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  1. I guess my day drinking has gotten a little out of control. but Ill sober up for tonight 😉
  2. "This has been a rough champagne so far. The Orks and Thousand Sons severely depleted our resources. To make matters worse our assault on an Imperial camp turned out to be a devastating trap laid by those damn Tyranid Cultists. But our course is true and reinforcements have arrived... Ave Dominus Nox!" - Warlord Danzig
  3. Ill be there for some Cities of Death!...or what ever 40k anyone is up for
  4. "Even with victory, the orks & the Thousand Sons have taken a heavy toll. Black Wing, take your men to the Imperial encampment. Take the Crimson Eye with you to see what they are made of. Gather what supplies you can....And don't fail me." - Lord Danzig Lucky wins week one. Week one exp: Lord Danzig - 1 Black Wing - 3 Marine melee Squad - 2 Marine bolter squad - 1 "Bug" Chaos spawn - 2 "Slippy" Chaos spawn - 1 Raptor squad - 1 Warp Talons - 2 "Buzigor" Renegade Armiger - 2 No leveling but a good start...More heretic action needed 😉
  5. "An icy wind sweeps the streets as a dark cloud forms. The Sin Eaters have arrived!" “Sin Eaters” 49pl, 3 CPs available Night Lords Outrider Detachment +1 (specialist detachment – 1) “Host Raptorial” (40pl) HQ: Chaos Lord Danzig (lord with jump pack) 6pl, 105pts – 2x lighting claws *Claws of the black hunt*, frag krak grenades, mark of Slaanesh. Warlord trait “tip of the claw” (+2 charge rolls to host raptorial units within 6”) Black Wing (Sorcerer w/jump pack ) 7pl, 125pts – Force sword, plasma pistol grenades. Psychic powers Death Hex, Warptime & smite Troops: 5 man chaos space marine squad (5pl, 76pts) – champion (chain axe & plasma pistol), 4x chainsword bolt pistol, *Icon of Vengeance 5 man chaos space marine squad (5pl, 76pts) – champion ( bolt gun..) 3x marines bolt gun, 1x plasma gun Fast Attack: Chaos spawn (2pl, 25pts) – hideous mutations, mark of slaanesh Chaos spawn (2pl, 25pts) – hideous mutations, mark of slaanesh 5 man Raptor squad (6pl, 109 pts) – champion (plasma pistol, power sword), 2x chain sword bolt pistol, 1x melta gun, 1x plasma gun, Mark of slaanesh 5 man Warp Talons (7pl, 120pts) – 5x pairs of lightning claws Super Heavy Aux detachment (9pl) 1 Renegade Armiger (9pl, 162pts) – thermal spear & reaper chain-cleaver, heavy stubber,
  6. “The Sin Eaters” “There is a wound here…the stench of sin permeates the very being of this city. Let us rip open this wound, cleans the sin with blood & let them know what real fear is.” - Chaos Lord Danzig Danzig has just been promoted to lord by his master the Great Pince Acerbus, the Axemaster. Not much is know about the newly appointed lord. Save he has shown a strong ability to sway those in his charge but in his short career he has not only proven his troops in battle but also has swayed a small army of guardsmen turned Tzeentch cultists & A Fallen Knight Lord, Xuiz the Oath Reaper & his band of defunct knights. Like his mentor Prince Acerbus, worship of the dark gods is to be embraced. For Deamons are in themselves fear. Fear is not as a means but an end in itself Danzig – Night Lords Chaos Lord w/ jump pack (6pl, 105pts) Warlord trait Lord of Terror - Claws of the Black Hunt (2 lighting claws), frag grenade, krak grenade, Sigil of Corruption & jump pack. Mark of Slaanesh
  7. cool. just checking options...chances are if i would bring 1 it would be a baby knight 😉
  8. is there any restrictions on units? i.e.Knights?
  9. He is the best & that the one with the weesel in his pants...but I really like that they remind me of me in tight pants lol
  10. I’ve never played Blood Bowl but I needs me some of them halfling ballers!
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