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  1. Natetehaggresar

    Question on MI

    Technically only limited insertion fomat prohibits the strategic use of command tokens. A single combat group list prohibits being stripped 2 orders. Your opponent can still use a command tokens to limit first player to using one command token first turn.
  2. Natetehaggresar

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    Thanks for the good time @Raindog!
  3. Natetehaggresar

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    Hey I'm last minute trying to decide what food to bring.... Does Ordo have a microwave?
  4. Natetehaggresar

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    @thediceabide has a narrative infinity rule set on Facebook, "Gangs of Neoterra," which is a take on infinity mixed with necromunda. So all your dudes level up, but none of them start as bad assed as a swiss guard. A campaign pitting your team against some zombies alone sounds kinda boring IMO. If they're zombies they may as well be NPCs and you can play the game solo. One system I liked a few years back had a very interesting take. Each campaign had a number of players managing their gangs, and the campaign itself had a third party act as something akin to a game master. Each mission could have npcs that didn't act based on present rules, and you could do thinks like have ambushes or lots of hidden information about the board and NPCs the players themselves didn't know about. Fwiw the game was called "wreck age." The problem with narratives is they need substantial planning and involvement to be satisfying. A bad narrative is easy to create. I think that's one reason for the reliance on ITS. You can set down with anyone who plays and get a relatively satisfying game experience, without substantial planning or long term i.e. league commitments.
  5. Natetehaggresar

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    Hey @dataentity, Some games just have dumb luck. I had a few in a row last month, I had one against @WiseKensai where get got 4 crits on me during my first turn, and a similarly unlucky tournament earlier that week. Something about infinity compared to 40k is that you have fewer units and fewer dice rolled in a game. When you make 100 die rolls or fewer in a game outlyers occur, when you make 1000+ die rolls, it's more rare to get a freak game. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. If the dice say no, it's not your fault, there is actually nothing you can do, so don't sweat it. That said, three take aways. 1. I always have terrain that can block Los to S7 on my tables. Tags are hard enough to use, no reason to make it even harder. (And I mean always, even when I'm not using a tag, my opponent might be bringing one.) 2. The only bad range on a HRMC is 0-8. They drop to +0 outside of 32. The worst you could be at is -9 for TO and cover, baring things like low vis zones. 3. Don't over extend a tag. They're really powerful, but as you see can be really fragile to certain types of attacks. I always leave orders in my pool to retreat my tag to a safe position. Never let an opponent get free hacks on it. (Accidents happen, and you were tilted, just keep calm and carry on). @Raindog has played against my Sally once or twice, and he's always shocked when I run away after a good turn.
  6. Natetehaggresar

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    Yes spare painted tables are available at your request...
  7. Natetehaggresar

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    For what it's worth you generally don't want to infiltraite with a sniper. I normally keep mine hidden deployed towards the back of my d zone watching very long lanes. BUT sometimes there is an excellent opportunity to exploit the infiltration. One game I played there was a building with a shallow slanted roof just out of my Dzone. I could deployment prone on the roof and watch the whole oppsite (right hand side) while being blocked by a chimney from across the board. It nailed down a vanguard link and a sogarat (bad ranges). Just because you have a skill doesn't mean you always need to use it.
  8. Natetehaggresar

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    There is a big difference between TO (hidden deployment and -6) and just regular camo. Also the ojotnik is generally a better gun (for the price) anyway and doesn't cost swc.
  9. Natetehaggresar

    Data Entry - An attempt at a blog thing

    Spekr MSR is my favorite Spektr, don't talk crap about him. You need to know where to deploy him, and when to pop him. If you do either wrong he sucks, if you do them both right he is a nightmare.
  10. Natetehaggresar

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    You can put me down
  11. Natetehaggresar

    Got no veterans day weekend plans!

    Well, thats lame, But if you get better before next weekend, the 10th and 11th, please let me know.
  12. Natetehaggresar

    Got no veterans day weekend plans!

    Woot! I have a table at my place in North East Portland. Let me know when on Saturday you wanna play.
  13. Natetehaggresar

    Got no veterans day weekend plans!

    Hey all, the missus and junior are going to Bend that weekend and I'm staying in Portland. Who wants to play infinity or dare I say, maybe some Aristeia????? I know some people are going to Seattle for the ECI that weekend, but not I! Please let me know if you want to play, I'm free all day November 10 and 11!
  14. Natetehaggresar

    The Infinity Run

    @DustGod The effect of landing a hit with a mine dispenser is to place a mine, the attack doesn't cause damage. Mml2 changes your damage to add shock. In this case MML 2 has no effect. Fwiw mines already have shock.
  15. Natetehaggresar

    Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Motorcycles categorically cannot cautious advance. (Neither can remotes or tags) http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Cautious_Movement