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  1. Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    Sweet, well I got everything based and no proxies so we good
  2. Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    Also we doing 2000pts for 40k?
  3. Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    Quick question, you ok with modelless bases and square based models?
  4. Game day boys, who's looking for what games!!! I'm free for 9th age or 40k. First comment get this sweet ass.
  5. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    I've got a game a buddy again. Need to get some 40k action in tho. My nurgle army wishes to bless everyone with Grandfather Nurgle love.
  6. 40k Opponent Finder

    Hey, I'm kinda new to the 40k scene. About how many points do people normally run for game nights?
  7. 1/30 The Warhamsters Ride Again!

    Sorry @SigurdBC, I've got a game with a buddy I'm bringing.
  8. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    Lol damn it Sherbert, always foiling my plans.
  9. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    That it did, I guess I'll play Jim, since you know there's no one else.
  10. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    But I can't do 40k currently so Dark Souls it is!!!
  11. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    I believe @SigurdBCchallenged me lol
  12. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    I would like to play someone at some games
  13. Warhamsters 1/16

    I'll be down, bringing a buddy for some crazy end times shenanigans.
  14. Warhamster Dance 1/9

    I might be a little late but I'll be there
  15. Warhamster Dance 1/9

    Well @Sherbert, shall we play something? Otherwise I probably won't show this week. I'll even give 9th.2 a try if I must.