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  1. Oof. Yeah, looks like Havocs are going to be pretty brutal, stacking some prayers with strategems and a reroll bubble.
  2. I've heard that it should be a model that you used in the event, but I've also heard that it doesn't have to be. I think of it as a tribute to future generations, as they someday look at all the fallen of the participants.
  3. My theory is that they just painted one squad and copy-pasted them a couple times. It wouldn't be the first time GW has done something like that for their pictures. But your hypothesis is equally likely.
  4. I certainly plan to attend. However, I've mislaid my Emperor's Tarot deck, so I can't say at present what the team situation will be like.
  5. GW really trying to tempt me from the Emperor's Light with these sexy Chaos models.
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head here. The Acts we've seen aren't strong enough to gamble on and not reliable enough to trust.
  7. Well, their rant devolved by the third beat to "cheap Guard and Knights are the problem," so I think it was mostly the "free puppies, not kittens" thing pretre was talking about. I'm glad there's no Thousand Sons where I am, though. Those Inferno Boltguns sound horrifying.
  8. Glad to find other people who like the rule. Most of the people I've talked to are salty that there's no AP, that it's not really a buff to Chaos Marines, that all Bolters didn't get this rule. Personally I like the rule; I find it fluffy and possibly pretty effective (not in a position to play my Marines, currently).
  9. So what sort of new models or characters do you think we'll see in the full codex?
  10. I see what you guys mean. The video could have been greatly improved even if it had just been a voice reading announcements over some cool artwork or pictures.
  11. Seems brutal and not very fun for the Sisters player. I guess that's what most people end up having to do against Tau, since Necrons do the same thing, just relying on RP instead of an invuln.
  12. Seems like Sisters vs Tau would be a pretty rough matchup for the Sisters. Tau outrange them with everything, barring the Exorcist. They'd have to get absurdly close, I think, to do real damage.
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