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  1. Ichi

    Sleeping Dragon Awakens - Escalation Blog

    I still stand by my claim i had 1 turn left and 8 orders to score what ever i wanted with no enemy to prevent me. I should of been allowed my final turn of order to score points hahaha I WAS ROBBED I SAY, ROBBED!!!
  2. Ichi

    New Book - Third Offensive

    I honestly think it was just a bad match up for the boracs in most case the boracs would outgun alot of people.....just not 2 invincibles with HMC. The boracs put alot of lead downrange but when compared to invincibles they just dont stand up.
  3. Ichi

    New Book - Third Offensive

    Going to be interesting cant wait for the new invincible army. Played them twice last night with Dustgod and I have to say im very inpressed with the invincibles now. Let alone new models and troops. Just waiting for new models to be released so i can go full ham with it.
  4. Ichi

    New Book - Third Offensive

    Naw that druze army is nasty everything Isolated and or immobile by the 2nd turn
  5. Ichi

    New Book - Third Offensive

    Invincibles you say.....mmmmm might be time for a 3rd army..... been waiting on those. Gonna be nice
  6. Ichi

    ICHI's JSA

    My only response is *cough* 4 orders *cough* 4 orders and 1 Oniwaban is all I need.
  7. Ichi

    ICHI's JSA

    Sorry for the garbage picture
  8. Ichi

    ICHI's JSA

    Ichis JSA Army Hopefully be able to see some of you on sunday
  9. Ichi

    Ichis JSA

    Ichis JSA army
  10. Ichi

    Question about WoW days and such

    Thanks for the info maybe ill swing through this sunday and check things out.
  11. New to the forums and so far my only exp is with Dustgod. My problem is i work mon-sat 3pm-11pm. Just wonder how often games/events are held on sunday at wow wanted to check it out but so far only infinity stuff i have seen are on days i work. Want to get a few games in with other players to see what we are doing wrong learn new tactics etc. So if anyone can shed some light on WoW possible sunday games/events much would be appreciated.
  12. Ichi

    New Book - Third Offensive

    Was a glorious game....half a turn.. 4 orders took out a sheskin, what ever that one guys was and bit and kiss...... 4 orders into an Oniwaban with a boarding shotgun. But still not as great as that line troop with a panzerfaust that almost nuked your sphinx in one aro from the day before....
  13. Ichi

    Infinity questions

    Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Ichi

    Infinity questions

    So me and my brother have played a few games alot of rukes t That we have messed up in the learning process. Some question i have had that i cant seen to find any sort of answer to in my search was wondering if anyone here could possibly shed some light. 1. Model in to camo state if placed in supressive fire does this action force the model out of camo state. Or is even placing them in supressive fire an option 2. Player x uses coordinated order to move several models around the table but these models are not in one group just spread out around the table. Player y has aro options vs these models. Do all aro have to be vs one target losing several aros in the process due to lof or range. Or can models react to these moves with aros to models which they can see. 3. Models hit by impact templates (i think the one where i hit model x model x is the start point of the template) does that template placement have a maximum angle it can be placed at or can it be any angle which the attacker chooses. Aka extreme 180 or 90 degree from attacker Sorry if these are noob questions as sometimes looking through wiki or the rules can lead down this weird rabit hole of you missed this one line bubble placed in the corner that says x. Love the game but man the rules are laid out in strange manor that often leads to misunderstanding along the way.