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    Special Terrain in Infinity

    Hey guys, since there are going to be several tables at the Rose City Raid which will have Special Terrain (water, woods, mountain, etc.), I decided I should probably take a minute and write up an article breaking down their gameplay. I know that personally I got many of the rules for special terrain wrong or confused, so it was helpful to research into it and figure out RAW how it's all played. It turns out that it's actually a lot easier and intuitive than I previously thought. https://www.thediceabide.com/blog/2018/5/7/infinity-101-special-terrain
  2. thediceabide

    Cinco De Murder ITS!

  3. thediceabide

    Cinco De Murder ITS!

    Coming up this Saturday, see you there!
  4. thediceabide

    Cinco De Murder ITS!

    On May 5th we being our preparation for the Rose City Raid, and for extra giggles, Spec Ops! Hosted at Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare, I'll see you for Cinco De Murder! 300 Points Spec Ops in use! Round 1: 10:15-12:30 - Transmission Matrix Lunch: 12:30-13:30 Round 2: 13:30-15:45 - Supremacy Round 3: 15:45-18:00 - Safe Area
  5. thediceabide

    Rose City Raid Tickets

    I'm also still very excited about these patches.
  6. thediceabide

    Why I quit Infinity.

    MAN, you seriously got me there.
  7. thediceabide

    Rose City Raid Tickets

    Hey guys, the rules for the Rose City Raid have been posted, please check them out if you're planning on coming! https://www.infinitythepdx.com/tournament-rules/
  8. thediceabide

    Rose City Raid Tickets

    The patches are here!
  9. thediceabide

    April Betrayal ITS

    here is the OTM link for April: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/2692b61bd-april-betrayal-its
  10. thediceabide

    April Betrayal ITS

    Betrayal is upon us! On April 7th we are playing an Escalation Tournament focusing on the B4ckd00r Crisis, meaning you must bring 3 lists, one for each scenario, and each game will count for points in the global event! BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR LISTS so that you can represent your faction! Escalation Tournament No other extras in use Round 1: 10:15-12:00 - The Grid (200 points) Lunch: 12:00-13:00 Round 2: 13:00-15:15 - Rescue (300 points) Round 3: 15:15-18:00 - Comms Center (400 points) Backdoor Crisis: https://its.infinitythegame.com/challenge/b4ckd00r-crisis OTM Link coming soon!
  11. thediceabide

    March Démarche ITS

    Thank you all who showed up, that was a fantastic tournament! See you next month for April Betrayal!
  12. thediceabide

    Infinity at the 2018 OFCC

    Awesome, what’s the second event?
  13. thediceabide

    March Démarche ITS

    Can't wait, it is a fun mission lineup!
  14. thediceabide

    March Démarche ITS

    Hey guys, the March Démarche ITS tournament has been posted on OTM: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/rsjdvk4a-march-demarche Be sure to submit your lists if you're interested in coming, that's needed to earn points for your faction in the B4ckd00r Crisis.
  15. thediceabide

    LVO Goodness

    It was a blast, you guys should come next year! I did a write up about my experience at the event: https://www.thediceabide.com/blog/2018/1/30/las-vegas-open-a-druze-recap