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  1. 12/5 Game Night at WOW

    Guess next week then.
  2. 12/5 Game Night at WOW

    Yes would like a game.
  3. 30K Campaign for OFCC

    OFCC 30k schedule Friday:1pm-1am -"Friday night centurians!" -open gaming. Saturday: 8Am-1am. -Main campaign three games Sunday: 10am. -main campaign two games -awards -cleanup
  4. 30K Campaign for OFCC

    No biggie. Will update accordingly when I get time.
  5. Switching events?

    I am sad to see you change your ticket.
  6. 30K Campaign for OFCC

    Update for the OFCC 30k event. Only one force organization chart can be taken.
  7. 30K Campaign for OFCC

    Just did. sorry been awhile since I been online.
  8. 30K Campaign for OFCC

    Yes those are age of Darkness army lists. Age of Darkness is just the proper name for 30k. The only 30k armies not allowed are the sharttard legion lists as they can be abused too much and made for narrative play.
  9. 30K Campaign for OFCC

    Due to demands these FAQ ruling will be changed for the 30k event. 1. All models in the squad can forgo all attacks to make a single grenade attack in hand to hand combat against vehicles. 2. Knight Arms have a 90-degree firing Arc facing forward.
  10. I will be your head of gaming for Age of Darkness. Here are the gidelines for the Age of Darkness event. -Rules: 1. Players choose to fight for a faction (loyalist or traitors) 2. 2,500 point armies 3. Armies must be chosen from one of the Age of Darkness army lists 4. No Shattered Legions or Army of dark compliance 5. Armies must fallow the Age of Darkness forceorganization chart 6. Games will be organized by having traitors fighting loyalist. 7. Each player will score campaign points for their faction base off game out come. -Win= 3 points -Loss= 0 points -Tie= 1 point 8. Armies must be fully painted, based and must be what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) 9. Models must be 30k compatible. (feel free to contact me if you have questions on what is 30k compatible) 10. Missions will be given out day of event 11. 7th edition will be the rule set used.