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  1. This is a Spektrs from the Nomad clan. He has a boarding shotgun. He has a nice stealth capability along with infiltration ability. Well worth his points. Sorry guys this is my off week. See you all next week.
  2. I'm not sure what these "points" give us but here is a miniature that was finished off over 3 weeks ago. He is the Black Friars from PanOceanian. I originally purchased him because I thought he just looked really good. I'm more focused on the Nomads now.
  3. I didn't read the schedule and I showed up today. Happy Easter all.
  4. PortlandOutcast


    I have a team (259 points) that I would like to try out this Sunday. I'm more into learning the skills, weapons, and the full game experience than anything else. The team consist of 7 nomads that also includes a Lt. I don't have any tokens so I might need to borrow some. I might be slower than most game play asking question. Does anyone want to match up that can make a team close to these points?
  5. PortlandOutcast


    @Raindog I watched all of them and had a few questions - 1. one of the videos they started a character in camo. He took a picture of where he should be so the other player has no idea where he is standing. When the turn began he had 1 less command token because no one could see the camo character. 2. You can heal at range? 3. a mech is taken over by being hacked, on the defenders turn when he spends command tokens he spends one to gain back his mech then he re-collects all his command token including the mech one? I'm not to sure how this actually worked. He also says "order reserve"
  6. PortlandOutcast


    Thanks I'll check it out. Thanks for the training yesterday it was extremely helpful.
  7. Is this game still going on every Sunday? I would like to learn the game system if possibly from other players.
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