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Found 86 results

  1. List creation stuff here. My faction is World Eaters for the Legion Keyword. Planning to attend GG league, which adheres to the ITC's rules. I'd love feedback on the list, confirmation that my math is accurate, and so forth. I doubt I'll have a viable list anytime soon, and I certainly intent to prioritize fully painted models over more tactically sound unpainted models. Low model count armies will be an initial goal, which will change as I get more models painted. EDIT: Current list on page 8
  2. Psilence

    Space Wolves

    Just gonna drop this here for funzies. Picked up some additions for the Rout. I plan to paint them to tabletop quality by the end of January.
  3. My Tyranids. Started this army in 7th ed just due to frustration with bug players never fielding units I wanted to see. Army is almost entirely Armorcast and Metal. No flying bugs. Not finished painting by a longshot, but I wanted a break from chaos marines (a break from playing them, I'll still be painting them). Not sure which tyranid hive fleet I'm running. Paint Scheme is how I was doing Chaos Spawn for a Tzeentch army I no longer have... Present list of models: 1x Hive Tyrant 3 tyrant guard 2-3 Venom Thropes 3 Exocrines. 20-40 Hornagaunts 10-20 Gargoyles 2 Sporocysts (Plastic) 2 Muclids Mines Many Spore Mines. 6-9 Raveners 2 lictors 1 Zoan/neurothrope. 3 screamer killers. 3 Haruspex (2 complete, 1 missing arms) 1 Dactlyis (missing arms) which I use as a Counts As "Maleceptor"
  4. Despite knowing that it won't be legal in any formal Warmahordes TOs, I've starting putting together a 40k Inquisition themed army on PP bases with the intention of fielding them as the Protectorate of Menoth. Calling it the Inquisition of Menoth. I don't expect to finish anytime soon, but I'm having fun and it'll at least be some good pictures. It's also been a good excuse to buy some really cool models for armies I don't play in 40k. PP started releasing all the rules without the models, so now I'm free to not buy their models and just field what looks fun. I also have some inquisition from previous editions of 40k that I want to field, but don't play the related armies anymore. And I really think PP games need more non-PP conversions. I'll add pictures when I'm more confident in the results. On a more general response, current list of conversions various stages of progress 4x heavy warjacks. Bought 4x Armigers. Tough getting them to fit on 50mm bases, but they really look like "heavy" warjacks. 3x light warjacks. Bought 3x adeptus titanicus imperial knights. Much smaller than the armigers, but look similar enough where they seem like part of the same faction. These fit perfectly on 40mm bases. 1x Vessel of Judgement. Metal Karamazov converted so an even older Lord of Macragge can sit on that throne. Very much still in progress, but looks really cool.
  5. DogsandWhiskey

    Large Pro Painted Ork Army w/ Cases

    Selling my large pro painted Ork army for $1000 OBO. Their older models so a lot of them are made of metal which if your a real ork player you will enjoy because your models can actually be used as a deadly weapon. Everything comes in two cases and is organized in a very practical and convenient load out. I have more pictures so if you wanna see more just ask! Included in the army: 1 Warboss 5 Nobz 1 Pain Boy 2 Killa Kans 1 Storm Boy Nob 8 storm boys 2 big shootas 2 flamea boyz 2 tank bustsas 15 shoota boyz 32 slugga boyz 24 Gretchen 1 Gretchen standard bearer 3 slavers 3 cannons w/crew 2 mortars w/crew 1 zap gun W/crew 5 warbikes 1 warbuggie 3 deth kopters 3 war trucks 1 looted leman Russ Im located in Vancouver WA if your local but am willing to ship internationally as well! The best way to contact me if you are interested or have any questions is through metalmachine09@gmail.com Thanks guys!
  6. Hello there all you hammers! I would like to introduce our team, Just the Dickel! We are @DisruptiveConduct - Khan @Dark Trainer - Matt @Atomic - Marshall @MOONEY - David We will be using this thread to post our lists. Talk about match ups. Design our team display boards. Smack talk other teams. All the good stuff! Join us in our road to OFCC!
  7. paxmiles

