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  1. ITC first floor wall LOS rule

    I actually fully agree with you. If you want line of site blocking terrain then build or field line of sight blocking terrain. Because if we do this only for ruins then what prevents us from using it for forests or other terrain features in the future?
  2. Gauging Interest in an AoS Army Grow league

    Might i suggest Fate and Fury up in vancouver. Sundays is the dedicated age of sigmar day and the climate in the store is friendly and air conditioned.
  3. Got my last units done in time. The last 2 are not as pretty as the rest but i'm in for sure. See you guys tomorrow. unrelated note, how do i microwave wooden dice?
  4. OFCC

    Sounds about right, you gotta be tactical with it. Welcome to fighting like the sylvaneth. Plus it's free so it's not a huge loss, but it does make you think what terrain you want to bring.
  5. Practice games for ofcc?

    Anyone interested in meeting after a work day to get a practice game or two in? Maybe some time on the weekend? I'd like to go to OFCC and not be a total age of sigmar noob.
  6. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    Tau XV109 riptide. That flamethrower is brutal and it's faster than it's other riptides.
  7. 2017 OFCC AoS Packet

    Sounds good
  8. For those planning to attend OFCC

    Shared to my facebook, gonna tag some guys. I'll share it to rip city as well.
  9. AoS Game days and locations

    I work swings monday through friday So weekend events are what works for me. But if a moderator wants to pin this topic or make a prettier one I think it'll do us all good to know our options. Especially with book 2 dropping this year.
  10. AoS Game days and locations

    Sorry i couldn't stay, I'm hoping to swing by this saturday to get my zombies and maybe get a practice game in if you'd like.
  11. After a couple days and talks i thought i'd make people aware of AoS days at certain stores. If you know of other stores throw it in the comments so we can get a more accurate picture of the gaming here in Portland and Vancouver. Sundays 12pm-6pm there is the Fate and Fury league $15 buy in with 3 winners at the end of the month. 11017 NE Burton Rd, Vancouver, WA 98682 Saturdays 1pm-8pm at red castle I believe it's free play and the store is super nice and very air conditioned. 6406 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206
  12. Steam Summer Sale is on

    I hadn't been watching it but i can't put it down now that i have gotten it. It does a great job on viking lore and the RPG choices are outstanding. Played 3 hours before i found out you can do non-lethal damage and had to restart. 9/10. Only gripe is sometimes it crashes, from what i hear it happens to a few.
  13. Steam Summer Sale is on

    Expedition Vikings is amazing and on sale. The lore is spot on and the rug element amazing
  14. For those planning to attend OFCC

    Dont forget friendly smack talk as well.
  15. Back into the fray with sylvaneth

    Time to do real modeling