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  1. Think my opponent might have gotten away with my ‘secure objective #’ card...and I already forget his name...really nice guy with the raven guard army... anyone know who I’m talking about?
  2. I'm bringing 2k of Imperial Guard. Who dares to defy the holy armies of the God-Emperor of Mankind??? I'm down for any mission. ITC, maelstrom, etc. (OR Dropzone Commander....anybody?...anybody?!?)
  3. The United Colonies know not what they do. Put your trust in the Sphere and the Post Human Republic!
  4. Keep your hands off my dities! I’ll bring 40k and dzc.
  5. Anyone else going tomorrow? Would love to get a game of 40k or DZC.
  6. I’d love to play some DZC! I’ll bring my terrain and armies...maybe someone will play with me 😅 but I can bring my 40k too!
  7. Gurrilla Miniatures on YouTube has some fun walkthroughs of singleplayer missions
  8. @Brother Glacius I don’t know what I don’t know in the old rules...but I’m up for a game! @TheBeninator yea! It’s super cheap by the standards of other games and so long as you aren’t playing Bretonians (like me, doh!) units paint up real fast! check out Pendraken or Polar Fox. I’m sure there’s tons of others out there.
  9. @Nick! @Lyraeus @shmitty @Exile Any of you wanna get in a DZC game this Sunday or Tuesday?
  10. Hey @Exile! Just trying to get a sense of who’s lurking out there 🙂 Sunday’s are usually good for me. I’ve got PHR and Scourge. @Nick! not really sure, but I saw they have beta rules up for free:
  11. No idea. I've been out of the loop on the DZC front for a while but I really LOVE the game. The 2.0 rules shouldn't change too much and I'm fairly solid on the current set. I've got 2 painted armies if you want a demo game 🙂 @Nick! @Lyraeus @shmitty how about DZC this upcoming Tuesday at gamenight?
  12. Hey there! when is a better time? Tuesday? Sunday? What armies do you play?
  13. Hey all! Just curious if anyone here plays DZC? Another member and I were thinking of getting a game or two in...and we both have multiple armies and can set up a couple tables with terrain... Any other players out there? Possible interest in a DZC night on a game night?
  14. I cant make it 😞 But could next tuesday....
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