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  1. Gaming this Weekend

    I may be there depending on how things at Rune & Board or GG.
  2. Gaming this Weekend

    Oh... I read that as speak to a guy and he'll give you a deal on reserving a table, not speak to a guy a get the league discount on models. Sweet!
  3. Gaming this Weekend

    Wait... I have to pay to play at Guardian Games?
  4. Gaming this Weekend

    So I'm going to be in Portland this weekend and possibly part of the following week. Where can I be able to get some games in? Can I just go to the Ordo Clubhouse?
  5. conversion question.

    Really depends on the quality of the conversion. If it looks awesome then yea have at it. If it look like you put no effort into it, then no.
  6. Warlord from an Auxillery Detachment?

    Yes? I suppose you can do this. But why?
  7. "So hey guys! You know all those cool centerpiece models you have for you armies that are pointed appropriately (Fellblade, mastadon, warhound, various other hq's n' such)? Or maybe need a slight points increase (bigbird, all the other greater demons, a few others)? Yea, we're going to bump all of that by at least 30%. And for fun we're going to just double the points on some things, cause screw you." "Oh... And those things that needed a decent nerf (Rowboat, Cawl), yea no. They're fine." "Oh, frak conscripts, let's nerf em again" Signed - GW
  8. Eye of Night

    Yes, yes, no and why would you shoot your own vehicle?
  9. Itc and power level caps

    While you can do it cheaper, a brigade of IG cost just a tad under 1k. And that's with a huge amount of mortar teams, sentinels and dudes. Definitely has other purposes.
  10. Itc and power level caps

    Brims and Lords?
  11. Itc and power level caps

    What is 35+ PL that's not forge world?
  12. This still doesn't allow for it in organized play... It's just a official way to may your own badass landraider. Which I like by the way! It's cool. My head is already thinking about quad hurricane bolters n such. But did chapter approved need to cost $5 more because of it? Ehh... No. Super heavies always ("always" being since I started in 4th) had set rules with wargear and such. And no one ever asked if they could play or minded playing against them.
  13. Since this is for open play and not matched, isn't this something we could have already done? I mean if I just wanna put 5 heavy bolters on a land raider, I can just ask my opponent if they are ok with it and house rule it, right?
  14. okay another rule question

    Since 99% if "deepstrikes" are at the end if movement, probably should make your decision based on that.
  15. Astraeus Rules

    If it could carry primaris marines though, it might be worth it.