    Pax's Eldar

    In line with never finishing any army, I've decided to start collecting Eldar. I say start, but I got a bunch from my cousin, plus a few trades recently, so I'm not sure how many I'll be needing to "collect." Plan is Altaioc, not so much for their rules, but because Rangers are the only troops I have presently. Paint Scheme is sort of tree themed, with it being Green, with wood-like sections, and apple red gems. List is mainly so I can figure out how many points I have. HQ Mugen Ra 140 HQ Baharroth 110 HQ Nightspear 80 HQ Avatar of Khaine 250 HQ Farseer 100 HQ Farseer/Autarch Elites Wraithguard (8, Cannons) 240 Troops Rangers (12) 144 Heavy Dark Reapers (12, including 1 shuriken cannon exarch and 1 missile launcher exarch) 315 Heavy Wraithlord (Spirit Walker) Wraithlord 103+weapons Heavy Fire Prism 155+weapons Heavy Fire Prism 155+weapons Heavy Falcon 125+weapons Heavy Warp Hunter 285+weapons Fast Vyper 50+weapons Fast Vyper 50+weapons Flyer Pheonix 183+weapons Dedicated Transport Wave Serpent 107+weapons Dedicated Transport Wave Serpent 107+weapons Dedicated Transport Wave Serpent 107+weapons Lord of War Scorpion 700+weapons Total: 3506pts (Not including variable weapons or the farseer/autarch)
  8. Have one partially assembled Monolith, with box, with yet-to-be-added parts. No longer running Necrons, looking for a good overlord to take care of this fella. You get what you see in the photos. The Gauss turrets can rotate. Parts should fit well, noticed when I was assembling it some of the parts were slightly warped (as to be expected from a relic from 4th edition), and required a little more work to fit properly. Starting price $30, or equivalent trades in Guard Troops, Elites, Fast Attack.
  9. paxmiles

