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  1. Those would be cool too, if anyone has spares 😉. I figure assault cannons are more plentiful, so my initial plan is to make tentacled masses with 4 or 5 assault cannons on each limb. Figured it would look pretty traitorously awesome.
  2. Hi all! Looking for a few assault cannons or similar bits to build some chaos-ed up gatling cannon arms for my traitor knight. Really any multi-barrel will do. In the PDX area and have $$ or some CSM bits for trade. Thanks!
  3. I’m interested! I have a dark imperium set on the way, so if it arrives in good shape and isn’t stolen off my porch, let’s trade. They are assembled and unpainted.
  4. Is it cool to just stop in and check things out? I'm new to Ordo and 40k looking to get to know the PDX game nights. Could probably get there between 5:30 and 6:00.
  5. Hi all, new to 40k and looking to fill out a beginners collection of chaos space marines. Any one have some of the traitorous legions collecting dust on your shelves? I'm potentially interested in just about any model that chaos marines could field, although I have a preference for things from the CSM codex so i don't have to buy too many books to start with. And seeing as I'm just starting my collection, all i have to trade is sweet sweet cash. Send me an offer and death to the false emperor!
  6. Does local mean Portland? And if so, what are the dimensions on that case?
  7. One more question. Are super heavies rude in casual games? Because a big stompy chaos knight looks real appealing. And yes, I realize that flies in the face of all the collecting advice you’ve given me.
  8. Thanks for the tips everybody.
  9. Not a bad idea! If they don't sell then I guess I have a cultist army
  10. Just beginning to dive in to 40k and looking to build a collection. I have a large lot of Warmachine Cygnar models that have been collecting dust in my basement, so I thought I'd try here to see if anyone wants to trade or buy before I throw them up on ebay. Everything was purchased used and is in OK to not great condition. Many of the jacks need some re-gluing or minor repair. I never actually learned to play Warmachine, so I don't know a ton about these models. Mostly assembled and about half painted. Open to trades for individual items or the whole lot. Let me know if you want pics or more details. 2 cyclonesGallant and Harlan Versh2 defendersIroncladOk rowdyCenturionThunderheadStorm wall2 sentinel3 Chargers3 hunters2 lancers2 Coleman StrykerJourneyman WarcasterDarius (no halfjacks)Kara SloanSquireTrencher ogreTrencher gunnerMaxwell Finn2 cannons2 Gatling guns31 trenchers5 trencher grenadiers1 trencher ca10 trencher commandos w 3 shotguns6 pistoleers5 stormcallers1 Katherine laddermoreMark 3 Cards and tokensMinuteman
  11. Hi all, I'm a (mostly) new 40k player looking to get started and I wanted to introduce myself to the community and gets people's thoughts on the best way to get started. I played a few games each of 5th and 6th edition but never really got hooked. I've been reading up on 8th and it seems like they've done a great job with it. I'd love to hear folks ideas about: Building my collection: I want to go Chaos and picked up a set of the Death Guard from Dark Imperium. Any suggestions on building out my first list? Where to play: is there still a league at Guardian Games? How do folks find games? Etiquette: is it cool to play before have painted models? What are the general feelings on acceptable conversions (for example, if you want to run obliterators but find the models ugly)? Thanks in advance everyone. Looking forward to seeing you across the table.
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