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  1. Aristeia! at the Rose City Raid! Attention all Aristeia! Team Managers, for one night only we will have a smackdown, single round of pure Aristeia! Mayhem at the Rose City Raid! This event is FREE to participate in for Rose City Raid attendees, and will have some awesome prizes. Pack your team of 8 Aristos and be prepared for a SINGLE ROUND Showdown-style event playing the King of the Hill scenario. We are using the Season 2 rules with the Zlavin mod, with Sponsors allowed as per the Season 2 rules (Sponsors according to your AGL profile). The game will be played Saturday night, in the bar area, after the normal games for the Rose City Raid have concluded, drinking is both optional and recommended. First come, first served, space will be limited!
  2. Also, if you plan on bringing buildings, please sign up using this form: Rose City Raid Table Sign Up
  3. Hey everyone, here is the latest news from the Rose City Raid: Rose City Raid Special Terrain Here is a place for people to ask any and all terrain rules ahead of time regarding the Rose City Raid. I will however preempt as many as I can by describing the standard rules for terrain at the event. Hopefully by doing so, it won’t come to a surprise to anyone what the rules are, and how it is expected that you will play. Please practice by these rules if you can before the event! Special Terrain Zones Terrain Zone Elements. A tree in a woods is precisely where that tree is meant to be. Do not pick up and move around smaller terrain elements within a special terrain zone. Similarly, if you are in base contact with one of these terrain elements within a special terrain zone, and it is obscuring part of your silhouette, you can use it to claim cover. Sometimes a terrain zone may contain different elements of terrain, for the sake of simplicity, the entire piece of terrain will be considered the same. For example, in the picture above all the pieces of plane wreckage will be considered woods, so climbing on top of the wing does not mean you are now out of the woods special terrain. Terrain Zone Height. Any area of terrain, with a clearly defined boundary will be considered a special terrain zone. This can be a pile of rocks, woods, etc. The height of these zones will always be equal to the tallest element of that terrain. For example, a template of woods is as tall as the tallest tree on the template. This means if you can draw LOF over a piece of terrain, you can shoot over it, the way you can shoot over anything else. Terrain Zone Boundaries. As per the rules, any model touching any special terrain element are considered IN the terrain element. For example, some templates of trees may be too dense to move through, but a model can still be affected by the terrain if they enter base contact with it. This means if you enter base contact with a special terrain zone, you are going to be affected by any difficult terrain, saturation, or visibility rules that the terrain applies. Multiterrain. Do not forget that the zone which the Multiterrain skill applies to must be declared at the beginning of the game. If there is only one type of Special Terrain zone on the table, it will be considered the default in case it is forgotten, but on tables with multiple types of terrain, it is very important to declare which type you are using the skill for. Standard Terrain Zones For the sake of simplicity, most terrain zones will fall into these categories. If there is a terrain zone on a table, which does not have it’s own special rules indicated, please use the most appropriate terrain from this chart to represent it. STANDARD TERRAIN ZONES NAME TYPE MOV DIFFICULTY VISIBILITY SATURATION HOSTILE Open Water* Aquatic Very Difficult -- -- No Swamp Aquatic Very Difficult -- Saturation Zone Yes Rock Piles Desert Difficult -- Saturation Zone No Mountains Mountain Difficult -- -- No Woods* Jungle Difficult Low Visibility Saturation Zone No Low-G Zero-G Difficult -- -- No Minefield -- -- -- -- Yes Open Water can apply to anything from the water in a fountain, to a swimming pool, or the open ocean. Similarly, Woods may apply to jungles as well as city parks with trees in them. Buildings Doors. To open a door, a model must declare the Activate skill. The door will not open until the resolution step of the order, and so will not provide LOF to models on the other side until the order is complete. Similarly, a door may be closed by using the same skill (and being in base contact with where the door would be). By default, all doors begin the game closed. Note: If a building does not have doors, then you can obviously ignore this, just walk through the opening. Interiors. Buildings with interiors may be entered through appropriate access points, like doors or windows large enough to accommodate the silhouette of the trooper. Shooting through Windows and Doors. Windows may only be shot through if they are not modeled with acrylic inserts. Open windows cannot be climbed through, unless they are large enough for the model’s silhouette to move through. Models may shoot through a single window or door, so they may shoot into, or out of buildings, but not through buildings. Props Some tables will have props on them, most common they will be landing pads, panoplies, ramps, or elevators. These elements will have the traits associated with them in the Scenery Item Profiles part of the wiki, but for simplicity, are not destructible. Any tables with these elements will have them designated on the terrain rules for that table. Fences. Some tables may feature chain link fences or similar. Simply apply RAW in these circumstances, they probably do not block LOF, are not saturation or visibility zones, and cannot be moved through unless they are short enough to be vaulted. Models may climb over them using the climb skill as normal. Hostile Terrain With the update to hazardous terrain in the Daedalus Fall book, you can expect a very small number of tables to have Hostile Terrain elements. On these tables, it will be clearly defined which elements are hostile, what rolls are affected, and what the effects are. Samples. As an example, here are how minefields and swamps will work: HOSTILE TERRAIN NAME HOSTILITY LEVEL DAMAGE ATTRIBUTE Minefield Dangerous (18+) 13 (Shock) ARM Swamp Insecure (20) IMM-2 PH-3
  4. I love your enthusiasm Paxmiles, but I would very much recommend playing a few games before diving in (though if you have the hankering to assemble minis, you can’t go wrong with a starter pack). The common wisdom with list building is that you want 10 orders worth, or 14+. If you think of orders as the resources needed to punch faces and score objectives with, then a list which has only 8 is going to have a very difficult time doing either. If you are interested in Combined, I have a large number of them and would be happy to teach you to play. I’m down in Sherwood and we play are Glimpses of Wonder on Thursdays. Alternatively I’m sure @Raindog would be happy to teach you at Ordo on Sundays, or @WiseKensai at Portland Game Store on Mondays.
