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  1. Random Song Thread

    Probably one of the best closer songs. The solo on that song alone was amazing! I've been listening to this guy's work on video game songs. Very talented!
  2. Random Song Thread

  3. Alright, cool. Thank you @Andrewgeddon!
  4. Would Black Orcs with paired weapons be best or sword and shield? I'm assembling some black orcs and I was curious..
  5. Random Song Thread

    I have a lot of vinyl. I need to get another shelf because I have a pile building up. I have quite a few cd's and my tape collection is growing. That really sucks about the extra fee, maybe look on discogs or ebay? A lot of tapes I find on ebay are cheap, plus certain shops here in Seattle still sell tapes. Take a look at Kreationrecords.net (it's located here in Seattle) it also goes under by Zion's Gate as well, the guy that runs the shop is a cool dude.
  6. Random Song Thread

    Very nice tapes!! Sodom and Pestilence caught my eye! I have the same Judas Priest 'Defenders of the Faith' tape. I'm still collecting tapes, they're cheap! Yeah I like Robert Lowe but I was just not feelin' it during his time with Candlemass. They have a different singer now but I don't know if he's any good, I'll have to YouTube it and see for myself, ha!
  7. Random Song Thread

    Very nice, Candlemass without Messiah just seems amiss to me. My cd player is busted in my truck so I've been listening to a lot of tapes. Here is what I've been listening to through out last week: Slayer - South of Heaven Metallica - Ride The Lightning Kreator - Extreme Aggresion King Diamond - Conspiracy Judas Priest - Painkiller ANALOGUE MADNESS
  8. Grensche

    Various photos of my paintings for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
  9. Random Song Thread

    Rocky George's solo on this song is amazing!
  10. Stitches question

    Shouldn't that be the other way around?
  11. Stitches question

    you let me live because I love your food.
  12. Stitches question

    Well with the scars you could always make up stories on how you got them. I have a couple scars on my face, I had two moles removed, but people don't know that so they asked me what happened. I would tell them all sorts of stories like I got into a knife fight with a Mexican Mariachi Band or I tried to do parkour off of the roof of a house.
  13. GURPS.. :D??

    Whoa, thanks for your insight on GURPS. I downloaded GURPS Lite just to read about it and it seems to be a bit easier to understand, maybe it's because it's the Lite version so there is not a lot of explaining or because it uses six sided dice that makes it easier to understand how the system works. I get easily confused when creating a character for D&D and Pathfinder (basic arithmetic is the extent of my knowledge, I'm a simple man). GURPS Lite surprisingly I was able to understand it's system, which blew my mind. So now I'm even more interested in GURPS.
  14. GURPS.. :D??

    I read that you could use the GURPS rule set to be incorporated into any kind of setting. Like if you wanted to roleplay an office work environment it could work. Normally I don't read about that kind of stuff but I guess with GURPS its possible. I was invited to a RIFTS discord channel awhile back and there was one guy that would talk about using the GURPS system in RIFTS and it would work pretty well. It got me interested because I only know a few RPG's.
  15. GURPS.. :D??

    I'm fairly new in the RPG world.. I know D&D, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and read up on RIFTS. But I keep seeing and hearing about GURPS. Can anyone explain to me how GURPS works and is it a system worth trying out?