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  1. Dnd or Pathfinder

    Humble bundle for the win!
  2. Title says it all if you have one that you don't need, my Emperor's children are looking to bring him back into the fold. Preferably unpainted if possible. May also have interest in forgeworld slannesh/Emporor's children components Please feel free to PM me with questions or offers
  3. New Beast of Nurgle?

    I prefer 2 Thick coats!
  4. Dark Angels Preview

    Is it just me that finds it wrong that dark Angels have primaris? There is no chance in the warp that they would trust them in their ranks!
  5. Airbrushing and being a cheapskate

    yah I have an old brush to clean as well, will be a brush cleaning party
  6. Airbrushing and being a cheapskate

    and bring your brush with you and I would be happy to clean it :)
  7. Want: Assault Marines and Scouts

    I have loads of scouts and jump infantry if the other guys don't get you sorted out
  8. Airbrushing and being a cheapskate

    If you are near the vancouver area I do have an ultrasonic cleaner and could run your brush through it to see if that helps with your quality.
  9. FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

    Sam when will you ever learn :)
  10. FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

    Can we get things bacon gift wrapped?
  11. Budget terrain?

    Dollar stores are great for inspiration.
  12. W: necromunda tiles...

    And this is why I bought 2 copies
  13. Dark Eldar for sale - sold

    Aye it even tempts me. Dark eldar are my favorite army! But I have a metric crap ton already.
  14. W: Tau Gun & Shield Drones H:$$$

    I will need to go through my bits but I wager i have a good amount. will count em up when i get time and send you a PM.
  15. W: Tau Gun & Shield Drones H:$$$

    How many do you need and are you in the Vancouver/Portland area