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  1. SPaceORK

    The Big FAQ

    Huh... So we've been deepstriking after turn 1 for like what? Since 5th? Cept now we have no random scatter and can decide what turn we want them to arrive. Turn 1 deepstrike was ridiculously broken and I used it constantly. Turn 1 deepstrike in your own deployment was ridiculously broken and I also used it constantly. Turn 2-3 deepstrike is now something I have to think about instead of "hur-dur of course I deepstrike". I will still use it on a regular basis however. If you think keeping a unit in reserve with the ability to put them almost anywhere you want, is not a good ability then I don't know what to tell you.
  2. SPaceORK

    The Big FAQ

    Written by the guy who actually causes about 75% of the nerfs as well.
  3. SPaceORK

    they're good canids Brent

    I was also thinking this when I read the rules for Aximilian.
  4. I understand if you like certain models or already have models with the listed wargear, that you want to play with those models. However since you posted your list I also assume you want some input. Your other list was probably better. It basically focused on doing one thing well and needed very little tweaking to take it to that next level. This list takes the previous list and adds unnecessary shooting with overcosted models. Also again, way to many stormshield. The runic priest is great with the -1 power that also gives you the -1 stratagem. Space wolves (with the exception of long fangs) want to be in combat because of the +1 ws (which also makes powerfist and thunderhammers way more accurate). Without a deepstrike stratagem, aggressors will most likely die in a turn without doing much themselves. Your original list already had a great built in plan of waves of assault with scary things. It had a bit of fat that needed to be trimmed in order to make it even scarier but it had potential. If you simply like the models (I also love the idea of th/ss werewolves) I say go for it with either list exactly as is.
  5. The are a gun platform... They have terrific gun options.
  6. Most of the time 5-10 man objective grabbing troop screens are better that 1 attack. But your results may be different.
  7. Or screen for them? But yea leviathan dred. Cannons for non infantry and elites, grav for horde and Titan models.
  8. But I suppose you asked how can you make this list better? Well start dropping storm shields. I know you wanted them as part of the theme of the list. But you don't need so many. The big wulfin unit should have 4. The little units, 2. Same with the thunderwolf cav. Give them about 2 each. Your only trying to not die to lascannons and such for the first turn. If they focus fire on any one unit it will die. So save points. With those saved points add more blood claws. Maybe a axe or powerfist in each squad? Shave the meltas of the priests. Your a cc army with a ton of strength 8-10 attacks. No need for melta. Thunder wolf cav should have ss/chainsword on two guys, chainsword on two and a guy with thunderhammer. This way you have a ton of anti infantry attacks with a dash of s10. Also since they will probably die it's not as big of a deal, points wise, when they do. Send the army in waves. Thunderwolf charge in first or second turn. Followedd by the wulfen. By the time the blood claws get there, they should be able to clean up or push the combat in your favor. Also I highly suggest finding room for a ruin priest. I believe they have a stratagem or power that gives everything within 6" -1 to hit. With a on foot cc army, this is almost an auto include.
  9. If you like the army and plan to play in a casual to semi competitive environment it should do fine! I was saying if you planned to go to a tournament thats when things like only having 45 space Marine bodies will start to show. Marines in general are overcosted. Wulfen, while resilient, are not worth the point. Catachan guardsmen can and will eat you in cc and shooting. Even if you kill 20 of them that barely pays for a couple wolfin? And since only two of your models have "fly" they will just screen you out, pour shots into a unit, kill it and move to the next. It's late so I can't be 100% but death hex I believe removes invulns from a unit, so chaos can just ignore your storm shield theme all together. It's a super fun list, I had one very similar. But it won't hold up in a tournament environment. Buy if that's not what your shooting for then have fun! I'm working on an all dred list myself.
  10. This should do great in a casual environment. And if you love it play it! Against more tournament oriented lists, the lack of models will probably be apparent. Also 3++ is not that amazing, and will be brought down via tons of shots or attacks.
  11. SPaceORK

    Biggest "Marine" models?

    Custodes have almost zero customization. If you have the skills to sculpt have at it, Primaris on the other hand interact well with almost all space marine bits. Very easy to kitbash. And I can agree with happycamper, hellblaster +ancient/apothecary is super awesome. I would make em deathwatch so the interssors have a bit more punch with the speacial ammo but thats me.
  12. SPaceORK

    Space Wolves

    Ok Ive been watching your progress on the wolves for awhile now (Ive had 3-4 sw armies at this point) and excellent work. But this... This choked me up a bit.
  13. SPaceORK

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Ghost in the Shell 7/10 Never watched the anime so I have no idea what didnt follow cannon, but it was a solid sci-fi movie. Precious The most cringy movie I've ever seen, not because of the quality of the film, which was good. But the content. Baby Driver 7/10 Solid, not all about cars and stunts. Unique if predictable.
  14. SPaceORK

    So what do I need?

    Thank you guys! Very much appreciate the help. So I'm assuming I can use the Maggotkin of Nurgle book with both Glottkin (duh) and Archaon cause they both have MoN?