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  1. SPaceORK

    Shadowspear - New 40K Box

    Do we know the full contents of the box?
  2. SPaceORK

    More GSC previews

    Took a brief look at the codex today. Still seems like a solid utility army with some great tricks and horrifying close combat options. I personally enjoy dropping 20 hand flamers 3" away for 160ish points.
  3. SPaceORK

    SpaceORK's Orks... n' other armies.

    Man it's been a minute but I got another game in. So my opponents army; Kx 139 supremacy suit 7x5 strike teams 2x cadre fireblades and coldstars 3x6 shield drones My list; 3 gallants/ 2 helverins 40x catachans/3x mortars/ commander/ ig wizard / 2x vultures Since he had more drops than me I couldn't really set up my knights in a favorable position. I also figured only one knight would actually make it to combat so... ehh. So deployment and my turn one. I pushed my knights to almost mid table. Moved some infantry squads closer to objectives. Shot with some mortars and vultures. Completely whiffed with the helverins. Got a few reaper points from killing a couple strike squads. I however wasn't thrilled about being that close the cold fusion commander hiding in the building but there is no way to avoid him. View from the 139 as he anticipates murdering a couple knights. Unsurprisingly on his turn, he shoots everything at the knights and a vultures. Luckily hes bad at rolling dice and only managed to kill one knight and scratch the paint on a vulture. He also has to put his cold fusion commander in a bad spot, but he probably didnt count on only doing three wounds. My turn 2. Wiffed with the helverins, vultures and mortars removed several more squads. The closest knight removed his fusion commander. Not a bad turn but at this point its basically score as many points as possible cause I'm not killing the 139. Oh boy! His turn 2 and his streak of bad rolls and my ability to roll a 3++ keeps the knight closest to the 139 alive. Who knew a 3+ invuln was good? He did manage to gun down a vulture with just fire warriors though. My turn 3 and while I'm way ahead on points I'm probably not going to kill his titan. Well here we go! I decided to target his strike squads with the helverins and everything else that can shoot. Moved on to every objective in range. I gota score a bunch of points this turn to win. With one of the knights I move and advance and pop the stratagem to charge after advancing. I take 9 hecking wounds from overwatch, hit 5 times, wound 5 times and... he just dumps them to drones. All 5 hits. Well crap. Which would have been ok but then he proceeded to put a further 9 wounds in combat with the 139. Which is enough to kill the knight. However at this point I'm up by a huge margin in points and its getting late so he decides to call it. I'm not really sure how this would have gone. He would have killed the remaining knight on his turn and then had several more turns to score points of his own. It would have been close but ends up my win.
  4. SPaceORK


    If it's a wash on points how would you feel about a list that lost its loota squad against a ynnari list that lost its spears. I would feel very comfortable. If that was your way to deal with spears one would MFD them as well. And MFD spears player may play a touch more conservative with them allowing for other units to be targeted. I would imagine you would deepstrike boyz next to the reapers if possible as well.
  5. SPaceORK

    SpaceORK's Orks... n' other armies.

    @Lyraeus pretty sure you can use Showin' off first, then the specialist one, all with more dakka and have the 5-6's generating more shots on all three shooting phase with the relic SAG.
  6. SPaceORK

    Forgotten Gargoyles Space Marines

    Might wanna look at AOS tree people for plants n tree branches. And isn't there a gw vine kit?
  7. Well I'm only 4 hours away... and that's "near".
  8. SPaceORK


    Really no need. Power level is for people who dont really care if the game is fair. If it's close enough that's good enough for power level.
  9. Alrighty... since this is for the guardian cup, which is a decent competitive level event, and I assume your goal is to have fun but win more than you lose I'll make suggestions with that in mind. I also am going make the assumption that you can either buy or make models somewhat quickly. Up those shokk attack gun numbers. And put them in the blood moons battalion and make it the specialist detachment. Because of you I've come to see shokk attack guns as awesome, jam 3 in, 1 as the relic an laugh as you "vlorrp" things. KFF doesn't care what detachment it is in. It'll protect anyone. Shave the kombi-rokkits. If you add more shokk attack gunz (which can be character hidden, shoot just as many shots but with rerolls of 1's) you dont need them. Which gives you enough points for your other problem. Not enough boys. Those squad need to be as close to 30 as points allow. 20 or less means 20 attacks left off the table. Not a fan of mad dok. I feel he could be more storm boys. I have other idea but that would really mess with what your doing.
  10. SPaceORK

    More GSC previews

    And 3x20 of them makes delicious biomass for the hivemind.
  11. SPaceORK


    Except they dont have a choice? 48" range and da jump means that 400 point loota blob kills the 350 point shining spear blob, that if left unchecked, will destroy you. And 20 wounds is enough to kill them by 2 wounds. To be fair most people have been using 2x9 shining spears though. But still, they have to deal with a extremely "mobile" army that hits hard and doesn't care about the eldar shenanigans.
  12. SPaceORK

    SpaceORK's Orks... n' other armies.

    No I actually didnt look at that list yet. You have previously said stuff about it and I felt it was to random. Then the relic happened. And being bad moons plus the other double tap stratagem. So as far as I can tell you can shoot 6d6 shots at 7/-5/d6 for 6 cp, generating additional shots on 5-6, rerolling 1's. As well as an additional 2d6 shots from the other two shokk gunz. So you can use the shokk guns for knights and similar then lootas for anything else.
  13. SPaceORK


    I mean tau have no chance against Ynnari/Alaitoc. To many negatives to hit for a bs4 army. No staying power against tanky/shooty/choppy units like shining spears. Reapers destroy riptides especially with fire and fade. And the army can clear drones quickly. On the other hand orks dont care about the negatives to hit. Especially the lootas. With sheer weight of dice they will kill the spears. And with Da Jump they can reposition easily. Plus eldar just dont have the shots to deal with that many wounds. I do think GSC will be a great counter to loota orks because they can shut down the opening turn of loota shooting and clear grots turn one.
  14. SPaceORK

    SpaceORK's Orks... n' other armies.

    It's not finished but after I based the last 20 catachans the army is getting much closer to being finished. 1300+ points of knights makes it easy to finish a army. And I bought more orks... cause I reassessed the shokk attack gun and the use of a 10/20 shoota/choppa boys because of @Lyraeus. Probably going to change the whole list I was using for orks.