  5. Jon and I are going to be just getting back from Adepticon, so instead of killing ourselves lets go back to the basics and play 200 points! That’s right, cut that list short, there’s no reason you can’t finish these games in time. You’re going to need some specific tools though to manage in The Grid, as well as a means to get across the board and back in Capture and Protect… and just to make things interesting, low point Biotechvore! Saturday, April 6 Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare Sherwood, OR. 200 Points. No ITS Extras. Standard Classified Deck. Round 1: 10:15-12:30 - Capture and Protect Lunch: 12:30-13:30 Round 2: 13:30-15:45 - Biotechvore Round 3: 15:45-18:00 - The Grid Brutal April ITS
  6. This February it’s all about beating face! Instead of writing lists for specific scenarios, this gives us an opportunity to write our lists to take advantage of specific matchups or different table types. So bring out those big guns and blast your opponent off the board! Saturday, February 2 Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare Sherwood, OR. 300 Points Spec Ops Round 1: 10:15-12:30 - Annihilation Lunch: 12:30-13:30 Round 2: 13:30-15:45 - Frontline Round 3: 15:45-18:00 - Firefight
  7. Don't drag your feet, the Rose City Raid 2019 tickets are on sale and going fast! https://www.infinitythepdx.com/tickets
  8. Now that Raindog and ECI are behind us, let's start the new year off on HARD MODE! We’re going to be playing with Objective rooms, something we’ve skipped for quite a while, and to make it more fun, mercenaries will be in play, as well as the extreme classified deck. January 5, at Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare 300 Points Soldiers of Fortune Extreme Classified Deck Round 1: 10:15-12:30 - Engineering Deck Lunch: 12:30-13:30 Round 2: 13:30-15:45 - Armory Round 3: 15:45-18:00 - Hunting Party Good luck, this will be a hard one! https://www.infinitythepdx.com/news/2018/12/3/legendary-january-its
  9. @WiseKensai wrote a great report of the tournament – https://www.mercrecon.net/2018/11/04/nuclear-november-tournament-report/
  10. I think @WiseKensai and I will be coming!
  11. Don't forget that this Saturday is the first of the month, that means it's time for another Glimpses ITS! The Emerald City Incursion Mk. II is nearly upon us! To practice for the event, we’re going to be playing scenarios from their tournament, using the Limited Insertion ITS Extra. November 3, at Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare 300 Points Limited Insertion Round 1: 10:15-12:30 - Supplies Lunch: 12:30-13:30 Round 2: 13:30-15:45 - Supremacy Round 3: 15:45-18:00 - Acquisition Since the questions regarding the Xenotech and AROs have not yet been officially published, we will be going with the solution suggested by HellLuis to the Warcors, Xenotech’s will not provoke AROs. It’s pretty safe to assume that this will be officially added to the ITS doc at some point. https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/8493b5f3a-nuclear-november Most importantly, this is your chance to win the lovely Aida Swanson!
  12. Hey @DustGod! Personally, I’ll be providing 4 tables, with many more coming from people in the community. @Raindog is working on a table too I’ve heard! First round pairing happens randomly, though I may allow first round challenges next year, for people who want to make sure they get a game in against a specific person. After that it’s done based on score. Table assignments are similarly random at first, but then players with the highest score gravitate towards table 1. Each round all players will be playing the same mission, on whichever table they’re assigned to. Speaking of hard work, Obi has started to post sniper shots of the exclusive Drunk Yuan Yuan miniature which all attendees will receive!
  13. And the last example for now: The three examples show low-mid-high coverage of special terrain, every table at the RCR should have at least as much special terrain as Sample 1, and no more than Sample 2. 🙂
  14. Here's another example:
  15. Here's a sample image for one of the game tables. To help people get an idea what to expect, I'll be writing some articles with sample tables and strategies for playing on them. Every table will end up with note cards for each of the special terrain elements so that people have quick and easy reference for which rules to apply.
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