    Pax's Bugs

    First game with tyranids since I started 40k in 3rd edition (and ultimately decided I didn't have the funds to play tyranids). Bugs were not the primary army, since I don't have enough of them yet. Tyranid army theme is exclusively metal and armorcast models only. Game was very casual and opponent was pure tyranids. FW was banned for this game. We were using the Draft FAQ. Neither of us play very often anymore. I took: Deathwing Redemption Force (Turn 2 auto-arrival) -Librarian (TDA, rolled pyromancy and I forgot to use his powers all game) -Terminators (5x SS+TH, 1 cyclone, sergeant was my warlord and rolled furious charge for unit) -Terminators (AC++CF, 3x LC, PS+SB) -Venerable Dreadnought (ML+MM) -Drop Pod Oathsworn Detachment -Paladin (Stock, first game fielding a knight of any kind) Tyranid Allied Detachment -Hive Tyrant (Scything Talons, Rending Claws, Adrenal Glands) -Maleceptor (I'm using an Armorcast Dactlysis without arms for this model) -Rippers (8 bases, Adrenal Glands) -Gargoyles (10, stock) -Exocrine (stock, love this model, the armorcast versionis just so awesome) Opponent's Tyranids Detachment 1 (not certain on entire list) -Hive Tyrant (Wings, double TL Devourers) -Zoans (2+Neurothrope) -Zoans (2+Neurothrope) -Tyranocyte (Deathspitters) -Tyranocyte (Deathspitters) -Hive Crone -Trygon -Trygon -Termagants (Full 20, most had devourers, some didn't to save points) -Genestealers and broodlord (Small unit, not sure how many) Detachment 2 (Living artillery Formation, I think) -Tyranid Warriors (3, barbed Strangler, Devourers) -Exocrine -Biovores (3) Game was 2000pts. We placed 6 numbered objectives and used the tactical objective cards, plus the three standard secondary objectives. 12" deploy zone from the long table edge. Opponent deployed first and went first, I failed to sieze. I'm terrible at the turn by turn, but I can try. Deployment was opponent putting their detachment 2 in a ruin in a corner, and me putting the Maleceptor, Gargoyles, and rippers in the opposite corner, just outside the biovore range. 2 trygons and a zoan brood in the center, with the other zoans and terms in a pod via reserves. The tyrant and crone also reserves. I put my tyrant as close to the living artillery as possible. The Knight was left-center and my Exocrine right-center. And the Dark angels were in reserve (since their formation requires it). Genestealers later infiltrated in line to assault my Exocrine. Opponent's turn 1 wasn't very impressive. Most of my units were in cover behind ruins, and positioned out of range of opponent's weapons. Exocrine took 1 wound, from the biovores, I think. No other damage. My turn 1 was very pivotal for the game. Opponent had positioned a trygon so it was in charge range of the Knight. Killed a Neurothrope with the battle cannon and assaulted the trygon for 3 wounds. Opponent missed with smash. This locked up the trygon and the Knight, which prevented opponent's main anti-tank (both zoans) from being able to damage the Knight turn 2, which dramatically altered the rest of the game. Otherwise, rippers and Gargolys advanced, Maleceptor claimed an objective, but was otherwise out of range. Hive tyrant advanced. Exocrine, with Onslaught, advanced, blasted some Genestealers, and then ran back a bit. Opponent's turn 2 saw the arrival of the Hive Crone, Termagants (in pod), and zoans (also in pod). Flyrant decided not to participate this turn. Podding terms wiped out the gargoyles for first blood. Trygon died in assault with the knight, with the rest of the tyrants deciding to give the knight a wide birth. My Exocrine died due to shooting and assault. My hive tyrant got reduced to 2 wounds. Hive Crone failed to damage the Knight. My turn 2 saw the arrivale of my deathwing. Terminators deployed in opponent's backfield to snag an objective. Cyclone terminator used frag to amazingt effect against the termagants, killing close to half the squad. Dreadnought landed to engage devourer gants and their pod. The hive tyrant doubled back to engage the Zoans that had podded in, charged, and locked them in assault. Imperial knight moved to engage the Living artilery, destroying both the warriors and the biovores. Maleceptor got of his ruin and got into position to charge the remaining 2 genestealers and 1 broodlord. I used psychic overlord to snipe out and slay the broodlord with focused witchfire (Draft FAQ no longer requires a "hit" roll and he failed look out sir). I then charged and defeated the 2 remaining genestealers with the maleceptor, consolidating back into the ruins. Rippers, intimidated by overwatch from the remaining devourers, decided to move and assist the maleceptor against the genestealers, but failed their charge. Opponent's turn 3 saw the arrival of the flyrant, which immediately swooped in and popped the dreadnought. Devourer gants decided to further flee the terminators, and instead shot and assaulted the rippers, resulting in only a single ripper base survivng. One set of zoans remained locked with my tyrant, while the other, now out range to the knight, attempt and failed to hit the warlord's terminator unit. Opponent's exocrine and trygon wiped the assault cannon terminators. Hive crone continued to fail to damage the knight. Hive Tyrant remained locked with zoans. My turn 3, my warlord's unit left their objective and assaulted the zoans (we tried to multi-charge, but failed to get the other units in). Zoans got wiped, after taking 10 S9 wounds... Knight advanced and slew the opponent's exocrine and dealt two wounds to the remaining trygon with his battle cannon. Hive tyrant remained locked with the zoans. Rippers got wiped in my assault phase. Maleceptor realized it was in range of a trygon and did 3 wounds with psychic overload. Hive tyrant remained locked with zoans. Opponent's turn 4. Lost my warlord (and his unit, including attached librarian) this turn due to trygon and gant shooting, then assault by both (couldn't make 2+ saves...). Flyrant Zoomed to Maleceptor and dealt 2 wounds. Hive crone, yet again, attempted and failed to damage the Knight (really bad rolling). Hive tyrant remained locked with zoans. The 2 tyranocyte (spore pods) drifted towards obectives. My turn 4. Knight wiped the gants with shooting, and charged nothing due to a lack of targets. Maleceptor killed the trygon with psychic overload. Hive tyrant remained locked. Just the 3 units, plus I still had an empty pod with storm bolter which was doing nothing every turn. Opponent's turn 5. Hive Crone continuted to try and fail. Flyrant dropped to the ground intending to assault the maleceptor and hold that objective, but shot it to death. Zoans contined their locked battle with the hive tyrant. At this point, opponent has the 2 flyers (one on the ground), and 2 pods. My turn 5. Knight shot the flyrant with the battlecannon and got 1 wound on it, then charged a pod and wiped it. Hive tyrant remained locked with the zoans. Pod did nothing. Opponent's turn 6. Flyrant stayed grounded, but moved to ruins to hold the objective there. Hive crone again, failed to harm the knight (only vector strikes left, kept rolling 1s). Hive Tyrant, finally beat the zoans. I consolidated towards an objective. My turn 6. Hive tyrant grabbed an objective. Knight got another wound on the grounded flyrant (2 total). Pod did nothing. Opponent's turn 7. We decided to end it here. We didn't set a turn limit, but I had the undamaged knight which really couldn't harm the flyers, the immobile pod, and a half-dead hive tyrant far too far away to affect the flyers with psychic powers. Opponent had a half-dead flyrant, 1 tyranocyte pod, and his undamaged (but proven useless) Hive crone. VP total, opponent had 10 to my 7. We both had fun. In hindsight, I forgot that psychic overload can't be used on the same target more than once per phase (though it can be used more than once per phase), so the trygon's last wound should not have been from the maleceptor (only turn I attempted it more than once, actualled used it 3 times on the trygon that turn, 1 denied, 1 failed, and 1 success).
  10. With the release of the new Harlequin codex for 8th ed I thought I’d take a break from power armor for a bit and dip my toes into the Webway. The force itself (like most of mine) is second hand with a repaint, and is intended for tabletop quality. One of the challenges of getting the army done will be staying motivated and finding time with work and family. To help in those regards I plan to avoid big batch painting sessions, and will try to finish (completely) a unit or two at a time. At some point I plan to add small diamond/checker patterns (perhaps with a rubber stamp system) but for now I’m satisfied with the base colors. First up is a shadow seer (my test model for the army) a troupe master and a troupe. I really enjoy all the implied movement the models have.
  11. Looking to hire someone to build me a custom Tyberos the red wake. Will pay cash. I can buy kits to bash if needed supplys you name it. Forge world makes a ok one but I want him to match the fluff, 1 bad MoFo. Pm me if you want the job, I know we have some awsome modelers. Thank you TW
  12. Stock photos, not mine. Different arms types listed here: Plasma, Dual Laser, Melta, Machinegun http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/File:Armorcast_Imperial_Titan_Weapons_1.jpg Carapace Missile Launcher, Power Fist, Chainsaw http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/File:Armorcast_Imperial_Titan_Weapons_2.jpg Vortex Missile http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/File:Merlyn_Imperial_Vortex_Missile.jpg I have some of the weapons. I have the Carapace Missile Launcher, the Plasma, and the Dual Laser. Looking to see what others have in the interest of trading arms for arms.
  13. zcaust83

