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  1. So i amassed a bunch of Tau stuff (some via trades with the fine folks here) but in the end, I cannot escape the Elven curse. Everything is NIB. I'd like to see what kind of trades are out there. I'd like NOS or Unassembled stuff. Metal is fine, as long as it's complete and undamaged (paint is cool for metal) I can also sell, if need be. For trade, I'd be interested in High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Daughters of Khaine, Sylvaneth, Daemons, Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins. Possibly Chaos Warriors. WFB 8th Edition Rules and Battle Magic deck, WFB templates, counters and uncut movement trays would be cool too. I have: 3 Hammerhead/Sky Rays ($40/each) 3 Devilfish ($25/each) 1 Piranha ($20) 1 Riptide ($60) 5 Crisis Suits (old, single box, $15/each) 1 Cadre Fireblade ($15) X Bitz (including 2 DS8 Turrets, Shield Drones, Command vehicle bitz and a bunch of other fixins I special ordered to make da ladz look good, $20) Thanks!
  2. elvenheat

    Harlequins Limited Edition Dice?

    Awesome. Thanks! Let me know!
  3. I'd like to find these. Multiple sets if possible, but will settle for just one. I have cash and and some metal Necrons to trade (Wraiths, Immortals, Pariahs, Flayed Ones, Spyder, all unpainted metal). Thanks!
  4. Just updated the first post. I was getting too scattered out.
  5. I also have found some metal Orks: Boss Zagstruk (Metal, Assembled) Ghaz (Metal, Assembled) 15 Nobz (Metal) 4 Meganobz (Metal, Assembled) 7-9 Tankbustas including 2 Bomb Squigs (Metal, Assembled) To add to the Elves, I also found some Dark Elves Shades. Also: High Elves 10 Phoenix Guard with Command (Metal, NIB) 5 Swordmasters (Metal, NIB) 10 White Lions with Command (Metal, NIB)
  6. Nice! They are the beasty looking guys with the axes. I also have a resin Valkia the Bloody still sealed in blister if anyone is interested in that. Also, I have around 10 or so metal Dark Elves Harpies (the ones with the boobies). I was going to use them for Chaos Furies in my Slaanesh army, but never got around to it.
  7. Here is a brief rundown of what I have left: Chaos Daemons: Epidemius (Metal, partially assembled) Plaguebearers of Nurgle (Metal 10-man box, sealed) Nurglings (Metal, Unassembled, about 4-5 bases worth) Lord of Change (Metal, sealed) Pink Horrors (Metal, 10-man box, sealed) Screamers (Metal, 5-man box, sealed) Bloodletters (Metal, 10-man box, sealed) Bloodletters Command (Metal, sealed blisters) Flesh Hounds (Metal, 5-man box, sealed) Flesh Hounds (Metal, current sculpt, unassembled) 8 Daemonettes (Metal, assembled, Diaz sculpt) Chaos Furies (Metal, 10-man Box, sealed) Dark Elves Malekith on Black Dragon (NIB) Malus on Cold One (Metal, Sealed) Malus on Foot (Metal, Sealed) Sorceress on Cold One (Metal, Sealed) Dreadlord on Cold One (Metal, Sealed) Blackguard (Metal, 5-man NIB) Blackguard Command (Metal, 5-man NIB) Executioners with Command (Metal, 10 models, unassembled) Corsairs with Command (Metal, 10 models, unassembled) Witch Elves with Command (Metal, 10 models, unassembled) Reaper Bolt Thrower (Metal, assembled) Wood Elves Ariel (Metal, Sealed) Eternal Guard (Metal, 10-man box, sealed) Glade Riders (Plastic, 8-man, NIB) Wild Riders (Metal, 5-man NIB) Wardancers (Metal, 6 models, some paint, current sculpt) Waywatchers (Metal, 5 models) There's more Elf stuff, but this is just off the top of my head. Feel free to PM, guys.
  8. Sounds great! What are you looking for?
  9. As the title says! In addition to the NIB or NOS Tau, I'd also like a bunch of metal Kroot Hounds. Not looking to sell, just trade. Orks: 1 Boss Zagstruk (Metal, Assembled) 1 Ghaz Thraka (Metal, Assembled) 1 Painboy (Metal, Assembled) 7 Tankbustas with 2 Bomb Squigs (Metal, Assembled) 15 Nobz (Metal, 5 NIB) 4 Meganobz (Metal, Assembled) Chaos Daemons: 1 Epidemius (Metal, Partially Assembled) 10 Plaguebearers (Metal, Sealed) 4 Nurgling Bases (Metal) 1 Lord of Change (Metal, Sealed) 5 Screamers (Metal, Sealed) 3 Screamers (Plastic, Sealed) 5 Flesh Hounds (Metal, Sealed) 5 Flesh Hounds (Metal, Current Sculpt) 10 Chaos Furies (Metal, Sealed) Dark Elves: 1 Malus Darkblade (Metal, Sealed) 1 Malus Darkblade on Foot (Metal, Sealed) 1 Malekith on Black Dragon (Metal, NIB) 10 Corsairs with Command (Metal) 10 Executioners with Command (Metal) 10 Blackguard with Command (Metal, NIB) 5 Shades (NIB) 10 Witch Elves with Command (Metal) 1 Reaper Bolt Thrower (Metal, Assembled) High Elves: 5 Shadow Warriors (Metal, NIB) 10 Phoenix Guard with Command (Metal, NIB) 10 White Lions of Chrace with Command (Metal, NIB) 5 Swordmasters of Hoeth (Metal, NIB) 1 Repeater Bolt Thrower (Plastic, NIB) Wood Elves: 1 Ariel (Metal, Sealed) 10 Eternal Guard (Metal, Sealed) 8 Glade Riders (Plastic, NIB) 6 Wardancers (Metal, Current Sculpt, Painted) 1 Great Eagle (Metal, Sealed) Get at me! Thanks, all!
  10. I'd love to get ahold of a bunch of these. Unpainted condition preferred, but let me know what ya got! I have cash! Thanks!