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  1. I won't be there this week, but pencil me in for a game next Sunday if you gunna be there.
  2. Frequency of new missions gunna be every other week?
  3. How late are folks usually there on Tuesdays? I get off at 7, probably not there till 7:30, just worry not enough time for a game (plus I'm old and udually asleep by 9:30!).
  4. Wish I could, but I just can't make Tuesday nights. I work till 7. Bummed I'll miss it. Now if more people start comin' Sundays...?...
  5. I was doin this for a bit with inceptors too. You only get to with one gun, but it's still 3 s5 ap-1 shots for a dead model.
  6. I find it humorous our team thread has turned into the unofficial how to get away with drinking thread. Yeah, I'm thinking best option will be to brew and keg at home, then bring to event in growlers. I wonder if I can find a way to alter a space marine to be holding a pint glass. Then throw that guy in this cannon thingy at end of the weekend...
  7. Is beer allowed? Can I brew The Imperial Krusaders Kolsch?
  8. So I believe I know how this works, maybe minus a few details. Over all I've been super excited to try something like this. Each team has 4 members with one identified captain. Teams play each other in 4 simultaneous games, with the captains having a prematch pairing ceremony (hence me mentioning playing death guard for a different match up option) to determine who plays who. All 4 games occur and all points are added together to determine winner. So even if you loose your game then team can still win the match.
  9. I could also go this route? Some work to do obviously, but if we want a slightly different army for different list pairings...
  10. Keep me in mind if you do. Would love to participate!
  11. I'd be super intereated in this with one caveat, how often will games be? I ran into this at the end of the escalation league, I just can't always do every week. Something like every two or three weeks and I'm completly on board, but I would hesitate to do weekly and not be able to keep up.
  12. 1250 works for me! See ya tomorrow at 3.
  13. Got an estimate on how many points you bringing yet?
  14. A pure Blood Angels player who home brews beer and only started playing about a year ago...?...
  15. I'm lookin for a sunday night game for sure! 40k.
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