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  1. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Thank you Bryan for the continued diligence in clarifying all the questions. This helps a lot.
  2. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Where are you getting the <> is a source? Wouldn't that make getting the achievement almost trivial as long as the army is running a single detachment. Just keep inexpensive units and don't run any sort of imperium/chaos soup and by this definition one would automatically get the achievement. Due to the nature of interpretation I think that this may need @evil_bryan to explain his intent.
  3. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    The achievement still says single source. It only addressed the gargantuan /super heavy.
  4. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    I interpreted this achievement to be single book. If I bring FW it would have to be all FW. Just my two worthless cents, but the reason I see it that way has to do with the achievement name - to me it hearkens back to the days when FW was despised by most of my local players because it was extremely unbalanced.
  5. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    I think eliminating the keyword fly would hose too many units, eg: it immediately eliminates most Tau units.
  6. Manethak

    40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    If it helps I am working on a play table too, trying to get the buildings to work and look good. Hopefully I'll have it ready in time for the event.
  7. Would this be hosted in the same hall? Would it interfere with any setup being done for the 40k event?
  8. Manethak

    Congratulations to Kill! Maim! Beer!

    Congrats Kill! Maim! Beer! Team Get Off My LAN should now also be fully paid.
  9. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Are you using OFC for the block code? Otherwise I would recommend calling me talking to someone to complete the reservation.
  10. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    About $150 a night plus taxes for the days which are covered by ofcc. I believe those days are the 23rd - 26th
  11. Manethak

    40K OFCC Team/Player Finder Thread

    Team Get Off My LAN may be looking for a 4th this year. Still waiting on a couple of potential responses. If interested in potentially joining the team send me a PM. I will update this post as I get more information from the potentials. Team has been filled. Thank you all who were interested.
  12. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    Will there be a block of hotel rooms available to reserve for the OFCC members who are travelling like there was last year?
  13. Manethak

