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  1. Obsidiananubis

    T9A OFCC 2018

    Thanks Ben for organizing and running the OFCC again. And thank you to all my opponents for all the great bloodfests. Hopefully I will see you all again at tournaments down the road. Best, Thiel
  2. Obsidiananubis

    T9A OFCC 2018

    I agree with Fixxer, with the new Beta 2.0 rule system I would prefer standard one on one matches. Best, Anubis
  3. Do we know how many attendees are signed up for T9A?
  4. Hey Beninator, I have a quick question on the Bomber mission, it says select 3 models can these be any model? Characters? Rank & File? Musician, Champion, Banner etc..? Best, Anubis
  5. Obsidiananubis

    T9A OFCC 2017

    Ticket purchased - Check, Army painted and ready - Check Looks like I'll be seeing you guys there. Best, Anubis
  6. Obsidiananubis

    T9A OFCC 2017

    When are lists due?
  7. Obsidiananubis

    Ham Slamwich 2017 - 9th Age Tournament in Bellingham on 2/18

    @smashthedean Count me in for at least one for the tournament maybe even two, but definitely one. Should we PM you our army lists when we make them? Best, Anubis
  8. Obsidiananubis

    9th Age Battle Reports

    Hey all, Just finished a massive 10000 point battle! Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTTJWzUTlzA​ Don't forget to hit like and subscribe. Best, Anubis
  9. Obsidiananubis

    US Masters

    The US Masters is a ninth age GT held once a year where only the top 4 players on each region (8 regions = 32 players) and the top 8 players overall (32+8=40) are invited to attend. Essentially it is a tournament of the very best and most competitive ninth age players in the United States (plus Canada). Best, Anubis
  10. Obsidiananubis

    US Masters

    Hello all in the Pacific NorthWest (PNW)! I have recently been announced as the Masters Regional Representative for our region for the ninth age. So I guess I will tell you all a little bit about myself. I've been playing warhammer for about 15 years starting from the 6th edition. I have participated in a number of small town tournaments, but have never really considered myself a strategic general for large tournaments. However, in the past two years I have been re-introducing myself to the warhammer world and have been trying to get more involved in both the ninth age and the tournament scene. To help with this I have started a Youtube channel (youtube.com/channel/UCdNnFiRN31X9_SrCPUnB7Ew) from which I go over my recent battles. If anyone has any questions or comments that they would like me to address to the master representatives on where/when the masters are please let me know. It was great to see some of you this year at OFCC 2016 I hope to se some of you again. Best, Anubis
  11. Obsidiananubis

    9th Age OFCC

    What specifics are you thinking of (point size etc.) and what days (i.e. Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday?) Best, Anubis