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Found 60 results

  1. Raindog

    Infinity at the 2018 OFCC

    The Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge is fast approaching! This year the event will OFCC will be held from Friday, August 24 thru August 26, at the Hilton located at 301 W 6th Street in downtown Vancouver, Washington. The Club Challenge will feature two Infinity Events. This year’s event is the Infinity Team Challenge. Each team will consist of three players. The players will be able to use two single, 200 point, limited insertion lists. A single 12 point Spec Op is needed with each list. All models need to be painted to a three color minimum. The Team Challenge is a narrative event. Scoring will be based on sportsmanship, painting, achievements, and theme. The event is going to be different this year a little different this year. First, since this is team event, we are encouraging and rewarding team banners, team shirts, and team army displays. Anything that displays your unity will have merit. Bring team patches, dice, smoke templates ……. Don’t let us limit you. Surprise us. Team give aways for the prize pool are encouraged Second, each team is required to bring a table and not just any table. Bring your best painted table. Show off your hobby glory. Not only is there an award for best table from the overall event, but points will be awarded on the quality, theme, and ingenuity. Like last year, we want to intrigue and amazing the gamers from other systems with our terrain. As a reminder please make sure your table is playable, Infinity is a cooperative game system. We want everybody to have a great time and will be awarding points for sportsmanship with each game. We are playing with toy soldiers. Let’s have fun! The Infinity Team Challenge is not an ITS, but we will count wins and losses and well as a a check list of achievements. Each player will be given a list of goals. There are over thirty. You can only score them once. It may be impossible to reach them all. Try your best to complete them all during your five games. Number of Teams: Ten teams of 3! This can increase if sales demand it: Days: This is a 2 Day Event Points: 200, two lists, and a 8 point spec op. Scoring: All individual scoring will go to their team’s score. 

