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Found 102 results

  1. Event is approved for the Enfilade convention and table space is reserved. Enfilade 2018 Flames Of War Mid-War Tournament Ruleset: Flames of War v4 published by Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. with Lessons From the Front v4 updates Date: May 26, 2018 Location: Enfilade convention Olympia, WA Convention Website: http://www.nhmgscitadel.com/enfilade/ Room: State Room (same as last year) Scale: 15mm Era: Mid-war Points: 71 points Rounds: 3 Duration: 2h15m per round Registration: Must be registered for the Enfilade convention. Tournament is free. http://www.nhmgscitadel.com/enfilade/ Regular sign-up via con website and in person, limited to 22 players. Along with signing up on Enfilade site, post here that you are signing up with info: first name and last initial, axis or allied, and nation. Organized by: Rose City Dukes FoW Ranger Group Tournament Organizer: Steve McCuen pdxwar@gmail.com Club Website: rosecitydukes.wordpress.com Force Lists: The following books are allowed and standard v4 force construction should be used: Afrika Korp Desert Rats Fighting First Avanti Armoured Fist (April drop expected) List Submission: Email your army to: pdxwar@gmail by May 23rd 12:01 Pacific timezone for verification. Get it in earlier to make sure it is valid and get feedback. Schedule for Saturday 26 May 2018 09:15 Final registration/Player Briefing 09:30 – 11:45 1st Round (9:30-11:45 AM) lunch break 12:45 – 15:00 2nd round (12:45-3:00 PM) break 15:30 – 17:45 3rd round (3:30-5:45 PM) break 18:00 Awards Presentation (6:00 PM) Missions: Missions for the round will be randomly determined by the TO. Command cards are allowed. Battleplans will not be in use. Fog of War cards are NOT allowed. Attacker/Defender Determination will be using the same method that mid-war Nationals is using this year to calculate Attacker Defender (subject to change after Adepticon if needed): Tank Units - 2pts - meaning any unit with Tanks with an Armor Value (not "-") that is not a Transport Unit or have the Spearhead Rule. Mech Units - 1pt - meaning any unit with Transports (Armored, Unarmored,or Horse-drawn), Unarmored Tank Teams (like British Portees), Any Tank Unit with the Spearhead Rule, or Cavalry Infantry/Gun Units - 0pts. - Any Unit made up of only Infantry Teams and Gun Teams. Game Play: Players are responsible for monitoring the time and the judges will announce time intervals throughout the tournament. A true act of sportsmanship is not starting a new turn if both players will not be able to finish that turn. The game should be called if both players cannot finish their turn and the results should be calculated. Slow play is to be actively discouraged. When time is called the game must immediately end regardless of the action taking place in the game. New turns cannot be started even if starting a new turn would award an immediate victory or cause a player to make a company morale check. TOURNAMENT SCORING (running scenarios still but this is probably the scoring) We will be using a spreadsheet for scoring and here is the breakdown we will use for the Enfilade 2018 tournament. Awards: list of the awards that will be presented Renaissance Award (Overall Winner) Best Allied General (VP) Best Axis General (VP) Best Sport Best Painted Axis Best Painted Allied Renaissance Scoring Breakdown Generalship: 45% Painting: 45% Sportsmanship 10% Draw Match-ups Ranking Victory Points then Wins Best General Scoring Breakdown Generalship: 90% Sportsmanship 10% Draw Match-ups Ranking Victory Points then Wins Sport Scoring Breakdown Will be determined by player vote casts. Painting Scoring Breakdown During the lunch break, each army should be put on the designated table to be reviewed for a painting score and to be photographed. During the course of the tournament each army will be additionally reviewed. Historical accuracy, realistic weathering, realistic paint schemes for desert, etc will be considered. Tiebreakers: In case of a tie all tiebreakers use the following order to determine a winner Generalship Number of wins Strength of schedule Favorite Opponent votes Rock, scissors, paper (Best 2 out of 3)! Tournament results will be posted here and also submitted to https://battlerankings.com/ Players Signed Up: Axis: Allied:
  2. Hook up with other gamers in PDX area to throw dice, push plastic/resin/lead, and play Flames of War (FoW), Team Yankee (TY), and other historical tabletop mini's.
  3. We have a request for at least one practice game for ENFILADE, for SAT, APR 21. I made a reservation for 2 tables at GG, for 12-5 PM Souldier3 and I will be using one table. The second table can be used by two more peeps to practice for ENFILADE. I will bring some "sparring partner" armies if u need to match your list against an aopponent force you have not played, or if you want to borrow some models and cards to experiment. Reservation request should appear on Guardian Games' calendar in a couple of days.