    APOC 2018

    Apoc in vancouver! Come on out, we are only 25 minutes from SE portland. Lunch will be provided so as to maximize dice throwing. https://m.facebook.com/events/2076927895917093
  14. zcaust83

    Dice of Fury #2: Dice Harder

    https://m.facebook.com/events/127878061262635/ Dice of Fury #2 This time, we give back to the community. Fate and Fury will be collecting food stuffs and clothing donations with every tournament from now on so we ask that you please bring one of these items with you if available. Donations will be delivered to a local shelter the following day. When: March 24th Registration at 10 am Start at 10:30 aml 2.5 hour rounds with a lunch break after the first round 1500 pts ITC missions Max 3 detachments and 1 MUST be a battalion. Battle forged only 0-1 FW units Unpainted units yield your opponent 1 victory point per game (up to a max of 4) All proxies and list questions need to be discussed BEFORE the tournament
  15. Hello everyone. I've recently relocated from Florida to Portland and as I don't know anyone in this city I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce my self. I'm a new player, more or less. I used to run DA and IG armies back in the 3rd/4th editions era but I haven't played since then. I started to pick up the modeling aspect of the hobby again during 7th edition and now after a long absence from playing the TT game I've decided to get back into it wholeheartedly. The army I'm building is still very much a WIP but it won't take too much more time for it to be playable. I'm really looking forward to playing my first game soon (hopefully) and meeting the local community here. Happy wargaming
  16. Time: 3 PM to ???? (we sometimes close later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: 40k, Blood Bowl, Board Games and more All are welcome. We also have tables open for Blood Bowl, Necromunda, AoS, 40k, or whatever game you want to play. Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down. Hope to see you there.
  17. Thanks Ordo Fanaticus! Hey Everyone, I have received such amazing support from the Ordo Fanticus community regarding our Tabletop Club that we started at The Dalles Public Library. This club is designed to offer access to tabletop gaming to youth in the community and to use a mentoring process to help teach our area youth about the hobby of tabletop gaming and miniature painting. Prior to me telling Ordo about the project, we had had two interest meetings where we talked about how to paint and worked a little bit on terrain. We had our first game day for our Shadow Wars campaign this last Sunday and we had over 19 people show up to battle for water control and gang supremacy on Logan's World! We had a few youth bring miniatures donated to them by Ordo or local community members and a few other youth come to flirt with the idea of playing. On top of it all, we also received a few amazing donations from Ordo Members, one in the form of a ton of unbuilt models from Purajh and another in the form of a donation to paint our Primaris marines to be Sons of Medusa by member Scarydog (You can see his WIP shot in this blog update). We are so excited for all of this support and for the interest we are getting from our local community. Thanks everyone for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.
  18. Selling most of my Necron collection. Looking for cash, willing to trade for Imperial Guard models and bits, specifically Guard infantry, Guard officers, Rough Riders, tanks and artillery, tank sponsons, tank turrets and turret cannons, or the odd Ministorum Priest or Techpriest Enginseer model. Bits-wise I’m looking for power fists, power axes, plasma pistols, or shotguns. I’m in the Portland area. Prefer pickup in person, payment in cash, can also do Paypal (if you need it shipped). Listed prices do not include shipping. I can meet at Ordo on Sunday evenings or Guardian Games during the day most days. Pictures are linked through the names of the models. 20x Necron Warriors, split into 10-model Squads A and B: $10 per squad 7x Scarab bases: $1.50 per base, $10 for all 7 4x OOP metal Canoptek Spyders: $10 per Spyder, $35 for all four at once - 2 Spyders have magnets for the arms, one with 2 magnets, one with 1 magnet - All Spyders have magnetized bases - If you purchase any number of Spyders, you can pick as many or as few of the arms/guns as you want, no additional charge. First come, first served. - The silver spyder is missing 2 legs, and one of the non-magnetized black spyders lost one of its legs. I still have that one leg, but it needs to be glued back on the model. Triarch Stalker: $25, armed with Heat Ray 3x Tomb Blades: $18, armed with twin Gauss Blasters, one has Shield Vanes I WANT IT ALL: $90 for the whole bunch.
  19. Looking for field artillery pieces that can be used as renegade imperial thudd guns. I have crewmen but i NEED those guns. I have quite a bit more nurgle stuff I am willing to trade and ill also buy them for a good price. I need up to 6 of them. Reply here or PM
  20. Looking for field artillery pieces that can be used as renegade imperial thudd guns. I have crewmen but i NEED those guns. I have quite a bit more nurgle stuff I am willing to trade and ill also buy them for a good price. I need up to 6 of them. Reply here or PM
  21. zcaust83

