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  1. 8/15 Warhamster Game Night

    Well I'll probably end up doing TNT, need to get good. Sorry mang
  2. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Lol yea, she just decided this last night. Finally have some days off together. But next week for sure then TNT after that.
  3. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Hey sorry I'm going to have to cancel, wife had plans I didn't know about and we're driving out of town again ?.
  4. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Ight, bring it on
  5. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Lies!! You just don't like me!
  6. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Good point, seems no one wants to 40k with me. I can test it out with yea. I'll have to read and reread the rules but I should be ready.
  7. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Aren't we doing this in a couple of weeks?
  8. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Lol oh well, looks like I'm still opponentless.
  9. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    40k!!!!!! My ad mech robots need to punch some faces in.
  10. Warhamsters Assemble!! August 1st

    Sweet, 1500? All I can muster up right now.
  11. Hey I see a header for no game days on the 1st, but I wanna play more 40k. Anyone down?
  12. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 25th

    @JMGraham are you ok with some base proxy? I'm not going to have everything put together
  13. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 25th

    I can 1500 of ad mech
  14. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 25th

    Anyone wanna learn me 8th 40k?
  15. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 25th

    @Sherbert wanna play some 9th?