  4. We have a request for at least one practice game for ENFILADE, for SAT, APR 14. I made a reservation for 2 tables at GG, for 12-5 PM. If no one shows by 1 PM, I will return the tables to be used by other games. I will bring some "sparring partner" armies if u need to match your list against an aopponent force you have not played, or if you want to borrow some models and cards to experiment. Reservation appears on the Guardian Games' calendar . There is a small error in the posting: "74 points, mid-war, North Africa" should read "71 points..."
  5. Reading through this article: "V4: 12 Months, 8 Books and Counting" at https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6014 ... ...I came across this sub-topic - "So What Does The Future Hold?" (scroll down in the same page listed above). Using that information and previous knowledge of Battlefront releases, I came up with my forecast of the coming releases: MAR - FoW - Avanti Releases MAR - TY - Stripes Releases MAR - Nam - 'Nam Releases APR - FoW - Armoured Fist Releases https://flamesofwar.com/online_store.aspx?CategoryID=9489 APR - TANKS - Avanti: M14/41 & Semovente http://tanks.gf9games.com/Home/tabid/56/entryid/207/Default.aspx APR - Nam - 'Nam Releases MAY - FoW - Armoured Fist Releases MAY - TANKS - Armoured Fist: Valentine & Sherman II JUN? - TY - Free Nations JUN - TANKS - Armoured Fist: Churchill III, Priest (UK) JUL? - TY - Free Nations AUG/SEP? - FoW - Iron Cross (Eastern Front) AUG/SEP? - FoW - Enemy At The Gates (Eastern Front) LATER: Battle of Kursk (2 Eastern Front books) Paratrooper book Release information also gleaned from: https://vietnam.team-yankee.com http://www.team-yankee.com http://tanks.gf9games.com
  6. RCDD has submitted a Flames of War event for GameStorm 20, the Premier Portland Area Game Convention. Would like a time slot early on Schedule confirmed for Saturday, APR 7, say 9 AM to 2 PM (5 hours) Experience: Beginner / novice. We can teach you how to play. Learn to play Flames of War. Flames of War is a popular tabletop miniatures wargame rules set for WWII at 15mm or 1/100 scale to refight the land battles of World War II. We will have Patton's Fighting First Armored division, Rommel's German Afrika Korps, and Monty's British Desert Rats with desert terrain and challenging battles. Push models, roll dice, have a great time! We supply everything you need to play. See our past battles on https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/ . Follow our activities on http://www.ordofanaticus.com/forum/10-flames-of-war/. See the game support and articles at https://www.flamesofwar.com See more about gamestorm here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameStorm.org and here: www.gamestorm.org and here: https://www.facebook.com/GameStormCon Once we have more information and a confimed event, then this thread will be updated with additional details.
  7. Flames of War Mid-War Tournament on SAT MAR 24 2018 – Official thread WHAT: A Flames of War tournament, Mid-War, v4 Rules. 71 pts A WWII Historical Miniatures Wargame in 15mm TOURNAMENT TITLE: "Ironsides, Rats and The Fox" WHEN: Saturday, March 24, 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM - NOTE on 18 JAN - reservation CONFIRMED pending with GG WHERE: Guardian Games, 345 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR 97214 WHO, PARTICIPANTS: Any Flames of War player who can bring an army, knows the v4 rules and pays the fee. WHO, SPONSORS: Sponsored by Rose City Dukes and Duchesses and Guardian Games. ENTRY FEE: either: $15 cash or check, paid to barca, in-person, by 10 PM, MAR 22. $20 cash or check, at registration, paid to barca, in-person (not to store personnel). All fees go to prizes for this tournament RULES: Battlefront Flames of War, fourth edition, and Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition, Last Updated 28 September 2017 https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5560 No house rules. FOG-OF-WAR Cards: not Used. COMMAND CARDS: Are allowed, up to 10 points of your list. Army Lists: All Official Battlefront MW army lists: MW handbooks, Forces-of-War. See section 2, below for details. This includes: "Avanti", "Fighting First", “Desert Rats”, “Mailed Fist” (if available) and “Afrika Korps”. PERIOD: Mid-War THEATRE: North Africa POINTS: 71 FORMAT: 1 day, THREE rounds, 2 hours + 15 min each. Painting Competition and Display before round 1. PRIZES: All fees go to prizes. 1. TOURNAMENT LOCATION AND LOCAL EATERIES: Guardian Games is centrally located in the SE Industrial Area of Portland, Oregon. Just a few blocks North of OMSI, at the corner of MLK and Taylor Street near the Morrison Bridge off-ramp. Portland streetcar CL line, Taylor St stop. Tri-Met buses 6 & 15. Street Address: 345 SE Taylor Street, Portland, OR 97214 Web SITE. Facebook page. Map of Available PARKING Behavior in and around the store: 2. ARMY LISTS ########### Points value is non-negotiable. 