Battle Scores: (55 points max per player x3) A major win is worth 5 points (a win by 5 points or more), a minor win is worth 3 points, and a tie is worth 1 point. There will be a check list worth an additional 40 points and will be totaled after all five games. Painting: Players will vote for their favorite army 10 Points per first place vote. 5 Points per second place vote. Sports: Players will vote for their favorite opponent 10 Points per first place vote. 5 Points per second place vote. Theme: (50 Points Max per Team) Unified Display Board: 10 Points Matching Shirts: 10 Points Team Banner: 10 Points Prize Pool Giveaway: 10 Points Team Patches, Token, Dice, Pins, etc: 10 Points Table Competition. Best Table: 25 Points Second Pest Table: 15 Points. Third Best Table: 10 Points Scenarios 1. Mission: High Ground Briefing: Your team has been sent to the Tech-Platform Exile-34. It is a Pan-O corporate concern with rumored dubious funding. Security is tight. Your job is to infiltrate the facility, steal data, and appropriate any portable prototype tech. Reach high ground and scan the area to a make a threat assessment. Scoring: The side with the model on the highest piece of terrain at the end of the game outside the player's own deployment zone wins. To score the full points for the win, the opposing player may have no models outside his deployment area higher than ground level. Special Mission Rule: *All models must start the game on ground level outside their deployment zone. **Models in a null or marker state do not count for scoring. 2. Mission: Doctor, Doctor. Briefing: On arrival, your insertion team finds the station unresponsive. Scans show station personnel down with minimal life signs. Your new mission is to scan and heal as many of the staff as possible. Obtain whatever information you can to help you proceed with your mission. Set-Up: 7 Injured civilians are on the table. They will be placed in the zone that is 8 inches from each side of the center line. No civilian will be within four inches of another. The civilians are prone and will be placed by the TO. The goal is to Forward Observe and heal as many of the civilians as possible. You may not target the civilians for any attacks. Scoring: 4 Points for healing more civilians than your opponent. 3 Points for FOing more civilians than your opponent. 2 Points for killing more opposing doctors / paramedics than your opponent. 1 Point for killing more opposing forward observers than your opponent. Special Mission Rule: Any civilian that has been forward observed, may re-roll its PH roll for any doctoring or for use of the medi-kit, if the forward observing is on the same side. *Palbots can help heal for scoring points in this scenario. 3. Mission: Move, Move, Move! Briefing: From your intel and info stolen from other sources, we have located the data bundles on the far side of the tech platform. Scans show opposing forces and security systems closing in on the bundle hubs. Move your team with all immediacy to the data sites. Set-Up: This scenario is a variation of the Frontline mission. Scoring: Every model that is 12"-24 inches from your table edge is worth one point. Every model that is 24"-36" inches from your table edge is worth 2 points. Every model that is the opposing zone at the end of the game is worth 3 points. Your Spec-OP adds a point for being in a scoring zone. *Infiltration, AD, and Mechanized Deployment units are encouraged! ** Scores will be not be traditional in this scenario. A Maximum value of 5 tournament points will be awarded for a major win. 4. Mission: Seize the Data Briefing: Breach the data farm. Locate the data consoles. Download as much data as possible while preventing opposing forces from doing the same. Set-Up: This scenario is a variation of the Safe Area Mission. With consoles in each center of the four quadrants. Downloading data from the console requires a short skill attack roll based on WIP. Only Specialist may attempt to download data. Hackers and Engineers may use a command token to re-roll failed attempts. Since the amount of information in the data farm is significant, the downloading process takes time. The opposing side stop a download and switch the feed to their servers. The side that is downloading data at the end of the game counts as scoring. Controlling a console requires having any friendly model in base to base contact. The model may not be in a marker state. Scoring: Hold the same number of quadrants as your opponent at the end of the game: 1 point Hold more quadrants than your opponent at the end of the game: 2 points Control a console at the end of the game: 1 point per each console. *This means touching the console. Downloading a console at the end of the game: 1 point per each console. **This per each individual Console. *+ The baggage rule is used in this scenario. 