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  1. SPaceORK


    I did! Don't you kinda live in another town not close to us?
  2. SPaceORK

    Warhammer Fest Europe - 40k stuff

    I've had the complete opposite results for orks. They can't shoot in kill team and they don't really have a attack phase either. So you must burn!
  3. SPaceORK

    Pinkerton Planetary Defense Militia

    I dunno! I want to use mini titans for something! Heck they might be the first models I buy just to look at.
  4. SPaceORK

    Warhammer Fest Europe - 40k stuff

    Umm... I would like to be allowed in the RoC. I've asked a couple times and haven't heard any response either direction. But on topic! I really want all the titanicus models, but not for actual titanicus. Like I want to use them for dreads or something. The warhound should be just the right size for a normal dread.
  5. SPaceORK


    Well its been a weekish and I still dont have any new killteams.... but I suppose I do have some action shots of some... Here we have the guardsmen running towards their natural habitat, cover! Surprise! Clowns Mutha F.... Uhh yea Xenos sighted. Clowns do burn though!
  6. SPaceORK

    2k IG List

    That is an improvement over the previous list just because of the plasma. There are still tons of tweaks and additions I would do to the list but its still a solid core of an army that should play well.
  7. SPaceORK

    Returning to 40k; what units to buy?

    If your not playing competitive, not aiming for this to be your main army, and since this list might not exceed 2k, just play whatever feels right. Black templars are supposed to be choppy right? Then a chaplain is great. Emperors champion and a generic Smashcaptain ( captain with jumpack, storm shield and thunder hammer) should also be good. I feel you should also be doing max squads of Crusaders armed with bolt pistols, chain swords with some plasma and thunder hammers/power fists sprinkled it. Screw the transports, just run screaming across the table till you sink your chainaxe into heretics and xenos. Want some land speeders? Add them. Rhino chassis? There are good ones for sure. 8th is great because the gap between a bad army and a good army isnt that far apart. So if your skillful enough you can pull out some wins with anything. Yes, eldar, guard and knights are the boogy men, but all the rest of the armies put in top 8 showings all the time.
  8. SPaceORK

    Red Wunz Go Fasta

    Yes! Yes! I dont own a single buggy cause they look like trash.... but now, everyone shall reenact Fury Road! I hope the bikes are unique skulpts. And more ork terrain is always welcome! Maybe orks will get factory terrain?
  9. SPaceORK

    2k IG List

    They are pretty worthless when you compare what they do to anything else. They dont shoot well, and bullgryns are unstoppable killing machines soooo, yea. But who cares! If you wanna play them go ahead!
  10. I've had one of these guys in my bitz box for years. Had no idea what it was!
  11. SPaceORK


    I decided to throw some paint on models since its going to take a bit to finish the rest of the killteams. Changed up the Space Marine Killteam since I picked up a 3-pack of Reivers . Wow... When you get that close you can totally see the missed mold lines and the messed up wings on the regular sergeant. Anyways, Leader Intercessor Sergeant, Space Marine Sergeant and a Scout Gunner Heavy Specialist. Reiver Combat Specialist, Tac Marine Gunner Sniper Specialist and a Reiver Sergeant.
  12. SPaceORK


    Well I'll get some games in this week. See how they do.
  13. SPaceORK


    Haven't played it yet! I've got a couple games in with the ad mech, deathwatch, orks and death guard. In my limited experience close combat and flamers are the way to go. Unless you dump a ton of cp for your Heavy and double tap them. So a bunch of eldar don't seem like the greatest? Maybe the tons of dakka they put out will kill guys?
  14. SPaceORK

    Help painting a Stompa

    Are we gonna see the stompa? I think we want to see the stompa...