71 points or less, not more. If you use command cards, then they are part of your army's points total. Max number of formations in a force: 3 formations Max number of formations that can be repeated in your force: 2 For example, if you have 3 formations, and 2 of them are Africa Rifle Companies, then your third formation cannot also be an Africa Rifle Company. Max number of tank/armored car teams: 40. Army list to be submitted via email to grognard_fow@yahoo.com NLT midnight, 16 MAR 23 MAR for validation. I will NOT have time to validate your list(s) after 16 MAR. If your army list is not submitted by 16 MAR, your army will not be in the tournament. If you have questions/concerns about validating your list, submit it several days before 16 23 MAR so I can check it and get back to you. 3. CARDS ########### Fog of War Objective Cards: NOT used Command Cards: Allowed, up to 10 points MISSION CARDS: Allowed and Recommended 4. WHAT TO BRING ################ In addition to the fee and army, you must bring your own: Army list, printed, legible, 5 copies (1 for organizer, 1 for each opponent, 1 for yourself) If you use proxies, the proxy substitution must be written on your list UNIT CARDS for your teams (or Intelligence handbook that contains the same data) Templates Dice Tokens Measuring tape Any bags or large containers you bring should have a completed luggage tag, or some obvious means of identifying the owner of the bag or container. 5. MISSIONS ############ See the UPDATED More Missions online PDF Use this PDF https://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Missions/MoreMissions.pdf or Mission Cards. FIRST MISSION = Free-for-All SECOND MISSION = Counterattack THIRD MISSION = No Retreat 6. TABLES REQUESTED: ################## 7 tables, elevated, Warhammer/40k style setup, with battle mats. Table size: 4' x 6' plus at least 3 smaller tables as end caps for bags and models Battle area: 4' x 6' 7. SIMPLIFIED SCHEDULE: ##################### START/END: 10:05 AM / 9:30 PM REGISTRATION START: 10:05 AM SETUP: 10:10-11:00 AM PAINTING COMPETITION: 11:00 AM - 11:55 AM LUNCH: 12-1 PM ROUNDS 1, 2 and 3: 1:00 PM to 8:15 Tear down, put away terrain and models 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM Awards 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM 8. TIME PARAMETERS OF EACH ROUND: #################################### SETUP/DEPLOYMENT: 10 minutes per round. Units not deployed after 10 minutes go into reserve. If mission does not have reserves, then units not setup go into immediate reserve for that mission. PLAY MISSION: 2 hrs + 15 minutes, minus setup time used. 9. Prizes ######### 9.a . Prizes available: Awardees get GG Store gift certificates. Amount depends on fees collected. A fraction of the fees pays for the prize pile. 9.b. AWARDS Best Painted Armor unit (3+ armored vehicles) Best Painted Infantry Unit (3+ teams) Best Painted Template or Gun Unit (2+ airplanes OR 2+ guns)(includes Anti-tank guns) For the "Best Painted..." contest, if there are not at least 2 entries in each category, then all the categories will be lumped together, and there will be 2 prizes for the top 2 scores. (chg MAR 20) Best Allied general (by victory points, dice for ties) Best Axis General (by victory points, dice for ties) Best Sportsman (by total ratings, dice for ties) Awards will change to drawings if there are fewer than 6 gamers. (chg MAR 20) 9.b. Everyone else: Random draw amongst remaining gamers for order of picking from pile of prizes. 10. DETAILED SCHEDULE: ###################### Event Start duration end Store Opens 10:00 AM Registration 10:05 AM 0:30 10:35 AM Terrain Setup 10:10 AM 0:30 10:50 AM Instructions, Table Assignments 10:50 AM 0:10 11:00 AM Round 1 11:00 AM 2:15 1:15 PM Mission = Free-for-All Break and Reports 1:15 PM 0:15 1:30 PM Paint Judging / Lunch 1:30 PM 1:00 2:30 PM Round 2 2:30 PM 2:15 4:45 PM Mission = Counterattack Break and Reports 4:45 PM 0:15 5:00 PM Round 3 5:00 PM 2:15 7:15 PM Mission = No Retreat Break and Reports 7:15 PM 0:15 7:30 PM Tear down, put away terrain and models 7:30 PM 0:30 8:00 PM Awards 8:00 PM 0:30 8:30 PM 11. Expected attendance: 12 gamers. If we get more sign-ups, I will try to get more tables. 12. NOTES: ################## It is highly recommended that you practice with these parameters: your army missions listed: Free-for-All, Counterattack and No Retreat battle area (4x6) typical desert terrain FoW Official rules, plus the Lessons From the Front. No house rules. Time constraints (setup=10 min or less, battle=2 hrs + 15 min, less the setup time) Recommended Average Time per player's half of each turn: 10 minutes. Review the Victory points mechanism in the rulebook. This has changed since the third edition. 