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Found 13 results

  1. As I sit here at work thinking about Orcs, I noticed that I see some Orcs equipped with shields. Then I look at the photos of my Orc Choppaz and thought "maybe I should get some Orcs with sword n' boards. Nothing against duel wielding choppaz, that gets me going like a fat kid at a buffet but the REAL question is... Is it worth having some extra defense? If so, where can I get my greasy sausage fingers on some beloved sword n' board Orcs??
  2. Grensche


    From the album: Grensche

  3. Grensche


    From the album: Grensche

  4. Grensche


    From the album: Grensche

  5. Grensche


    From the album: Grensche

    46 Choppaz total ready for a fight!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ordofanaticus/permalink/1545408618854511/?sale_post_id=1545408618854511 I think it's time to sell my Wood Elf Army. I have a full army of trees, before it was a thing, then started adding a ton of elves to it. Sadly haven't played in a decade. Time for it to find a new home. Nic made me a nice sturdy metal plate for my Grove of trees. The tree is magnetized so you can easily take it off. Rule book and codex, FAQs, cheat sheets, flash cards for the spells, 25th Anniversary dice, ton of movement trays. Please ask any and all Questions https://www.facebook.com/groups/ordofanaticus/permalink/1545413318854041/?sale_post_id=1545413318854041 2'*2' Wood and foam for you to build a display board with. Willing to negotiate
  7. Anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area still playing 8th edition? I just got into WFB.. I know I could just jump into 9th Age or KoW but I want to get into GW's last edition before AoS.
  8. Hey folks, Just wanted to give a heads up that I'm bringing the following to OFCC Friday in case anyone wants to buy it. It's all painted (you can see how in person... pretty solid paint work though). Ready for tourney play. Usable as WFB, 9th Age, AoS (huge army!) etc: Copy/paste of original model order so you see exactly what's included. On top of this (~$1400 USD of models) it was all pro-painted and looks pretty damn good (see the Bloodthirster centerpiece, wow!) 1 Bloodthirster £70.00 £70.00 1 Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut £30.00 £30.00 1 Khorne Exalted Hero with Axe and Shield £11.00 £11.00 1 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount £23.50 £23.50 1 Chaos Lord on foot £15.00 £15.00 3 Chosen Command £25.50 £76.50 5 Chosen £25.50 £127.50 1 Chaos Chariot £25.00 £25.00 1 Gorebeast Chariot £25.00 £25.00 2 Chaos Knights £20.00 £40.00 2 Skullcrushers of Khorne £58.00 £116.00 2 Chaos Warhounds £15.50 £31.00 2 Chaos Furies £18.50 £37.00 1 Hellcannon £36.00 £36.00 2 Banners of Rage £12.00 £24.00 model total £687.50 It's all bubble-wrapped (never opened after I bought it because 8th ed. died while it was being built for me) but I unwrapped the Bloodthirster to photo him. I can deliver at OFCC. Taking offers! $1400 in models and at least that much more spent on painting... but I need to make room so any offer will be considered! Thanks, Nathan
  9. DisruptiveConduct

    Warhammer Age of Sigmar Forum Now Live

    Greetings, fellow Ordoites! I am pleased to announce the creation of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Forum. All AoS threads will be sent here. Please join us in discussing the evolving and developing world that is the Age of Sigmar. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM myself or our esteemed Consul, evil_bryan. Thank you all for your continued viewing of these forums. This community could never exist without you! For the Good of the Order Ordo Fanaticus Chaplain Khan
  10. The following is a list of events that are scheduled to take place on Friday, Sept. 26 at the OFCC, along with the names of participants. All those listed have paid for a ticket to the specified event and have guaranteed a spot in said event. Updated - 9/25/14 40k Open Bronson James Ryan Longair Aaron Albert Todd Smith Aaron Couture Eben Lowy Ben Cromwell Anthony Hammerschmith Matthew Stephens Joshua Urlaub Ian Moskowitz Chance Townsend Infinity Matt Schlotte Jonathan Polley Ben Lehman Malifaux Mark Handford Dan Miner Christopher Gorham Jamie Stockdale James Peterson Jay Whisler Josh Nakauye Daniel Johnson WFB Open Ryan Munsell Ricky Fischer Scott Goldstein Wiley Kinyon Chris Bailey (Nathan Sheller) Nick Fulton Ronnie Cox Dustin Kane Ben Sathrum Matthew James Chris Powell Frazier Edmonds Shayne Mitchell Paul Willworth Jeremy Srofe Moses Jones Russ Whitsell Mike Case Darren Thibault Art Gonzalez Jon Pelosi X-Wing: Teams Christian Ayala Adam Studer Seth George Kacy Kadow Contact Blustom for any corrections to this list.
  11. savion47

    Rankings Wk 1

    From the album: savion47's Gallery

    Week One Rankings for the WFB Ladder League
  12. I have 2 WFB armies for sale or trade. Bretts consisting of mostly knights, some man-at-arms and bowmen. also some solos including green knight. I have a mix in Emprie w/ knights infintery and some arty, also has some solos. I will inventory the models to have an accurate count, but for now I'm just guaging interest. I am interested in either selling all of it or will accept reasonable trades. I am willing to get rid of my Hordes Circle army (Apx 100 pts.) in exchange for Trolls, or will get keep it and accept trades for Retribution, Circle or Trollbloods. I like WFB alot, and that's why I bought it, but my friends only played me a few times, and I spent several hundred dollars on each army but now they colled dust. All interested parties just let me know what you have to offer, and please be near the Portland-metro area, but will bill willing to travel as far north as Seatlle or south as Medford for the right deal. I will get some pics together while I sort out my figs.