5. Mission: Escape Briefing: Alert. Our doctors and bio-engineers have analyzed the data retrieved from the dead station personnel and the data downloads. A deadly nano cloud has breached the containment seals on several levels. The damage is spreading. Retreat to extraction points immediately. Set-Up: This scenario is a variation of Biotechvore. At the end of each turn, the nano clouds expands six inches from all four sides of the table. After turn two, the clouds has expanded 12 inches into the board. After turn three, the affected area is up to 18 inches into the table. The cloud acts as a Low Visibility zone. Models caught in the nano cloud at the end of the turn suffer a Damage 12 wound using the viral special ammunition rule. Along the table edge, on each end of the center line of table, is an escape hatch. An additional hatch is in the center of the table. The escape hatch opens automatically and allows up to four 25 mm bases or one 40+ mm base on it. A short order attack allows models to escape. One the model escapes. They score for victory points, but no longer generate orders. Models leaving the table via the hatch escape the nano cloud. Scoring: Have the same amount of points of models escape at the end of the game as your opponent. 1 point Have more points of models escape at the end of the game than your opponent. 3 points Have the same number of models escape: 1 point Have a greater number of models escape than your opponent: 3 points Have more points alive on the table than your opponent at the end of the game as your opponent. 1 point Have more points alive on the table than your opponent at the end of the game than your opponent. 2 points Have your Spec- OP escape: 1 Point Have your Lt. escape: 1 Point OFCC Checklist OFCC 2018 Schedule What To Consider When Making your OFCC Table: Via @Kremmet Build your tables from the center out in terms of height. Touch each table edge with at least one decently-sized terrain piece. Look at your table not just from North to South, but also East to West. What Your OFCC Table Should Not Look Like............ 1. Not Enough Cover. 2. Massive Fire Lanes. 3. Not enough cover on the board edges. 4. The height of the table is not built from the center. 1. Not Enough Cover. 2. Massive Fire Lanes. 3. Not enough cover on the board edges. 4. The east-west lanes are wide open. 1. One side has a massive advantage. 2. Massive Fire Lanes. 3. Not enough cover on the board edges. 4. The east-west lanes are wide open. 5. The height of the table is not built from the center.
  2. Welcome to the Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter resources thread. In this thread I will post regular updates and links to important documentation. If you want to follow the progress, please post a reply and activate the 'Notify me of replies' toggle on the lower left of your reply window. First, here are the different areas you can access for Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter information: Ordo Fanaticus Web Store, Ordo Bowl II Products (to purchase your Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter entry) Ordo Bowl on Facebook (please like our page) Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter Facebook event page (please indicated going/interested/can't go) Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter (SplashThat promotional site) OFCCGaming.com (for all things OFCC, including Ordo Bowl II) Second, you want rules! In addition to being posted at https://southstormslaughter.splashthat.com/, they can be found here: Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter is a two-day, resurrection style Blood Bowl tournament, swiss style. First games will be determined randomly, with the remaining games determined based on tournament points. For the first round only, we will do our best to pair players off against members that are outside of their home club. The tournament will run six total matches, with four games on Saturday, and two on Sunday. What to bring: Painted and based team with suitable models; a fully painted and based team is mandatory. Bringing an incomplete team will disqualify you from any and all awards, including the Ordo Bowl II championship. It's easy; bring a painted team! You are not required to paint your own team, just bring a painted and based team to play with. Skill rings or another appropriate way to identify skills/positions (mandatory) Block dice D6’s, D8, D12/16/20 3 copies of your team roster including skill purchases and inducements Re-roll, turn and score markers Pitch and dugouts will be provided Tournament Rules: Standard NAF Rules 2017 with the following exceptions: NO Wizards NO standard special play cards Teams will resurrect at the end of each games; no SPPs, injuries or any roster changes carry over between games Illegal Procedure will not be enforced Four minute time limit can be enforced by opponent Games will have a maximum length of two hours and thirty minutes Event organizers will announce regular time checks as a courtesy to players Players must agree on cocked die rules, and sharing dice at the start of the match (Ordo Bowl strongly encourages players to use one set of dice for the entire match) If there are any disagreements or rules disputes, tournament directors will be standing by to assist Teams with the ability to raise killed players will not be allowed to keep