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  1. 12-9 Infinity Tournament Missions and Tourny Rules

    I'd be down for it
  2. Hello Folks! Let's start talking!

    What days would Pathfinder be? As in I know we do 40k and Infinity on Wednesdays and Saturdays, would it be on the Sundays when the Nest does their DnD? And how newbie-ish friendly is Pathfinder? I'm quite excited to do an Infinity Tourny, even if it is limited to only 10 orders max :P Hopefully the other Codices for 8th will give some needed buffs to those who need them
  3. Fall Infinity League

    I'm down. Ariadna gu bràth!
  4. Fate of Konor

    "Xenos factions if you score a win you can choose to take a point AWAY from either Imperium or Xenos." I'm assuming it's supposed to be Imperium or Chaos?
  5. Phoenix Nest 40k/Infinity Fall 2017 Escalation League

    I could be down for that. Just got my Space Scotsmen the other day and would be down for both leagues. Think I have enough for 300 points of Infinity if that's the points that the league would be at, and certainly have enough for 2000 of 40k. The big thing though would be if I can get to a point with Infinity to play semi-competently (especially seeing that I've only played one game thus far)
  6. How best to get started with Infinity?

    I'll be sure to keep it in mind. I did place my order yesterday so I'll have a ton of options. Got the new Caledonia starter, Highlanders, Wallace, a Dozer, a SAS, and a Cateran. With any luck by next week I can get them assembled and start getting stuck in
  7. How best to get started with Infinity?

    Sounds good. Should be able to chat with Sean, Jeff, and Alex tomorrow and maybe try it out borrowing one of their armies. Work out what to get finally what with the new Caledonia pack coming on Friday from what you've said and keeping everything in mind.
  8. How best to get started with Infinity?

    On the original note, I've heard that there are no bad units in Infinity. If that's the case, then (so long as I add another specialist or two) I can pretty much make my army however so long as I use them correctly. Even so, after I get my starting 200 points, what's generally a good next acquirement, or is it wholly dependent on how I wish to spec my army out for?
  9. How best to get started with Infinity?

    No one can resist a Yorkshireman leading an army of big burley Scotsman that can only yell "Scotland Forever!"
  10. How best to get started with Infinity?

    Well I took a bit of a look. Going with the new starter, I can get 200 and 10 orders with adding a Dozer, Wallace, and a Cameronian, though one is impetuous. It also doesn't look like it has any long ranged options with only Chain rifles, a single combo rifle, three rifles, and three T2 rifles. in contrast the other list I'm thinking of with the Highlanders, Wallace, Mormaer, Scot with ML, Cateran, and SAS give me 10 plus 4 impetuous and has a T2 sniper and missile launcher. It means I don't have an HMG or a molotok for medium range but for short and long I'm covered (Unless the T2 rifle and combi rifle count as medium range weaponry which I would think they do? Don't have some of the information on hand atm of writing). Both lists give me a specialist in a Dozer (a variation of the former list has an SAS forward observer instead of the Cameronian), which means I am lacking more than a bit in the specialist department (though the former and the variation on the former give me a paramedic in the starter box). In all, the former has some decent kit with technically 10 orders and can have two specialists if I make the list a certain way, whereas the latter gives me the ability to engage at almost all ranges, fully 10 orders, and solid infantry but with a single specialist.
  11. How best to get started with Infinity?

    I'm actually in Ohio with the guys down in Athens. Got into 40k a year ago with Sean(Xavier), Jeff, and Alex(Kaoshin) and all those in Athens, and now getting into Infinity because of them. I'd probably end up getting the latter list because at least on the surface it gives me a rounded composition, and Wallace + Highlanders is a good combo from what I've heard, but I wanted to know what others thought might be better for a starting player. It's almost like buying a Get Started kit in 40k plus another model kit versus a bunch of different models individually. Both are viable but I've seen the former recommended more often than not.
  12. How best to get started with Infinity?

    I've fairly recently started to get into Infinity. It had always intrigued me before but I never really got around to it until after a bit of "gentle persuasion" (read: pestering, though I would've likely gotten into it at some point anyways). I've firmly settled on Ariadna, more specifically the Caledonians, and with a bit of help, have a list of units to buy to get me started. As when I usually get into a new game, I checked out the free downloadable N3 rulebook, YouTube videos, and messing with the army editor to see what it is I'm getting points wise. I noticed with what I was getting (the hopefully soon to be released new Caledonian Highlander Army pack, William Wallace, and a Dozer w/ Traktor Mul), I was just shy of 200 points, so I thought "why the hell not?" and settled on adding an SAS with chain rifle and grenades. However, fairly recently I've been messing around with the editor some more and chatting to another friend who played Ariadna, and I worked up another group of units to get that also equals 200 points (Wallace, Dozer, SAS with chain rifle and nades, Scots Guard ML, Cateran T2 Sniper, Mormaer T2 rifle, and the Highlander Rifles). From what this other friend has said, this list does give me options and flexability, but of course the previous list is certainly cheaper, basically coming down to paying 26 bucks more for the latter or waiting perhaps another week or so for the former. For a brand new player who has experience with other table top games (WH40k specifically) or any kind of new player, what do you suggest in general? Do you suggest getting what was originally suggested to me (sectoral army pack, lieutenant, and engineer) or to try and get enough for a standard game of 200 points, or trying for a more allegedly flexible list? I have no qualms about spending slightly more as I'm coming from 40k and if in general the latter idea is the better idea, I'm more than happy to dump the cash to get them.
  13. anyone spliting or trading?

    If I wasn't already trading my Chaos stuff off to Jeff I'd be happy to trade it to you. Gonna be getting used to 8th with the Primaris Marines before getting my Guard stuck in.
  14. Astra Millitarum Questions

    Thanks for all the advise, Tallarn. I see that abour more than half of your lists contain sentinels in some form, which as one who loves his walkers is great to see. Unfortunately my friend who I've been helping vehemently dislikes them (They resemble something AdMech...somehow...), so much so that he doesn't want me to talk about them when I'm talking about a match I've had (unless they did poorly). He also is against taking Vendettas in his list (the reason I cannot remember but I think more fluff based) despite continuing to mention he needs more firepower (even if Vendettas are not the best for it depending on circumstances). He's basically trying to run a mechanized guard list, something similar to your Blitzkrieg force except without conscripts and sentinels and with Pask. Some bits I do remember is he has Punisher Pask with a Vanquisher and his vets have the Grenadier doctrine (15 points for 4+ armor save).
  15. Astra Millitarum Questions

    For those of you who've used Pask in a Punisher, would you recommend tossing another Russ or two into a squadron with him? And if so, which variants? I'm going to see about getting him at the earliest convenience, and my friend who's also gonna be starting guard when 8th comes around is planning on taking him with a Vanquisher, banking on the order that makes them fire at different targets (He is a 100% newb when it comes to the game though he knows a fair bit about the lore and is only making a list right now). Personally I can see putting him with the likes of an Exterminator or even a Demolisher, but it doesn't seem like its a good idea in my gut. Also as sort of a general question, what makes up a well balanced Guard list for you? A list that's fun but also can do well enough against most?