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  1. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    Well I’ve got some things in mind from this that I can try into a list and see how it goes (last game of our escalation League is 300 points Biotechvore and I have to get my two in Wednesday before the big tournament Saturday so gotta take things that can move quick). I already have a solid CHA list that I can repurpose and take some uneccesary things out to add things like McMurder.
  2. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    I think I got confused between the two symbio things Tohaa get, though the local Tohaa player loves his beasts and I’m sure I’d be asking about them sooner or later. I was originally referring to the little nugglings that say “nope” to any damage for one turn (hence why I said about them being get out of jail free cards). The good thing about CHA is that I can easily get 14-17 order armies for 300 points so getting McMurder in there won’t be an issue. Would you build an army around him or just have him as a support unit to basically be another nasty piece of work to be dealt with that can ruin your opponent’s day?
  3. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    Out of the armies I’ve faced, I seem to have the most issues with ALEPH and Tohaa (excluding bad dice rolls). Fortunately Ariadna has the great equalizer of T2 for most problems, but the issues I have with the two other armies usually boil down to the insane kit ALEPH can get on its units (MSV 3 was a bitch to deal with, with the only thing able to touch her being a screaming 6 point Galwegan chain rifleing her face) and the get out of jail free card that are symbio Beasts. I also have some issues dealing with TO camo units, however I’ve never had issues against PanO’s TO units surprisingly. I know template weapons are good vs them because you don’t need to roll for them but I usually end up in a situation where I can’t get any into a position to fire at them. What’s some good ways of dealing with TO units without using template weapons?
  4. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    I’ll give it a go with some proxies. It could be interesting due to the special firepower it gives with 4/5 of the Greys having T2 weapons and having the AP HMG. The reason I thought about it was after the game I played vs the PanO Military Orders player with the knight Fireteam I had wondered if a Fireteam of a lot of T2 weapons could even the odds
  5. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    And what about a Grey Fireteam? Is it worth it to take say an AP HMG, two T2 rifles, and two heavy shotguns in a Fireteam to run up the board, or am I probably still better with the Isobel+Grey+Volunteer Fireteam?
  6. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    The trick I found with the Uragan is that you have to run them up the board and put them close to your opponent but still in a fairly safe place. Close enough for the rifle range band missiles to work. Had the perfect situation where it was within 8-16 inches of two guys hiding next to each other just behind the corner of a building and within less than 20 inches of like four guys behind some boxes who would have to close into the 16 inches rangeband to get any shots. One of the two behind the corner moved out and I fired three pie plates at them and killed both iirc, and knocked out another one or maybe two from the boxes group. It of course requires you to be able to roll right up without taking damage (or much damage if your engineer can quickly fix it up), but for 18 points 1 SWC it’s worth it in my opinion in Caledonia What would you think of a list that included McMurder and his cousins, with Wallace to give them a regular order instead of an irregular order, plus obviously support units and other aggressive units for when they get put down? Is it too much fur and fury or just right?
  7. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    Currently my staple 300 point list includes the Isobel+Volunteer*AP HMG Grey and a Wulver Harris with the T2, the Heavy Shotgun, and the Mark 12. It also has a Dozer with the Trak Mul Device And an Uragan to stroll up the field (which it’s actually been somewhat decent), and some Galwegans to toss smoke (and volunteer LT, 112, and a Cateran). It’s a very aggressive list but I like it. Public consensus is that everyone hates the Wulvers, T2 weapons, and the Grey in the Fireteam. I’ll give Wallace a shot sitting in the backfield sometime. Could prove useful, especially if I wanna splurge and get two Caterans to lock down two sides of the board. Someone who I had forgotten about cause I haven’t used him in forever is Mccrough or however he is spelled. The Wolfman with a Templar CCW and MA3. What’s a good way to use him? I did have a game that I can remember where he ran up, popped smoke, and just blind fired chain rifles through smoke at my Yu-Jing opponent (who promptly backflipped away). The funniest thing was his Quang-Shi on his turn *had* to run into close combat with him because of how close he was so he just squashed him. Died next turn of course cause dice weren’t in my favor and he had one wound already taken but it was amusing enough And speaking of him, what about his 23 point cousins? Any point to taking them? Maybe with Wallace in the backfield?
  8. Wellington99