raised player on their roster past the game in which they are raised NO OVERTIME ALLOWED Team building: Players may choose from all 26 NAF Sanctioned Teams: Human & Orc (Rules found in the 2016 Blood Bowl boxed set) Dark Elf, Dwarf, Elf Union, High Elf, Nurgle, Skaven & Wood Elf (Rules found in the Death Zone: Season One gaming supplement) Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Renegades, Chaos Chosen, Goblin, Halfling, Khemri Tomb Kings, Lizardmen, Norse, Necromantic Horror, Ogre, Shambling Undead, Underworld Denizens & Vampire (Rules found in the Blood Bowl Teams of Legend document) Slann (Rules found in The NAF 2/1/2017 Tournament Rules document) Daemons of Khorne, Bretonnians Teams get 1,200,000 gold pieces to construct their roster Star players can be purchased as part of a roster; A star player can be your 11th player A maximum of 2 star players may be taken (Brick Farth & Grotty count as 1 star player, but will fill 2 roster spots as per rules) In the case that opposing teams hire the same star, both teams will be allowed to use the player Please Note only Stars listed in the NAF document will be allowed for the tournament Teams must be built with a minimum of 11 players Teams can purchase re-rolls, apothecaries (if allowed), coaches, cheerleaders & fan factor Teams may also include bribes as part of the roster as per the standard inducement cost Chefs can only be purchased by Halfling team No other inducements may be purchased (including wizards, cards, extra apothecaries, mercenaries, etc) Skill Packs; choose one of the following packs for your team for the entirety of the event; you may only give a player one skill in addition to what they already are equipped with, and no skill may be acquired via skill pack more than twice (i..e., if you are playing dwarfs several players come with tackle, but you can still use your preferred skill pack to apply tackle to one or two players that do not start with that skill): A) Six normal skills B) Four normal & 1 double skill(s) C) Two normal and Two double skills Tournament Scoring: Win: three points Loss: zero points Tie: one points Tie-breakers: The first tie-breaker will be head to head record; the second tie-breaker winning percentage (victories divided by total games); the final tie-breaker will be Favorite Opponent voting, with preference given to the player with the most Favorite Opponent pins at the end of the event Stunty Cup: Stunty teams will play for their own cup while still participating in the main tournament Stunty teams include Goblins, Halflings, Lizardman (only when team build is all Skinks or plus a Kroxigor), Ogres and Underworld teams (without Skaven players). Star players can be added to a stunty team without disqualifying them from the Stunty Cup. The top two Stunty teams will be matched up in round six, and the winner will be the Stunty Cup champion, regardless of tournament points. More information to follow, stay tuned!
  3. Time: 3 PM to 7 PM (we sometimes close later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: Infinity! Spring Infinity League will be in effect. New players welcome. All are welcome. We also have tables open for Blood Bowl, Necromunda, AoS, 40k, or whatever game you want to play. Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down. Hope to see you there!
  4. There will be a Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire 3 round event at OFCC this year and I hope everyone that is playing this fantastic, fast paced, tactical game can make it out to play. Rules and information for the event: -Ticket purchase link: -Tournament will take place at OFCC on Friday August 24th 2018 starting at 1pm (end time roughly 6pm). -We will use the standard matched play rules from the core rules, meaning that each round you will play the same opponent for up to 3 games. As soon as one player wins 2 games the round is over. We will be playing 3 rounds. -Each round will be 90 min, so potentially 30 min per game (we will most likely play things a little loose on game times to allow people to finish up). -Each player must use the same Warband and deck build throughout the tournament. All players must submit a desk list and upload it to the app (this can be as simple as a picture of all of your cards). -Players must use the appropriate miniatures represented on their fighter cards. Minor conversions are acceptable but they still must be easily identifiable as the miniatures represented on their fighter cards. -All Warbands must be fully painted and based per standard OFCC guidelines. -All players are required to bring their own warband, decks, dice, tokens and game boards. -I will be using Best Coast Pairings (bestcoastpairings.com) for all player pairings. Its helpful if you already have a profile setup before the event but not necessary. -There will be prizes for placement, best painted warband and sportsmanship. Other Links: Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1622556014526621/ Best Coast Pairings Event Link: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/95q44qh5 OFCC Link: http://www.ofccgaming.com/
  5. Weav