13. PLAYERS PACKET: ################## I will post the players packet on Rose City Dukes and Duchesses blog. A link will be here when the packet is uploaded 14. PAINTING COMPETITIONS AND DISPLAY #################################### If you are planning on entering any of the painting contests, then: One unit per gamer per contest. Assist in setting up terrain on the tables Once the terrain is in place, layout your unit(s) to be judged. For each unit entered, include a card with the following info: Required: Name, Unit, Optional: historical unit represented by your models Painting Awards will be made immediately after the judging at the end with the other awards. (chg MAR 20) After judging, pack up your unit(s). Lunch break will occur between painting competition and start of Round 1. (chg MAR 20) 15. ENTRIES: ################## Name, Avatar, Nation, Force, paid, list submitted, list approved AXIS Roster: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ALLIED Roster 1. Jake, Souldier3, US, Force from Fighting First (TBD), no, no, no 2. SteveM, taran.shannara,British, Desert Rats, no, no, no 3. SteveZ, ZEKE,US, Armored Rifle, no, no, no 4. 5. 6. ALTERNATES, AXIS: Steve, taran.shannara,German, Afrika Korp TBD, no, no, no barca, ringer, German Africa Rifle ALTERNATES, ALLIED: POSSIBLE ATTENDEES, not confirmed: phyfor88
  8. Please comment and vote on these, and suggest your own ideas. If anyone wants to get together and chat about these and other ideas in detail please suggest a time and place FoW Event #1: FoW MW v4: The Bantam-Weight Warriors - Light Armor Forces. THEMES: Armored cars, light tanks and motorized. SIZE: Points/size TBD, but maybe between 50 and 75 pts. SCHEDULE: Probably after the “Armoured Fist” releases. FORMAT: This could be a mini-tournament or a special event with prize drawings. DESCRIPTION: No Front armor over 3, no guns with AT greater than 9. Home-brewed scenarios will feature Reconnaissance/Mechanized Cav style missions and objectives. Infantry formations must include at least one platoon of motorized or mechanized infantry. Extra tickets or Victory Points will be awarded for using command cards for scout/armored car/recon builds and added abilities. FoW Event #2: FoW MW v4: Kasserine Pass THEMES: Tanks and Guns, with some infantry. SIZE: Points TBD. SCHEDULE: After ENFILADE FORMAT: Mega Battle. At least two tables. Likely a long, one-day event 4-6 hours. 4 or more generals. DESCRIPTION: No specifics on this yet. All ideas welcome. This could be either casual or competitive. FoW Event #3: FoW MW v4: Pavlov’s House THEMES: Urban combat. Small infantry forces. Eastern front. SIZE: Estimated size is 50 pts or less. Main forces would be Soviet Infantry vs. German infantry in a small section of Stalingrad. Active tabletop area will probably 4’x4’. SCHEDULE: FORMAT: A casual format, for learning and experimenting. DESCRIPTION: A walk through and small battle using the mid-war Eastern Front handbooks (or “Forces books”). This is a casual scenario in which we walk through the new rules and forces that will be featured in Stalingrad battles. Timing would be about 1 month after the release of the Eastern Front books. We expect to create an urban scene of 4 city blocks: 2 large buildings, 2-4 medium sized buildings and 5 or more destroyed buildings. Due to the amount of work/expense, we would look for each participant to bring one large/med building or 2-3 small buildings or 2-3 destroyed buildings, plus their forces. If there is enough interest and commitment, we can have either: • Saturday only: 1-2 sessions • Sunday only: 1 session • Saturday and Sunday: 1 session each day Note: If this event is very popular, we could do a second expanded version, AFTER we build/buy more buildings. This might include the Volga river, boats, Stukas, more buildings, more forces. FoW Event #4: FoW MW v4: Fog-of-War. THEMES: Missions or scenarios that leverage the Fog-of-War Cards. SIZE: Standard SCHEDULE: Anytime. Not tied to any release. FORMAT: Probably a casual format: this event might be more experimental and less competitive. DESCRIPTION: RCDD has avoided this topic as a level of complexity we did not want to tackle until our local players became comfortable with the rules. Now it is time to move out of your comfort zone. No specifics on this yet. All ideas welcome. FoW Event #5: FoW MW v4 Lend-Lease Scenarios. THEMES: Historical or historically-based scenarios. Could also include “what if …?” situations. Walk up, take charge of a borrowed army, immerse yourself in a new challenge, jump into a “living story”. SIZE: Varies. Not just one event, but could be one event per month, in a series. We could later throw together all or the most popular Lend-Lease battles together to be a major event. SCHEDULE: Anytime. Not tied to any release. FORMAT: Probably a casual format and experimental. DESCRIPTION: We could resurrect a previously popular series of battles that provide new and unique challenges that you might never see in a competitive format. See your pet project or favorite movie come to life on the tabletop. FoW Event #6: FoW MW v4: “CASE BLUE - Steel Hussars and Iron Cossacks” THEMES: Big tank battle(s). Eastern front, 1942. SIZE: Estimated size is 100 pts or more. Main forces would be large tank formations on the Eastern Front near Stalingrad. Tabletop area will probably 4’x 8’. SCHEDULE: Several months after the eastern front releases FORMAT: Depends on feedback and commitment. Could be a mega-battle, or a campaign. DESCRIPTION: Needs input and discussion. Our club currently has few Eastern Front Mid-War forces. References: • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Case_Blue • Forczyk, Robert. Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1942: Schwerpunkt • Glantz, David M.; Jonathan M. House. To the Gates of Stalingrad: Soviet-German Combat Operations, April–August 1942. • Haupt, Werner. Army Group South: The Wehrmacht in Russia, 1941-1945 • Moench, Walter. Zweiter Weltkrieg Erlebnisbericht von den Gefechten um die Vorstädte von Stalingrad Fall Blau - Spaetsommer 1942 • Sdvizhkov, Igor. Confronting Case Blue: Briansk Front's Attempt To Derail The German Drive To The Caucasus, July 1942 •
  9. Buy "Armoured Fist" book, show your copy of "Desert Rats", then get “Churchill Tanks Deployed” sticker = a free Churchill Tank sprue See this web page - https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6017 Scroll down to "Free Churchill Tank" "Including these older lists in the book was a simple decision for us as it makes life easier for our players, but we also recognise that people have bought Desert Rats and have been using it for the past year. To thank our veterans of the desert when you purchase Armoured Fist just show the retailer your copy of Desert Rats, get our “Churchill Tanks Deployed” sticker added to the inside cover and receive a free Churchill Tank sprue. You now have your first Churchill tank so you can start building your North Irish Horse Churchill Armoured Squadron (or just a platoon)."
  10. RCDD Weekend Specials for Flames of War – ponder and comment In an effort to respond to the requests for “more weekend events”, RCDD is throwing out some ideas and requesting ideas. Note that some special events will not fit into a Tuesday/Thursday night session, when you include setup and tear down time. All events are likely to be at GG, unless otherwise specified. If someone wants to take charge of any event, then they can recruit the gamers to go to a different venue/location. Frequency: Once a month or every 3-5 weeks. Vote for one or two choices: a. Saturday events b. Sunday Events c. Either Saturday or Sunday d. No weekends. I would rather do these events on a Thursday evening e. No weekends. I would rather do these events on a Tuesday evening, at Oregon City Geeks and Games f. No preference. I would show up when these events are scheduled.
  11. Soliciting ideas for Flames of War special events you would like to participate in between June and December of 2018.
  12. I saw this on one of the FoW FB page, so letting y'all know, as well: The Lessons From the Front (LFTF) for Flames of War v4 has been updated as of 15 MAR, 2018. See this page: "4th Edition Useful Downloads" https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5560 Lessons From The Front: 4th Edition Last Updated 28 September 2017 Note that although the article date states "28 September 2017" The actual PDF has a title that states "March 2018" Lessons From The Front: V4 (6 pages; .pdf; 445KB)... https://flames-m58ip69dfg.netdna-ssl.com/portals/0/Documents/Version4/LessonsFromTheFront-V4.pdf Lessons From The Front: V4 - Printer Friendly (6 pages; .pdf; 338KB)... https://flames-m58ip69dfg.netdna-ssl.com/portals/0/Documents/Version4/LessonsFromTheFront-V4-NB.pdf Although the domain on the link looks funky, I verified that the link above is on an actual flamesofwar.com page. The same links are also listed in the FoW Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/flamesofwargame/ See the Posting by Chris Townley, March 15 at 8:17pm I guess I am being dragged to lurk on Battlefront's face book pages: https://www.facebook.com/groups/flamesofwargame/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamYankeeGame/ this one is around also: https://www.facebook.com/BattlefrontMiniatures
  13. Hosted by barca, Rose City Dukes and OCGG (Oregon City Geeks and Games) From Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Tabletop Wargaming Group https://www.meetup.com/Rose-City-Dukes-and-Duchesses-Tabletop-Wargaming-Group Event info https://www.meetup.com/Rose-City-Dukes-and-Duchesses-Tabletop-Wargaming-Group/events/248227085/ OCGG Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ocgeeksandgames/ OCGG Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/167908650497736/
