Ebon talking to someone. "I got what you need, just come on out to my van...."
  8. Purajh

    Your first album

    Weird Al Yankovic: Dare to Be Stupid on cassette.
  9. Just a reminder here for people like me that forget. Dice age games in vancouver is doing their bitz blitz this saturday.
  10. Purajh

    GW Humble Bundle

    Man I really wish I had not bought all these before this 🙂
  11. Purajh

    1996 Space hulk and 2002 blood bowl

    Always shady
  12. I third banished. Amazing game!
  13. Purajh

    H: Citadel of the Everchosen (NIB) W:$420

    Petting that Cat is worth buying the product!
  14. Purajh

    Land raider with chaos sprues

    So much shade here, especially in that prostate.