    ***Did you know...?

    ⭐⭐⭐Did you know... The Southstorm Squids' original pitch was actually ten meters underwater? Back when the team was sourced from the local 'Fishman' population, the pitch was an aquatic nightmare for opponents. During the Storm of Chaos, nearly the entire Fishman population was levied into the Bretonnian conscription, and subsequently deceased at the hands of Chaos. The result? The Squids' management decided to bring the pitch above water to the now infamous Southstorm Schooner, and has drafted an all new, non-gilled, team of humans from the local pubs and colleges. Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter 8/25-8/26 2018! Ordo Bowl on Facebook Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter Facebook event page
  6. ...or just bring a friend :)
  7. gilgamesh

    OFCC 2018 1 day Tournament

    Hope everyone saw the announcement. I will be hosting this years 2018 OFCC Kings of War Tournament. It is just a one day event on August 24th. 2000 point lists, event will have a high focus on sportsmanship. More details to follow. I wanted to post this to get a conversation going, as more details come out.
  8. Hey everyone! I am excited to announce that T9A will have a spot at OFCC this year! It has been a crazy ride for those of you who have played through the pre 2.0 beta release but it finally looks like we are very close to a solid set of rules. This years tournament will be held a bit later in the year than usual Aug 25th to 26th, which should hopefully give you plenty of time to get those armies painted and ready for battle! Once again we will be in the Vancouver Hilton, in downtown Vancouver WA. We are toying with the idea of making this a doubles tournament, but there is a minimum threshold of players we need in order to make that work. The actual matches format will be follow the official rule book more than last year, but we will be adding a little extra to spice things up. i am looking into some more system specific prize support for our players, hopefully something you can be excited about. Ticket sales are a long way away but let’s start the hype and encourage our friends to consider joining us this year. T9A saw good growth last year and we hope to see that continue. For the good of the order, wargaming, and neck beards!
  9. HISTORY A long time ago, back when Games Workshop still ran Grand Tournaments, back in the infancy of Ordo, back in sixth Edition, WHFB players would flock to Seattle and play in the Pro-Football stadium. At the Grand Tournament, there were a lot of great people to meet and great armies to gaze on. The geek fest was palatable. There were two problems with the Grand Tournaments. First, this was well before the Internet created mega lists and offered tools and techniques to play against them. Player pools were smaller. Some gamers brought the models they had. Others brought honed lists that destroyed opponents. The Swiss System helped fix the inequity, but the first few games could be painful. Beat downs were inevitable and ugly. Second, for every 20 great guys, there was one person you would never ever want to play against. They were rude. They cheated. They made up rules. They would pick up bad dice rolls and claim they had rolled the opposite They would move models without measuring..... These players ruined the Grand Tournaments. But since there were so many cool guys, could we run our own event? Absolutely! We started in barn with a handful of clubs. It was called the NW Team Challenge. We made a hobby weekend. Jokes and painting and sportsmanship were valued more than winning. The Shop of Chop hosted the event. Ordo, the Z Games crew, and the WCP from Vancouver, B.C. played. It was a blast. The next year, thanks to Karl Gatke, we could expanded to an armory. The Da Mama's Boyz came, players came from Seattle and the Willamette Valley, and the team challenge became a proper event. We rated lists and tried to match armies with armies of equal toughness. Every year, a committee made of different members of clubs rated lists and made adjustments as books came out and editions changed. There were always hard restrictions. Items and units were banned: No Greater Daemons, No Dragons.... Magic levels were limited. There had never been Special Characters allowed. Captains were ambassadors of their clubs. Since the event was invitational, a captain vouched for his team and explained the nature of the event. After Club Challenges, players who were problematic were banned. In some cases, captains went so far to tell people on their teams, who were not banned, to grow up, chill out, and come back a few years later. Over the years clubs have folded, others have expanded, new clubs like the Black Sheep and Chop! have stepped in to fill the event with beautiful armies and Great Opponents. The Northwest Team Challenge has become the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge. We added sponsors. Later,we moved to a hotel, so we could all stay in one place and game for hours. In 2014, we combine the two events into one and made it a 4 day event with side events. The highest honor has always been sportsmanship. As long as Ordo runs the event, it will be a fun event featuring sportsmanship and balanced play. The Club Challenge is not for everyone, but fortunately, there are many large events. Some have heavy comp. Others don't. Pick the style of event you like. We run a team event where you can stand with your buddies and play people you look forward to each year.
  10. Greetings, Ordoites! I am proud to announce the line up of events and the Heads of Gaming for the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2018! Warhammer 40k 2 Day Team Tournament - @evil_bryan Infinity 2 Day Team Tournament - @Raindog Ordo Bowl II 2 Day Tournament - @Weav The 9th Age Fantasy Battles 2 Day Team Tournament - @TheBeninator Age of Sigmar 2 Day Singles Tournament - @MikhailLenin Warhammer 30k 2 Day Event - @In Matt We Trust Star Wars: Armada 2 Day Team Tournament - @shmitty Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 1 Day Tournament - @deadwing34 Kings of War Friday 1 Day Tournament - @gilgamesh Infinity Friday Face-punch 1 Day Tournament - @Jay I would like the community to give all the Heads of Gaming a big "Thank you!" for volunteering to run these events. While this is currently an extensive list of events, we can always add more. If you see this announcement and think "I can do that!", we'll then please send me a PM! or ninefinger! We would love to hear what you want to do with this gaming weekend. The Senate continues to plan and design the official schedule and other events (Pub Quiz, anyone?). We plan to have multiple terrain days and Senate meetings on our way to OFCC. Please keep an eye out on the OFCC subforum to reflect the above list of events and contain all the information you need to attend. For the Good of the Order!
  11. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Ordo Fanaticus is proud to announce the official dates for the 2018 Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge! The weekend of August 24-26, we return to the Hilton Vancouver's 14,000 sq ft of gaming space to celebrate all of you who make this community great. Mark your calendar. Tell your spouses that their anniversary/birthday/childbirth will just have to wait for another weekend because you will be busy gaming with the best of the Pacific Northwest! Please keep an eye out for upcoming Head of Gaming (HoG) solicitations and further details as early as our next Senate meeting, October 28th at 1PM. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a PM to our newly appointed Gaming Czar, @DisruptiveConduct; You can also reach out to @ninefinger, @evil_bryan, or @Raindog. This year is going to be another fantastic gaming event. YOU make it so every year. We hope to have you there to make it even better than before! For the Good of the Order
  12. Friends, Ordites, Gamers, lend me your ears! On September 23rd at 1:00 PM, the Ordo Fanaticus Senate (our organizing committee) will be holding our annual elections. These determine the makeup of the Senate, as well as the Officers who will be responsible for various duties over the next year to ensure that both our club activities, and the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge (OFCC) actually HAPPEN. This is a PUBLIC meeting, and we invite all interested members of the club to attend and possibly stand for election! Did you attend this year's OFCC and think to yourself "This event rocks, I want to help"? Now's your chance! Get involved in your local club community, and help organize the next year's events! In addition, starting at 10:00AM and running until the meeting time, our Consul, evil_bryan and other Senators will be doing a general club cleanup, sprucing up the place a bit, and possibly even working on curating our terrain collection. Many hands make light work here. For the good of the Order! Exile Ordo Chaplain
  13. Raindog