  14. March 2018 Flames of War league and mini-campaign This will cover the Battles in Tunisia, in November of 1942: Novemer 17-30. RCDD Mini Campaigns- MAR 2018 - Flames of War - "Battle Axes, Diving Eagles" WHAT: Each campaign is a month-long series of connected battles, with individual and team prizes. These instructions cover both Team Yankee and Flames-of-War mini-campaigns. WHEN: START: the first of the month. END: The last day of the month. PRIZES: Awarded on the first Thursday of the following month. POINTS and RANKINGS: Updated online every Sunday at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com WHERE: Prizes will usually be awarded in-person, by the organizer, at GG or OCGG. Exceptions will be communicated via Ordo PM or email. Battles to claim are listed on the ORDO topics "Flames of War MAR Campaign - PDX" and "Flames of War MARCH Campaign - PDX" The Campaign map is posted and updated at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com WHO: Gamers who claim a battle can participate in the campaign. Games can be fought solo, or by several people. Gamers who pay the fee are eligible for Individual and team prizes. Gamers who fight battles but do not pay the fee will be recognized and ranked, but are not eligible for prizes. COMMUNICATIONS: BRIEFINGS and MAPS: You can download from our blog HERE. REPORT: To be ranked and earn points for prizes, you must report on the results of your battle. REPLY BELOW. HOW DO I REPORT THE RESULTS? You should fight the battle and report on it within 3 days of claiming it. At a minimum, post the following information: Battle Code, Faction, ALLIED General(s), AXIS General(s), winner, victory points of winner, VP of loser, ALLIED Force, AXIS Force. HOW DO I CLAIM A BATTLE? Go to the ORDO thread (this one) and post a comment (REPLY BELOW) or send an Ordo PM to the organizer. TEAMS: CAN I SWITCH TEAMS? Yes, but when you claim your first battle, you must pick a default team. Only the points you earn for that team will be used for your rankings and prizes. SCORING: Whether or not you pay the campaign fee, we will record your individual and team scores for: Battles won, Battles lost, Victory points per battle, Total victory points and Team Points NOTE: If you play solo, then when you claim your first battle, you must pick a default team. Only the points you earn for that team will be your score for rankings and prizes. From the time that you pay the fee, until the end of the month, those points count for FULL value towards the prizes. If you pay the fee after you have played one or more games, the scores that you earned before the fee count for HALF value towards prizes. Points you earn after the fee count for FULL value for prizes. If you fight the battles, but don’t pay the fee, you are not eligible for prizes. PRIZES: If there are 2 or more paying participants, there will be an individual prize. This will be in the form of a gift certificate for a FLGS. The value of the gift certificate will increase with each additional fee-paying participant. If there are 5 or more paying participants, there will be a set of team prizes. Team prizes are gaming and modeling products purchased from FLGS. There might be some painted models as prizes... FEE: paid in-person to barca, cash, $5 for the month. BATTLES - AVAILABLE (UNLOCKED) as of MAR 1: see our blog - battles-available-as-of-MAR-1 BATTLE #1: ROUTE WEST: Djebel Abiod CODE: FoW-BADE-01 BLOG LINK for battle #1 (tbd) CLAIMED BY: CLAIMED ON: FOUGHT BY: ALLIED FORCE: AXIS FORCE: VICTOR: WINNER’S VP: LOSER'S VP: RESULT: BATTLE #2: ROUTE WEST: Aine Soltana CODE: FoW-BADE-02 BLOG LINK for battle #2 (tbd) CLAIMED BY: CLAIMED ON: FOUGHT BY: ALLIED FORCE: AXIS FORCE: VICTOR: WINNER’S VP: LOSER'S VP: RESULT:
  15. "Stuka Hunting" - A combined Wings-of-Glory and Flames-of-War Event When Sat, February 17, 11am – 4pm Where: Guardian Games GMs: Jeffrey, barca Reservation date: SAT, 02/17/2018 Start time: 11 AM End time: 4 PM Casual Friendly Game. No Fee. No prizes. The Portland Couch Pilots will try to intercept German Stukas in the skies over Tunisia. The Stukas that make it past the fighter cover will fly bombing missions on the Flames of War table. Rose City Dukes and Duchesses will fight a Flames of War tank battle, where the Stukas might make their bombing dives on the Allies. Come and see the aerial dogfight and tanks charging across the blazing sands! or Come and Play: Wings-of-Glory, or Flames-of-War How many participants? 6+ Looking for more players? Yes General Area at Guardian Games two tables, ea 4'x8'. One elevated, one at standard height Detailed schedule (as of 15 FEB): 11:00 AM - Setup and mission briefings 12:00 PM (or earlier, if ready) - Start both games 3:30 PM - End games and begin Tear-down 4:00 PM - return tables back to GG We want to have a combined event, bringing together the Portland Couch Pilots and the RCDD Flames of War gamers. We also want to recruit new players to either game system. Veteran pilots should bring their own planes: Hawker Hurricane Mk.I P-40F Warhawk (and British variants: Kittyhawk, Tomahawks) Spitfire Hurricane IID Junkers Ju.87 B–2 Messerschmitt Bf.109 Italian Re-2001 Falco Fiat CR.42 Falco ? Veteran generals should bring their own armies: FoW v4 German Africa Korps US Fighting First British Desert Rats. New pilots/generals just show up and we will loan you models and coach you. ADDITIONAL DETAILS (as of 15 FEB): How many points? Depends on number of FoW generals. Recommended sizes are 78 (ENFILADE list + 2 airplanes), 85 and 100. How many FoW planes can be on the FoW table: Max 2 Stukas per Flames of War turn. If more Stukas get