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    Urban Jungle and Aquatic Terrain

    That sounds rad! I’ve been considering “within X-inches” types of terrain, I think the only issue comes down to it being difficult to tell when measuring LOF, and easier to forget during the game. I am making some low-standing terrain though to make it so I can have portable saturation zones, without being difficult to see the boundary of. I'd be happy to donate a pair of these to Ordo for use on that table once I get them cut, I'm using them for the exact same purpose, to serve as the dangerous venting around my power station . The interior, where the green hexes are, is going to be cut through, and the whole thing fits around a computer fan I have a bunch of, to create the fan part of the vent. This lets people just easily play that the entire terrain piece makes a nimbus zone that projects upward. The whole thing is about 5" across.
  2. thediceabide

    Urban Jungle and Aquatic Terrain

    Thanks! I'll hopefully have them all done by the end of the week. For the Rose City Raid, every table will have at least some difficult terrain like these to navigate through, many may have some exceptionally weird things like Nimbus Zone generators (which I'm working on now as well), minefields (non-difficult, but highly dangerous), and other fun things to worry about. 🙂
  3. thediceabide

    Urban Jungle and Aquatic Terrain

  4. thediceabide

    Urban Jungle and Aquatic Terrain

    Here's the base for the another park, the third park will probably be a duplicate of the one with the fountain.
  5. thediceabide

    Urban Jungle and Aquatic Terrain

    Hey guys, thought I'd show off a little project I'm working on, in anticipation for the Rose City Raid 2019. I've been making urban-friendly areas of terrain, so that we can add them to any board, in case someone doesn't bring adequate special terrain. For aquatic terrain, I've been making fountains and ponds, complete with sculpture for the middle, and for woods I figure what's nicer than some city parks. Obviously these are still very WIP, but I thought I'd throw them out here so you guys know what kind of things to expect next year. If you want to make your own, these are really inexpensive to make with some extra bits and some cheap painting boards: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BLX2J1X/ Still have a ways to go with some plasticard before painting and adding trees and water, but I'm pleased with how quickly these came together.
  6. thediceabide

    CB News

    My totally uninformed theory is that we see a Shasvastii vs Tohaa battle pack. Carlos said they are working on the new Shasvastii art, last Adepticon he mentioned new Tohaa models in 2019, CA and Tohaa are perfect rivals for a battle pack, and they are the last two armies that aren’t in one.
  7. thediceabide

    Discover + Discover

    My mind was blown too, though I'm pretty sure we determined it was legal at the RCR, which caught Tony off guard. It's a short movement skill, and so you can declare it twice.
  8. thediceabide

    Looking For Games

    Can’t wait to see you! FWIW the next Glimpses ITS is always posted as the alert at the top of the page on InfinityThePDX, and goes up immediately after the previous event. 🙂
  9. thediceabide


    They do have beer, and tonight I’ll be bringing COLDFRONT, in all it’s assembled glory!
  10. thediceabide

    Operation Coldfront

    Don't forget the advanced pack! That gets you pretty close to the 160.
  11. thediceabide

    Operation Coldfront

    There’s free shipping over €160, so if you get a group order going for the club people can save a few bucks if you’re going to order from CB.
  12. thediceabide

    Rose City Raid Review

    You guys did some solid work, I'm both thankful and impressed by all the terrain you brought, and how great you guys all were. Thanks to all of you who came!
  13. thediceabide

    Rose City Raid Back-Up Players

    Hey everyone, the Rose City Raid is fast approaching! Currently we still have all 32 slots accounted for, but I assume that there will be some last minute drops. Is anyone who didn't get a ticket already interested in filling those spots? You'll basically be flying standby, but there's still a chance to play and you'll be fully eligible for prizes like any other player.
  14. thediceabide

    Anyone need a JSA Support Pack?

    Eric is on his game!
  15. thediceabide

    Anyone need a JSA Support Pack?

    I’ll try, if not we can figure out another time. I know you’re good for it.