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  1. zcaust83

    Team FURY: ofcc team thread

    good catch lol
  2. zcaust83

    Team FURY: ofcc team thread

    absolutely interested, i have some builds to test as well
  3. hey everyone, this thread is for Team FURY! we are all from Fate & Fury Games in Vancouver, WA this thread will be used to show our armies and lists for OFCC 2018 Captian- @zcaust83 grey knights/astra militarum @ash Astra Militarum @Arizenkin Xenos filth *and new to ordo @phyfor88 Orks *more xenos filth
  4. zcaust83

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    team filled
  5. Team Fury captain right here
  6. zcaust83

    Sunday 06/02 - OF Game Night at WOW

    Got a 40k game set up and my 2 gangs are always in the car so ill be up for ssome 'munda as well.
  7. zcaust83

    Spring '18 Necromunda Campaign

    I have 2 gangs built on yaktribes, can i use both in the turf war?
  8. zcaust83

    Spring '18 Necromunda Campaign

    Woooooo! Been waiting for this! Also @ninefinger definitely get on producing those custom cards and stuff. I want all of it
  9. zcaust83

    4/3 Tuesday Game Night at WOW

    Id be interested in 40k and/or necromunda. I have 2 gangs ready
  10. zcaust83

    Dice of Fury #2: Dice Harder

    New Link for the event. https://m.facebook.com/events/127878061262635/ Saturday is almost here!
  11. zcaust83

    Dice of Fury #2: Dice Harder

    New link for the event https://m.facebook.com/events/127878061262632 Im going to assume that these links are temporary so I will check back
  12. zcaust83

    Dice of Fury #2: Dice Harder

    Weird, I have been trying to access the events tab on facebook itself and it wont load for me. Thanks for the heads up though, I will get on that.
  13. zcaust83

    Dice of Fury #2: Dice Harder

    Don't forget! The 24th is almost here!
  14. zcaust83

    APOC 2018

    Just come on in to the shop to prepay and that will sign you up
  15. zcaust83

    Dice of Fury #2: Dice Harder

    https://m.facebook.com/events/127878061262635/ Dice of Fury #2 This time, we give back to the community. Fate and Fury will be collecting food stuffs and clothing donations with every tournament from now on so we ask that you please bring one of these items with you if available. Donations will be delivered to a local shelter the following day. When: March 24th Registration at 10 am Start at 10:30 aml 2.5 hour rounds with a lunch break after the first round 1500 pts ITC missions Max 3 detachments and 1 MUST be a battalion. Battle forged only 0-1 FW units Unpainted units yield your opponent 1 victory point per game (up to a max of 4) All proxies and list questions need to be discussed BEFORE the tournament