through the Wings-of-Glory fighter cover, then the stuka flights will be staggered over several turns, so that no more than 2 Stukas are on the FoW table in any turn. What happens to the stukas if some are shot down by AA fire on the FoW table? This reduces the pool of stukas that can fly second and third sorties. After leaving the FoW table, will the Stukas fly back across the Wings-of-Glory table? No. They will take a different route back to the Axis airbase. What happens when all the Stukas are shot down? If both WoG and Fow battles are still going, we will cycle through another 1 or 2 stukas at a time until one or both games end. When is this event done? We run out of time (packup starting at 3:30 PM) All axis planes are driven from the Wings-of-Glory table The most recent FoW battle is over and another FoW game will not be started. Both GM's decide that the pool of Stukas has been destroyed. Sign-up by replying below: PILOTS, ALLIES (minimum of 1): PILOTS, AXIS ((minimum of 1): GENERALS, ALLIES (minimum of 1) GENERALS, AXIS (minimum of 1)
  16. ...featuring the latest Mid-War North Africa books and forces: "Avanti" and "Armoured Fist" I was thinking that June or July would be a good time for this. By then, the mini's for "Avanti" and "Armoured Fist" should have hit the local store shelves (FEB-MAR for Avanti, APR-MAY for "Armoured Fist"). If we set expectations early, then gamers have an event and a project for new/shiny Flames of War stuff after ENFILADE!
  17. until
    "Stuka Hunting" - A combined Wings-of-Glory and Flames-of-War Event When Sat, February 17, 11am – 4pm Where: Guardian Games GMs: Jeffrey, barca Reservation date: SAT, 02/17/2018 Start time: 11 AM End time: 4 PM Casual Friendly Game. No Fee. No prizes. The Portland Couch Pilots will try to intercept German Stukas in the skies over Tunisia. see: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/topic/209712-flames-of-war-and-wings-of-glory-combined-event-sat-feb-17/
  18. barca

    Rose City Dukes online

    MEETUP: Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Tabletop Wargaming Group https://www.meetup.com/Rose-City-Dukes-and-Duchesses-Tabletop-Wargaming-Group BLOG: Rose City Dukes and Duchesses – tabletop gaming https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/ Forum: Flames of War - Ordo Fanaticus www.ordofanaticus.com/forum/10-flames-of-war Email: RoseCityDukes@gmx.com
  19. These are the dates for GameStorm 20: Apr 5, 2018 – Apr 8, 2018 (Thursday - Sunday) Location will be Red Lion Jantzen Beach, 909 N Hayden Island Dr, Portland, OR 97217 www.gamestorm.org/shop/memberships/gamestorm-20-membership Still trying to get details on how to setup an event: Flames of War, or Team Yankee, or both.
  20. 1. Should we have an Event in March/Early April? a) Yes b) No - - If no, then do not respond to the other paragraphs 2. WHAT: a) Tournament b) New player / how-to-play c) Mega-battle (describe) d) Team Event (describe) e) Other event (describe) 3. WHEN: a) Saturday, March 10. A week before St. Patrick's Day, in the early part of March Madness b) Saturday, April 7. A week after the Final Four of March Madness c) other day - specify 4. Rules and Period: a) FoW v4 Mid-War b) FoW v4 Late-War c) Team Yankee d) TANKS! e) Other (describe) 5. WHERE: a) Portland - Guardian Games b) Oregon City - Oregon City Geeks and Games c) Other (describe) 6. Length? a) 3 games, 2.5 hrs ea. (Setup 10-11, Start 11 AM, end 9:30 PM) b) 2 games, 3 hours ea. (Setup 11-12, Start 12 PM, end 8:30 PM) c) Other (describe) 7. Theme? a) Yes (describe) b) No 8. Format a) 1-on-1, no teams b) 1-on-1 AND teams c) pairs (2-on-2), no teams d) pairs AND teams 9. Preferred prizes: a) 1-2 large gift certificates b) 3-5 gift certificates c) Mix of gift certificates and prize pile d) Prize pile 10. Entry Fee (affects number and size of prizes) a) $20 b) $15 plus blister or $20 c) $10 plus blister or $15 d) $5 fee e) No fee, but donations to the prize pile. f) Other (specify) 11. Points a) 71 b) 85 c) 100 d) Other (specify) 12. Prize Categories (list 2-5, in priority order): a) Best General, Axis b) Best General, Allies c) Best Sportsman d) Best Painted platoon e) Dunkirk Award f) Best new player g) Best Modeling h) Other (specify) NOTE ON POINTS: Points Totals For The 2018 Tournament Season The official points totals for the 2018 North American tournament season have now been decided and are as follows: Period Points Early-war 1250 points Mid-war 71 points Late-war 1780 points Team Yankee 64 points Major events and period: Adepticon: Mid-war; Historicon: Early-war; Canada: Mid-war; West Coast: Late-War; Southern: TBD. source https://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabid=57 FYI : ENFILADE! 2018 will be held on May 25, 26, 27 (FRI-SUN) in Olympia, WA. There will be a Flames of War Tournament there. Period is Mid-War, Theater is North Africa. NOTE - NOTE - NOTE: If there is sufficient response, but not a clear consensus, I might ask for another round of voting, to choose among the common choices.