    Ariadna Advice

    So for the past 6 months (give or take a few weeks) I've been playing Infinity up in Ohio with Sean/Xavier and the rest of the Phoenix Nest crew while waiting on 8th Ed. codecs to come out. In that time, I've grown my army from just Caledonia to include some USAriadna and vanilla Ariadna. Right now I feel like I've got as good of a hang of the game as I can for right now, and know mostly how to use my units. I've even gotten to the point where I can understand what a unit is on the enemy courtesy list instead of "Yes, that is a unit with words and things". However, I still have some issues with Ariadna that I'm struggling to fix, and wondered if I could get some advice on what to do, primarily on units but general advice never hurts. I have fortunately progressed far beyond the issue of "throwing surprise parties" for the first enemy trooper who gets into LoF of my camo tokens if I can help it. Right now I have these concerns: 1) Uxia McNeil, the special operative version. I've continued to have lots of issues with her that stem mostly from deployment. I still have issues when I'm going first and deploying her, and doubly so when I'm deploying her when I'm going second, so are there any deployment tips and tricks with her? 2) Van Zant. I always enjoy having him pop up in my enemy's backfield to wreck havoc, but by a combination of me having ran him more than a few times and Yuan-Yuans, people now have backfields that can now seemingly deal with him. How do I best use Zant when everyone is expecting him (even one person amusingly did when I was playing Caledonia)? 3) William Wallace. I probably lean a bit too much on his special fireteam with the Galwegians, as that's what I'll take if I take him, and it usually ends the same way. That being dead on the floor and everyone running around panicking and irregular. What's the best way to use this guided missile made of kilts and claymores that is the fireteam? And what do people think about not taking the fireteam and just sitting him in the corner to be the LT and use other fireteams and other things, keeping him safe? 4) Mormaers and Scots Guards. Is there any reason to take them in either Ariadna or Caledonia, and what's the best way to use them? I can see merit to a 2nd Battalion Missile Launcher guy for AROs (as I've done before) or 2nd Battalion Molotok as a pseudo Tank Hunter w/AP HMG in Caledonia, but it seems like there's better options. The Mormaer just loses out flatly to the Vet Kazak in Ariadna, and in Caledonia I've just never really considered him. There's been units that in my mind's eye seem better for the points like taking a Grey who though has 2 less armor, Frenzy, and no X-VISOR, still seems like a better piece to run up the field. 5) Voronin. I've run him the last three games as it's been the 250 point Decapitation games so I can benefit from the extra order. He doesn't seem too bad for the cost, but what are other's thoughts on Voronin? Is he worth taking in general games over others such as the LT Kazak, or is it like most things, situational? 6) Knight fireteams. Really the only thing I can think of concerning an enemy unit, what's the best ways Ariadna/Caledonia can deal with a fireteam of Knights? One of the PanO players ran one such fireteam and it proceeded to kill virtually everything. I had managed to kill one through sheer number of shots and luck, but the fireteam still remained strong. And yes, I know about T2 weapons, but at the time I had only a Cateran who bit the dust early on in the game. Sorry for the massive amount of text but I wanted to get down as many questions as I could think of that needed advice
  9. Wellington99

    Infinity 2018 Spring Escalation League Rules!

    >Week 1 = 50 points "Here's my army, it's got 5 basic schmucks" "Mine has a schmuck and a guy"
  10. Wellington99

    Why do you pick your armies?

    Think I may've mentioned before that I'm in the far off mystical land of Ohio, but I do play with those in Ohio
  11. Wellington99

    Why do you pick your armies?

    Coming into it from 40k, I was tied between PanO and Ariadna as they appealed to me the most visually and from what little info I had. What got me to be an Ariadna player was as simple as "William Wallace with a claymore claymore" (EXP CCW). Then I got into the Caledonia sectorial, branched into USAriadna, and now have a few Ruskies and the odd frog or two (I'm English so gotta rag on the French any chance I get :P ) I do look back and wonder if I should've chosen for playstyle now and then. Playing a camo marker shell game isn't what I'm good at, but I love the models and the backstory. They're also the least scumbaggy (unless you count "Git off my planet" and "Keep yer stinkin hands offa my tessium" as scumbaggery) compared to the underhanded methods of the others. Ariadnans prefer to shove the knife into your face rather than your back
  12. Wellington99

    12-9 Infinity Tournament Missions and Tourny Rules

    I'd be down for it
  13. Wellington99

    Hello Folks! Let's start talking!

    What days would Pathfinder be? As in I know we do 40k and Infinity on Wednesdays and Saturdays, would it be on the Sundays when the Nest does their DnD? And how newbie-ish friendly is Pathfinder? I'm quite excited to do an Infinity Tourny, even if it is limited to only 10 orders max :P Hopefully the other Codices for 8th will give some needed buffs to those who need them
  14. Wellington99

    Fall Infinity League

    I'm down. Ariadna gu bràth!
  15. Wellington99

    Fate of Konor

    "Xenos factions if you score a win you can choose to take a point AWAY from either Imperium or Xenos." I'm assuming it's supposed to be Imperium or Chaos?