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  1. Exactly @TheBeninator a good quote from English poet Thomas Gray "Ignorance is bliss, Tis folly to be wise."
  2. That I do not know. I emailed them once but no response, I'll give them a call once my armies are up to snuff. I don't have facebook (permanently deleted it), I believe @ClassicFlava is your go-to guy in all things KoW in Seattle.
  3. There is a Facebook group for KoW players in the Washington area that is active. I personally don't use Facebook as I prefer boards like Ordo. Most FLGS in my area are MTG heavy, even though I did check out Blind Dragon Hobbies (in Kent) per @TheBeninator suggestion and they do have all open wargaming (WFB, T9A, 40K, KoW, etc.) on Sundays.
  4. @TheBeninator No, I really want to go once I have my army up whether its my KoW or WFB Orc Army. I haven't been painting much lately, I put together some KoW Orc Gore Riders the other day.
  5. I personally don't go to Seattle because it's a nightmare to drive through. I never been to Blind Dragon Hobbies, I know Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah looks like the ultimate place to play both 40K, WFB, and quite possibly T9A and KoW if anyone can confirm. Game Matrix in Tacoma seems to be a good place to play any wargame and from what I remember Terracrux Games is bringing 40K to their store. But anything between Seattle and Tacoma is practically a dead zone or MTG cash cows.
  6. Yes, more half way between Tacoma and Seattle.
  7. Man, all of you guys live down south. :(
  8. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Captain Underpants The FIrst Epic Movie. Very fun to watch, I laughed pretty hard.
  9. Random Song Thread

  10. Random Song Thread

    Probably one of the best closer songs. The solo on that song alone was amazing! I've been listening to this guy's work on video game songs. Very talented!
  11. Random Song Thread

  12. Alright, cool. Thank you @Andrewgeddon!
  13. Would Black Orcs with paired weapons be best or sword and shield? I'm assembling some black orcs and I was curious..
  14. Random Song Thread

    I have a lot of vinyl. I need to get another shelf because I have a pile building up. I have quite a few cd's and my tape collection is growing. That really sucks about the extra fee, maybe look on discogs or ebay? A lot of tapes I find on ebay are cheap, plus certain shops here in Seattle still sell tapes. Take a look at Kreationrecords.net (it's located here in Seattle) it also goes under by Zion's Gate as well, the guy that runs the shop is a cool dude.
  15. Random Song Thread

    Very nice tapes!! Sodom and Pestilence caught my eye! I have the same Judas Priest 'Defenders of the Faith' tape. I'm still collecting tapes, they're cheap! Yeah I like Robert Lowe but I was just not feelin' it during his time with Candlemass. They have a different singer now but I don't know if he's any good, I'll have to YouTube it and see for myself, ha!