  21. FEB 10, between 12 and 4 PM, in the PDX area? Location could be GG or OCGG. I might even drive to Vancouver...or Salem
  22. Gathering place online for gamers in north Central Oregon area to throw dice, push plastic/resin/lead, and play Flames of War (FoW), Team Yankee (TY), and other historical tabletop mini's.
  23. You will soon see announcements and instructions for the Rose City Dukes an Duchesses (RCDD) Monthly Mini-Campaigns for 2018. DESCRIPTION: These campaigns use the Team Yankee rules from Battlefront, and Flames of War, 4th ed. tabletop miniatures wargame rules Each month, we will run a 4-week campaign that is also a competitive league. There will be online rankings, battle reports and prizes. Many of the battles will be played out at Guardian Games (Portland) and Oregon City Geeks and Games. However, tabletop generals from farther afield can participate virtually, via the Ordofanaticus.com forum and our blog at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com There will also be an updated campaign map and narrative where you can follow the progress of the battling forces. AWARDS: We will have at least one individual award, for the most victory points won in battles during the month. Depending on the level of participation, we may also have team awards for the team that wins the most battles. Some of our prizes and awards will be assembled using the Battlefront Organized Play Kits. Other awards and prizes will be our own local creation and choice. PLANS: Initially, we will have Team Yankee campaigns during February and April. The theme is the Fulda Gap, in West Germany, circa 1985, covering the 3rd Armored Division and the 8th Guards Army. We may throw in Britsh, West Germans, East Germans, the US 11th ACR and the US 82nd Airbrone division. The February campaign is like the design for Battlefront Axis of Attack campaigns. We are exploring a larger Team Yankee campaign, which we are designing and will run locally. We intend to have a rich backstory, greater depth, and more "fluff", but that is not yet ready to roll out. On alternating months, we will run Flames of War (FoW) mini-campaigns. The first two FoW campaigns will be held in March and May. The theme for these campaigns is North Africa, Mid-War (November and December of 1942), in Tunisia, covering the American, British, German and Italian forces. If the campaigns are popular, then we will schedule more of them in the second half of 2018. Instructions and more details will follow in the Flames of War section of the OrdoFanaticus forum. The "Formal" announcements will have the topics "Team Yankee FEB Campaign - PDX" and "Flames of War MARCH Campaign - PDX"
  24. I will be at OCGG on SAT, JAN 27, from about 12-4 PM, looking for Team Yankee or Flames of War game. If interested, reply or just stop on by. I will be there at 12. If no replies and no shows by 1, I will be gone.
  25. Some of you may have noticed a significant time lag between when Battlefront releases new stuff and when the Portland-Area/Oregon City/Lacey, WA Flames-of-War and Team Yankee groups start using new stuff from Battlefront. Well, there are good reasons, and they have nothing to do with being cheap nor lazy. 1. Our local game stores sometimes experience delays in receiving new product from BF. 2. The order volume is small locally, due to a small customer base here. The store might run out of product, unless you special order very early. 3. Even though a book may be officially released in early February (e.g., "Avanti!"), it takes a while for the products for that book to be released and shipped. For example, in the Avanti! FoW release schedule, the last items in the release are shipped in late March. Accounting for a later arrival in Lacey, WA or Portland, OR or Oregon City, and then allowing time for painting and assembly, an army list that uses the 90mm Anti-Tank Battery might not hit the table until some time in April, or even later. 4. Digesting a new book takes time - to put together an army list, and then a shopping list. 5. Assembly and painting takes time. So what does this mean for the eager Oregon/Washington gamer who wants to get rolling with the newest stuff ASAP? The local guys will probably have core armies from a new book 6-8 weeks after it has been officially released. It might be another month or two before ALL the units in that army are table-ready So that is about the time when you will see the shiny stuff that is covered in the books (i.e., "codexes" for some of you) will actually appear on our tabletops and in local FoW / TY events. In some cases, we do have painted models and figures ready before a new book arrives. In that case, we can put on a demo event for the new book and its contents about week or two after the book arrives at Guardian Games or Oregon City Geeks and Games or Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics. Locally, it is unlikely that Oregon/Washington gamers will get advanced copies or samples, unlike some venues on the US East coast or online groups in the UK. Don't be discouraged, tho. We all like new, shiny and challenging book and toys. We will adopt and use them. Just be patient, persistent, and don't be shy about speaking your mind.