    OFCC: Infinity Feedback

    Okay Lads and Ladies, The OFCC is done and dusted. I had a blast. I hope you did, too. I would like to know what worked, what you liked, and what to change. First, I like the table competition. I was entirely impressed at the level of quality for the tables. There was to like from every table. Second, I liked the small teams. It kept a feeling camaraderie as well as inclusion between teams. I liked the swag and give always from the Pins and Patches from the Pride of Rodina to Patchwork Merc's civilians to FUC's silhouettes. The narrative event made the event relaxed and friendly with a great feeling of sportsmanship. I did not have a bad game. Heck, I did not have a negative feeling from any game and I felt a positive attitude from the table around me. Finally, I liked the horse trading after prizes were given out, so people could get what they wanted. Concerns: 1: I know compared to other places, prizes are thin. I hope no one felted shorted in comparison to the big events like Twinfinity or Rumble on Route 66 or Arizona Armageddon. 2: I worried the booty chart made some spec ops too powerful and caused mismatches. Questions: 1: Did people like the scenarios? 2: Were team give always okay? 3: What would you like to see next year? Please give me constructive feedback, so the club can work to make the event better?
  14. Raindog

    Thank You All!

    This year's OFCC was a huge success. With 36 players it was the one of the largest events for Infinity on the west coast. Your tables and armies were amazing. Everyone was on a good mood. Thank you for helping tear down the event so quickly. Every member of the club was impressed by everything we did. I would like to thank George Spenser for all this hard work as the Head of Gaming. He has grown the event and invented the narrative scenarios. Next, I would like to thank the sponsors, Corvus Belli, Pride of Rodina, Fate & Fury Games, Darron Forbes, Battle Kiwi, and Marsbarn Designs. You are all generous and appreciated. Thanks to my opponents, Andy Brandt, Alex Sinkowski , Kyle Randolph, Ian Craick, and Cody Burkett for putting up will me . Finally, I would like to thank Justin Morgan and Evan Secan for being my second set of hands and diving into every task as well as rallying others. Their attitude, great swag, and display boards made my weekend effortless. Congratulations to: EMOJ FUC, Chris Matthews, Ian Craick, and Will Martinez for winning Best Overall. Uncle Vernon and the Haqqi-Slams, Evan Secan and Justin Morgan for winning the Marshal Johnson Award for Bests Sports. Make Infinity Great Again, Obadiah Hampton, Nate Kapke, and Adam Bienvenu for winning Best Painted! Weeaboo Wizard Van, Riley Nadeau, Tom Rolling, and Cody Burkett for winning the Achievements Award! and Joe Bumgarner and Pork Chop Express for having the Best Table. If you did not see it, it was a Big Trouble in Little China Table. I hope to see you all next year, at game night, or at your local event.
  15. Hey all, I just want to say thanks for the great time at OFCC this year, this was my first year there as a player and it definitely met my expectations. Some great games and memories to carry on till the next one.
  16. Raindog

