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  1. Hey guys! i missed the last 2 weeks...and can’t be there this Tuesday 😊 but would love to get some make up games in this weekend. Anyone gonna be around for / up for that?
  2. ++ INQUISISTION REDACTION++ As for saving 20ish models. Absolutely! In ITC that means I can deny kills. I did this today in fact in a 2k game against @Jason. I denied several turns of his guard killing full squads of boyz with the Dok
  3. Jason


    The Mordian forges are working around the clock for the next week or so...gotta stay on target....stay on target...
  4. Jason


    The emperor protects!
  5. Jason


    Hmmm I didn’t get anything back on mine and I uploaded a while ago...maybe they just sent the second email because they made a mistake? I’m assuming if I don’t hear from them I’ll be good. I just copy/pasted from battlescribe.
  6. I think 1,500 is a good size game for ITC and the tournament. As a wargamer of course I want all my toys...but slightly smaller games are just as fun as the big ones, and they don't hurt your brain as much over the course of an entire tournament.
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    I’m going! First time for me and a buddy meeting me there from LA. I’m going imperial guard and he’s going tyranids. We’re doing the champions tournament, not expecting to win much, but looking to learn and have fun. The meta as far as I can tell...be able to handle hordes and knights/super elite stuff like custodes. What are you bringing?
  8. Hey all! i won’t be able to make it out tomorrow night. I’d love to play someone new this upcoming weekend. Maybe Saturday or Sunday on the early side? Who wants to take on the Mordian Iron Guard?!
  9. Had a bloody game for round two! Orks and orks Vs. Imperial Guard and Deathwatch. The orks were charging into the imperial line by turn 1 and kept jumping/deepstriking all around us....but with faith in the emperor and solid volleys of bolters and lasguns the forces of humanity prevailed! The Ordo-Xenos surely keeps the Imperium safe from the heresy of the unclean alien, praise be to him on Terra! Thanks to my ally and opponents for the game!
  10. Been burning the midnight oil on some custom storm troopers. Ready to purge heretics tomorrow night!
  11. Don’t bring a knife to a tank fight!
  12. WIP conversions for next round....
  13. Jason

    40k escalation league kick off!

    Meant to post this in the 40k thread...oops 😅
  14. Had a great night and game! In a 2v2 game the ever loyal Mordian Iron Guard alongside Primaris Imperial Fists put down a massive Genestealer Cult uprising (some of them claimed to be normal Imperial Guard, but we know better!) My MVP has to go to my Primaris Psyker! He completely shut down the enemy psychic phases in an epic duel of the minds! Thanks to my ally and opponents for the game 🙂