    Overnight 40k League

    Looking to guage interest in an overnight 40k league. I have access to a store with 6 tables and terrain, wide open parking lot and 24 hour mexican food directly across thr the street. The store is also a snack bar so I can serve you sodas and snacks AND beer until 2am. Buy in will be 20$ monthly with store supported prizing and the hours would be from 11pm until 6am. I would also like to open up the league to ITC scoring. You can collect itc points for leagues and I have the "simplified itc score sheet" from Reece and Frankie so that we can submit monthly placing scores if you're into that. Let me know in this thread if anyone would be interested. Like i said, we have 6 tables so the current limit is 12 players. I wouldn't mind running a narrative campaign either so we can go that route with the league as well.
  22. zcaust83

    Dice of Fury #1

    Come on out to vancouver! https://m.facebook.com/events/373300126429777/?ti=icl
  23. As sad as it is I've got to offload my 40k armies. Please take a look at my cragislist postings. I'm happy to provide pictures if any of y'all are interested in some or all of the armies. Necron Army 1000 Sons Army Thanks!
  24. Bit of background. Army started in 7th ed 40k as an attempt to have one army of multiple models. I then burnt out on 40k, started AoS with entirely different factions, burnt out on those, and am now back into this army. The 40k end of this is the Smiling Skulls Space Marines, which is an ultramarines successor chapter that turned to khorne. The Chapter logo is a combination of the Khorne Skull and the Ultimarines "U" into a happy skull, or rather, a smiling skull. My models will draw from both loyalist and chaos model lines. On the AoS end, I have the Knights of Nethys. Nethys is a deity in the Pathfinder RPG whose holy symbol is a mask half white and half black. Both the Smiling Skulls and these Knights of Nethys will have helments and head equivelents half white and half black. Mainly, I just like the paint theme. Ironically, Nethys is a god of magic, so a khorne army of nethys is pretty much sacrilege. Fortunately, Khorne doesn't exist in pathfinder and Nethys doesn't exist in AoS, so should work out. Additionally, I have Khorne Daemons. For models, very notably, I really don't like the bloodletters in any edition. Instead, I've found that Savage Orruk/Orc models, when painted red, really fit the part well.
  25. paxmiles

    Chaos Bastions?

    Okay, Imperial Bastion exists in Index: Imperium 2 and that building is listed as unaligned. Chaos Bastion is in Index: Chaos and is aligned to chaos. I can't seem to find any other differences here. What is the distinction here? Is there a way that a chaos player can benefit from having an aligned building? Any reason Chaos player would want to include an unaligned bastion instead of a chaos bastion?