    The DiceAbide and the OFCC

    Make Infinity Great Again by Checking it out!
  17. https://ofcccarnagecup.splashthat.com/
  18. OFCC 2017 Flames of War Event IS CANCELLED ********* EVENT IS CANCELLED **************** Due to the GM having vacation cancelled and going to work on Friday, 28 July, the Flames of War event is being cancelled for OFCC 2017. If you purchased a ticket already, then the OFCC treasurer will be getting in touch with you to get you a refund. I am sorry to report that I must cancel this event, due to my unavailability. I am required to work on Friday, 28 July. My vacation for that time period was cancelled, due to business deadlines and deliverable priorities. Since I have no back-up GM to run this event, I have no alternative but to cancel.
  19. Infantry, Walkers, and Speeders should be the focus of your army and the following unit are restricted: Tanks, Fliers, Drop Pods, Superheavies are not allowed. Bikes, Attack Bikes, Jet Bikes, Artillery, Monstrous Creatures, Leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts are 0-1 choices. Centurion games are played on a 6x4 with more terrain than usual, using Shadow War missions and a points level of 1500-2000 to represent smaller actions, insurgency, and tactical skirmishes. Should be a fun precursor to the weekends games and a nice and easy way to get reacquainted with 7th edition if you, like me have been playing a lot of 8th since july 3rd. 1489012343518.pdf ^^^the centurians rules v1.1
  20. Raindog

    Tickets, Get Your Tickets

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The OFCC is on the way. Get your tickets for the Sat-Sun team event and the 300 point ITS on Friday. Thank you, RD List of the People Awesome People who have bought tickets! If a teammate of yours has yet to buy a ticket, please remind them. Alex Sinkowski Seth George Erik J Grey Jay Darron Forbes Aaron Musk Timothy Steed Edward Sayers Eric Weber Justin Morgan Jeff Rockwell Adam Bienvenu Kyle Randolph Andrew Claflin Nathan Lough Joey Konopka Christian Criez Frazier Edmonds Will Martinez Andy Brandt Evan Secan Brian Boese Ian Craick Chris Matthews Tom Rolling Riley Nadeau
  21. Raindog


    I am heading down to the club to work on projects for the newt few your. Stop on by if you want to hang.
  22. Raindog

    OFCC: Tickets

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Soon, it will be June. OFCC is less than two months away. Please buy your OFCC tickets as soon as possible.
  23. Raindog

    Terrain Day: June 10th!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, On Saturday, June 10th, we are having a terrain day down at the club to help prep for OFCC. We need you. Come help glue, patch, paint, and repair. For the Good of the Order, RD
  24. Ladies and Gentlemen, Happycamper has graciously agreed to demo Shadow Wars games at the OFCC. Not only will he bring his brilliant table, but he will have a few gangs to try. Stop by his table, say hi and get a get a game in with him. For the Good of the Order, RD For the Good of the Order, RD
  25. Ladies and Gentlemen, After returning from today's Senate meeting, I must announce, for the good of the order, that rooms are going fast! For Sunday Night, there are no more double queen rooms and only a handful of King Rooms. The event is only two months away. Book your rooms now. Here is the link.