    2018 OFCC 40K Team Event - Players Guide - BETA

    @Craeat The approach I would take is use the size limits of the old CAD system, but fit it into a single battalion. Is this correct Bryan, or would these lists be foregoing command points all together?
  14. I am leading Get Off My LAN again this year.
  15. Photo Spread: 4/4 Troy - Tau (Farsight Enclaves) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hxavi7fic3endnu/AAC1Z9SP62cTZqfu37W9kGoIa?dl=0 Logan - Space Marines & Imperial Knight (Imperial Fists) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m1fex3pacbhd50m/AAAPTBtioTu9GQVWZIeY5ICza?dl=0 Richard - Tyranids & Genestealer Cult https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6zh7c269ws45rti/AADFcRoZo_ujoLaT5J-nlEzta?dl=0 Mark - Orks https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dm6le4en0qgtosa/AAACm_4Q8H_VDiMRukHvwGNta?dl=0 Early Screening: pending July 28th Advanced Planning: 4/4 All In: 0/4 - all paid now, but we were not organized that early since we changed team captains a couple of times as people's schedules became difficult. Going Old School: 0/4 No Surprises: Troy Hello, this year I am representing Get Off My LAN! as the team captain. Last year's OFCC was the first for most of us and we enjoyed it so much that we are returning this year. I have been playing 40k since about 2010. I got started on Tau and to date they are still my first love in the 40k universe. This year I am bringing a Farsight Enclaves list. Unfortunately I have not been able to play much (2-3 games) since last year's OFCC since the 40k community lacks in my area. I am very much looking forward to the good games with the chill people of OFCC and probably too much beer/whiskey. Logan I began playing Salamanders in fifth edition and slowly built up my space marine collection. I took a break through almost all of sixth edition but returned in early seventh. I continued building space marines and repainting them as Delta Templars, a custom chapter. At TSHFT 2016 I went all-in on a Khorne army, including Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons. After building over five thousand points of Khorne Daemonkin, I switched back to my space marines, stripping many of them to build the "Solar Eternals" custom chapter (or simply the "Desert Marines"), an Imperial Fists successor. I love all parts of the hobby and am always striving to improve my painting, competitive play, and lore knowledge. Probably my favorite part overall is kitbashing new models, particularly HQs. I'm definitely at my weakest making and painting terrain, although I have a few trees and hills under my belt. I've attended two TSHFTs, two Guardian Cups, and probably around fifty league nights at Guardian Games in Portland. I've also hosted a small tower defense style event and played a 10k two-player apocalypse game in the last year or so. Richard Richard started playing as Tyranids at the very start of 7th Edition, so he has a high tolerance for salt and getting tabled. He also enjoys coffee, working as an engineer and reading how other armies have been nerfed for 8th. Mark I have been playing Orks as my primary army the entire time I've played 40k. I came back to the game after a long hiatus in January 2008. I love doing Ork conversions and scratch builds, and recently started in on LED lighting my wargaming models. In addition to Orks, I have Tau, Dark Angels and Space Wolves. I play weekly and in tournaments frequently. I also run a moderately successful Youtube channel, Da40kOrks. The Lists: Troy - Tau (Farsight Enclaves) - 1999/2000 Dawn Blade Contingent Retaliation Cadre Commander (1) - Coldstar Battlesuit Riptide (1) - Heavy Burst Cannon, TL Smart Missile System, Early Warning Override, Earth Caste Pilot Array, Velocity Tracker Broadsides (2) - TL High Yield Missile Pod, TL Smart Missile System, Early Warning Override 2x Crisis Suits (2) - 2x Plasma Rifle Crisis Suits (1) - 2x Fusion Blaster Drone Net 4x Marker Drones (4) Piranha Firestream Wing Piranha (1) - Burst Cannon, Disruption Pod, Sensor Spines 2x Piranha (3) - Burst Cannon, Sensor Spines Piranha (2) - Fusion Blaster, Sensor Spines CAD - Farsight Enclaves HQ Commander Farsight Troops 2x Crisis Suits(2) - 2x Plasma Rifle Fast Attack 2x Tetra (2) - Homing Beacon Logan - Space Marines (Imperial Fists) & Imperial Knight - 1999/2000 Imperial Fists Battle Demi Company Assault Squad - 4x Space Marine, 1x Space Marine Sergeant Captain - Cataphractii Terminator Armour, Chainfist, Combi-Melta Devastator Squad - 4x Space Marines w/ Heavy Bolter, 1x Sergeant Tactical Squad - Droppod w/ Locator Beacon, 3x Space Marines, 1x Space Marine w/ heavy bolter, 1x Sergeant Tactical Squad - Droppod, 3x Space Marine, 1x Space Marine w/ heavy bolter, 1x Sergeant Tactical Squad - Droppod, 4x Space Marine, 1x Space Marine w/ Heavy Bolter, 1x Sergeant Contemptor Dreadnought - Kheres Pattern Assault Cannon, Power Fist w/ Combi-Bolter Line Breakers 3x Vindicator (1) - Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter, Siege Shield Raptor Wing Land Speeder (1) 2x Stormtalon Gunship - Skyhammer Missile Launcher Imperial Knight Knight Crusader (1) - Avenger Gatling Cannon w/ Heavy Flamer, Rapid Fire Battle Cannon w/ Heavy Stubber Richard - Tyranids & Genestealer Cults - 1998/2000 Hive Fleet Detachment - Tyranids HQ 2x Hive Tyrant - Heavy Venom Cannon, Scything Talons Old One Eye Elite 2x Venomthrope Brood (1) Zoanthrope Brood (1) Troops 2x Termagant Brood - 10x Fleshborer Termagants Fast Attack Hive Crone Tyranid Shrike Brood (3) - Adrenal Glands, Flesh Hooks, Lashwhip & Boneswords, Toxin Sacs Heavy Support Carnifex Brood (2) - Adrenal Glands, Crushing Claws, Spine Banks, Toxin Sacs Mawloc Tyrannofex Allied Detachment - Genestealer Cults HQ Patriarch - Familiars, Mastery Level 1 Elites Purestrain Genestealers (5) Troops Acolyte Hybrids (5) Mark - Orks - 2000/2000 CAD 1 - Orks HQ Warboss - Bosspole, PK, Eavy Armor, Lucky Stikk Mek Troops 2x Boys - Trukk w/ Ram, 12 Boys w/ heavy armor, Nob, PK, Bosspole Fast Attack Deffkoptas (2) - Buzzsaw. Rokkits Heavy Support 3x Lootas (10) CAD 2 - Orks HQ Painboy Troops Boys - Trukk w/ Ram, 12x Boys w/ heavy armor, Nob, PK, Bosspole Boys, 30x Boys w/ heavy armor, Nob, PK, Bosspole Heavy Support Mek Guns (5) - Lobba, Ammo runt, Extra Crew Mek Guns (3) - KMK, Ammo runt Mek Guns (2) - SmashaGunz, Ammo runt Fortification Void Shield Generator (1) - 2x Shields, Barricade