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Found 25 results

  1. Games will be happening tomorrow. I'm guessing most people will still be wrapped up with TNT, but if anyone is interested in Armada or 9th Age I'd be down. Also still interested in learning Legion if someone wants to run a demo game.
  2. @JMGraham, shall we try for some 9th Age again?
  3. I've got an Armada game against Jake... who else is looking to make it down?
  4. Game day boys, who's looking for what games!!! I'm free for 9th age or 40k. First comment get this sweet ass.
  5. Hey anyone interested in splitting the cost of a box set? I need more death guard and no need for space Marines. Know no fear is $80 much cheaper than dark imperium
  6. I'm playing Jake in some 9th Age. Who else is playing the games?
  7. Anyone planning to make it down? I'd love to get a 9th Age game in or something else perhaps?
  8. @Sherbert, did you want to do 9th Age this next week?
  9. Thought I'd kick this off early. Anyone up for X-Wing with a rookie?
  10. Who all is coming down? Anyone up for a game of 9th Age or alternately have a new board game fresh from under tree that you're wanting to play? I'm down for whatever.
  11. I've got a 9th Age game with Jim. Anyone else coming down?
  12. I'm playing some Armada with @greenwood. Anyone else playing any games?
  13. Tuesday night is the night for games! Anyone looking for 9th Age, Armada, or something else that you can talk me into - Let's game it up!
  14. Curious if anyone is playing this Tues so close to Thanksgiving. I have a game a buddy gave me called Warmaster if anyone wants to try it.
  15. I'm playing Nick again this week for some more 9th Age, this time of the 2.0 playtesting variety. Anyone else planning to make it down or is everyone wiped out from the weekend?
  16. I believe I have a 9th Age game scheduled against the Lizardmen guy whose name I don't know. Lizardmen guy, do you read this forum? If so, we should get in touch and discuss if you'd like to make this a 2.0 playtest game or just play 1.3.
  17. Who wants a game of 40k before the November 4th event?
  18. So who wants to play my Adeptus mechanicus and Astra Militarum 2k list? Now with even more 3rd party models.
  19. Going to put this thread up early this time! Looking for 9th Age or Armada as usual. Would also probably be up for a board game.
  20. Looks like no one has started a thread for tonight yet! I'd like to play some 9th Age or possibly some Armada or possibly a board game. Gents and/or ladies?
  21. I think I'm playing Armada with Brad? Is that true? If Brad's too cool (or just wants some variety instead of playing me two weeks in a row) , I'm up for something else too.
  22. Starting up a thread early because that seems like a cool thing to do. I'd be up for a game of 9th, Armada, Rebellion, or 100% proxied Infinity if someone doesn't mind me not knowing what I'm doing.
  23. I'm going to be down with Armada stuff, BUT if anyone is up for a 9th Age game I'd be up for doing that instead. Kevin you have first dibs if you're interested...
  24. As a kid, teen, college student, and up until recently I have always been infatuated with the Warhammer Fantasy Universe (and tabletop gaming in general), but never indulged. Maybe because of time or money, lack people to play with or all of the above at different times. Last month though my wife and I saw a great deal on the Age of Sigmar starter set and I finally took the plunge and grabbed it. I am absolutely in love with it, although I have yet to actually get my hands dirty in a pitched battle with a worthy opponent (my wife tries, but it just ends up being me playing myself haha). However, I have definitely been discouraged with the lack of people that seem to be playing it around me (I'm up in Bellingham WA) and I have been unhappy with the incredibly negative view of the game I have seen online. It seems everyone is upset about Fantasy getting put out to pasture. I guess my question for you veterans of tabletop is this: why has there been so much backlash to Age of Sigmar? The game hasn't been out too long, maybe it will just take some time for people to adjust? Also, what is everyone's opinion of AoS in terms of game quality? How does it compare to 40k for example? Also, if there is anyone in Bellingham reading this and wants to play please hit me up, I need someone to play with
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