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  1. zcaust83

    40k at Dark Tower Sat/Sun the 8th/9th

    Where is dark tower? I would love to get some more itc practice games in
  2. zcaust83

    WoW January 2019 40k League interest?

    I like this format a lot. I may set up our escalation league that way
  3. it seems really fun to play. i didn't play a whole lot of WHFB but it was my first GW game ever lol I played 9th age a lot but then 30k and 40k hooked me good. I still play a lot of 40k but Im looking for a change in scenery for now
  4. so i bought into AOS when soul wars launched and never got to play because A) busy with 40k and B)not a lot of AOS happening across the bridge where I play. I got rid of what I had and now have that stuff back plus some more to add to that lol naturally... anyway I am looking for players to help me learn the game beyond watching battle reports constantly, I have all these cool models and I want to use them. and now the point of this post, I am looking for regular AOS opponents to come out and maybe start a path to glory and/or just play a few scenarios out of the book. I have tons of table space available and a lot of free time so let me know if you're interested or know of a store running an active AOS league
  5. zcaust83

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    hey just be there by 9 to help me set up. we should be getting started around 1030 if all goes well.
  6. zcaust83

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    Mission Details for Friday!! @Torg @happycamper @peter.cosgrove @Nathanvoodoo @ash Matched play 3000 points per player current matched play rules and FAQ in effect. Every Table will have 6 objectives to score on each battle round. Imperials v. Chaos/Ork/Eldar ::Summary:: the Eldar are trying to revive the Phantom … stranded on a lost and shattered eden world - long ago taken over by chaos. The Eldar send a strike force to try and get the Phantom which was recently discovered to be still in stasis. With the titan awake, they can cleanse the eden world once and for all and banish the forces of chaos to the warp. Meanwhile... The Revenge has crash landed and the Grey Knights have been dispatched to recover an STC relic from the wreckage before the cult of Mars gets to it. ::Auspex reports the green tide in close proximity and getting closer:: On the same planet; seperated by a chasm of broken ground that is being held in stasis amid a roiling warp storm, is a Chaos Sorcerer and his evil coalition of chaos warbands. The Chaos Sorceror shattered this section of the planet in order to significantly slow the forces of the Eldar from closing in on their position and stopping him from completing this final ritual in his acsendancy to Daemon Prince. A LOT of fighting is about to happen at the same time across this once expansive and beatuful eden world...Total and all out WAR. how many objectives can your forces take while being assaulted on all fronts? Who will emerge victorious at the end of the day? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imperial Goal: -Grey Knights Deploying on the revenge crash site by orbital strike* -The other astartes can show up via the asteroid table also and attack either side * (kill points, ground objectives, Head Hunter) -Secure the Revenge Wreckage by controlling 4 of 6 objectives throughout the ship and activating the onboard macro weapons. *once an objective area is secured, the controlling players team may call on artillery strikes from the crash site. *(weapon profiles TBD) Eldar Goal: Deploying out of warp gates inside the broken earth area* (table quarters) -An Eldar Spirit Seer must complete the following ritual to awaken the Titan- "awaken artifact" the eldar player needs to cast it with an unmodified 7+ and within 12 inches of the shrine area *(TBD). Once casted, d3+1 resurrection markers will be placed on the titan shrine. you will have to cast it in 2 consecutive turns minimum to succeed. Because of the treacherous winds and storms though, each turn that the eldar psyker fails, any previously casted counters will be destroyed. Once there are 6 counters on the shrine, the Titan awakens and does what titans do. Chaos Goal: Deploying on the eldar shrine table via planet strike and also through a portal on the crash site table *(TBD) -Chaos forces must stop the imperium from securing the revenge weapon systems and complete the ascendancy ritual on the shrine table. "Ascendancy Ritual" the chaos player needs to secure 3 sacred points on the shrine table with ONLY characters for 2 consecutive turns to complete the ritual. once completed, all chaos lords become daemon princes and all previously slain daemon princes resurrect from the asteroid table. (ground objectives, kill points, head hunter) Orks: (ground objectives, kill points and headhunter) *each head hunter score will confer an additional +1 to the orks.
  7. zcaust83

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    There are 4 other definite players so we need 1 more for the chaos/orks side.
  8. zcaust83

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    OK so the imperium side is locked down at 5 definite players. Grey Knights- @zcaust83 Ultra Marines- Paul Salamanders- @happycamper Custom chapter- Josh custodes/knights- @Nathanvoodoo Terrain is being worked on this week and a scenario should be published next week. @DisruptiveConduct do you think I can get a couple scenic pieces from the clubhouse? I can rent them or whatever. I'll take full responsibility for them
  9. zcaust83

    Escalation League:Week Seven- High Ground

    Made a new 200 point list finally and now its 225!!?? Lol ill be there
  10. zcaust83

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    Black Friday Apoc game update: @Romans832 @deadwing34 @Ish @happycamper @Torg @Arizenkin @peter.cosgrove @IamTheHuman @Nathanvoodoo @DisruptiveConduct @pretre Hey I tagged you all because you either reacted to this post or I think you would be interested in this. If you are not interested in a black friday apoc game, thats cool too. but do me a favor and ask around or point the way to anyone who asks you lol up to 10 people max with the space available 2500 points per player, each "team" will be able to decide how many points of whichever faction can have going forward from this post. no limitations on power level or unit choices beyond the rule of 3 titans, knights and super heavy units will all be allowed Only 1 unique character per faction as is standard with the BRB (so no x3 bobby G's, only 1 person can field him) the overall mission will be determined after some more consideration on our part and when we know a rough idea of who is coming and what factions will be presented. that will be the next round of updates, based on the replies and RSVP's we get on this thread. FOOD: I am prepared to make a huge pot of chilli so noone has to leave and worry about finding food. I'm a pretty good cook and my house is clean. i can prepare it here and bring it in my slow cooker should be perfect by 6 or 7pm. OR, since it's the day after thanksgiving, maybe we could do a pot luck with our leftovers OR we can all pitch in 12 bucks for pizzas, prize support (raffle prizes from the store) and a few sodas OR you can easily find food across the street from the shopping center we are located in. let me know your thoughts and interest ASAP please 🙂 Thanks. -chris
  11. zcaust83

    Monday in Gresham 40k

    Hey its chris, Im available most nights if you ever want to play against my GK, ultras, tau or word bearers. Just hit me up
  12. zcaust83

    Black Friday APOC

    supposed to be meeting with @Torg this weekend to go over points and factions. details will be posted following that meeting
  13. zcaust83

    Escalation League:Week Five- Check List

    had a great time yesterday! I will be back next week with some painted models
  14. zcaust83

    Escalation League:Week Five- Check List

    Leaving here at 230 so should definitely be there by 3 today